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In Draft on June 25, 2009 at 6:28 pm

Note: I don’t watch college basketball, all opinions offered on prospects here is from second hand information. With that in mind, let’s get down to business.

Pre-Draft Buzz

Two trades

(1) Vince Carter to the Orlando Magic

Terrifying, absolutely terrifying. Unbelievable addition from Orlando, big time ballsy play from Otis Smith.

Good cap orientated move from the New Jersey Nets.

(2) Portland send Sergio Rodriguez and the #38 pick to Sacramento for the #31 pick.

Nice trade for both sides. Sergio was never going to fulfill his potential in Portland, and should have been traded. Getting to move up from #38 to #31 is a nice move, and could help Portland get a very nice player (another wing? they’re jam packed there already!).

Sacramento have added an exciting backup point guard with good potential offensively as a playmaker. They also keep a high second round draft pick, although they fall a few slots, which is nice too.

The Draft

The Lottery

#1 pickThe Los Angeles Clippers select Blake Griffin

No surprises here. Very good addition for the Clippers.

I think he’ll be ready to come in and be a difference maker from day one. He should be one of the five or ten best rebounders in the NBA next season. His offensive skill-set will allow him to score a highly efficient 14-15 points game without ever having to run a play for him, and he could pump in 18-22 points a night if the Clippers force feed him the ball which they are likely to do.

I’m even more excited about his potential, because once he starts playing defense, that’s when he becomes a real player. Very nice addition for the Clippers.

#2 pickThe Memphis Grizzlies select Hasheem Thabeet

Not a surprise here either. It looked like they’d be taking Thabeet ever since we heard about advanced trade discussions about Darko Milicic.

Hasheem Thabeet sounds like a nice player, something in between Sam Dalembert and Tyson Chandler. His improving offensive game could allow him to develop more of an offensive game than either of these two, but he still has a ways to go to match their rebounding prowess so it’ll probably even itself out overall.

Thabeet will be a very good player in the NBA. He’s a nice addition.

#3 pickThe Oklahoma City select James Harden

Very nice pickup here for the Thunder. I thought he was their favourite, but that it would be a close call between him and Ricky Rubio. Very happy they took Harden.

James Harden is a solid athlete with a great skill set. He can play defense, he rebounds, he can dribble, he can pass, and he’s a versatile efficient scorer. This guy is going to be a player at the next level.

#4 pickThe Sacramento Kings select Tyreke Evans

Pre-pick talk — I thought this pick would come down to a decision between Tyreke Evans and Jonny Flynn, with Ricky Rubio perhaps crashing the party. Evans was the guy I thought who was the favourite for the slot.

Tyreke Evans is a high risk, high reward prospect.

The Negatives — He is a ball dominating, high volume low efficiency scorer.

The Positives — He has defensive potential, he rebounds the ball well, he can the rock and he is a decent passer. Add his scoring potential to that package and you have a player who could be a game changer in several different ways.

Tyreke Evans is a solid athlete with great size (height, length, weight).

Side Thought — Ricky Rubio

I thought Ricky Rubio should have gone #2, but I kind of understand the two teams above Sacramento choosing to pass on him in order to get other highly talented players at positions of need … but Sacramento?

I thought it was a mistake to pass on Rubio in order to pick up Evans.

#5 pickThe Minnesota Timberwolves select Ricky Rubio

Pre-pick talk — Surely this is Ricky Rubio. Rubio would be a fantastic addition for the Timberwolves. I rate Rubio as the second best prospect in this draft, great get.

Thank goodness. Excellent decision by the Timberwolves.

Ricky Rubio is arguably the most creative player in the world today. He’s a very good passer, a very good ball handler, a very good playmaker, a very good floor general. Rubio is also a very good rebounder and a very good defender at his position. Good decision maker.

Rubio is only a mediocre scorer at present, but he was a dynamic scorer at lower levels so that may develop. His shooting touch is suspect and will need work … but that won’t matter much, because he can alter games in so many other ways right away.

Ricky Rubio is one of the 20 smartest players in the world today, oh yeah, and he is 18. He possesses a rare type of intelligence for an NBA player, because he’s phenomenally intelligent on both ends of the court. You can find guys with a great BBIQ on one end, but when you get a guy who has it on both ends of the court, you have something special.

Rubio has an outstanding ability to read the game, to anticipate what both his opponents and his teammates are going to do, and has an incredibly quick reaction times.

#6 pickThe Minnesota Timberwolves select Jonny Flynn

Pre-pick talk — Not sure who the Wolves should select. I don’t want to see Stephen Curry play the two guard, I want to see him at the point, so I don’t like the fit here.

I hope to god that Minnesota traded this pick. Otherwise, I hate it for them.

Every time I ask someone about Flynn, all I keep hearing about his heart and his hard nosed play. He also has tremendous quickness and good all around athleticism, which makes up for his small size.

But statistically, he’s weak, and he doesn’t seem to have a highly developed game.

Prior to the draft, I felt like he would the biggest early mistake made and I still hold that opinion.

#7 pickThe Golden State Warriors select Stephen Curry

Pre-pick talk — No idea who GSW are taking here. Jennings? Hill? Williams? I’d like to see them take Curry, he’d be a great fit here.

Side newsRic Bucher is reporting that the Wolves are planning on keeping Flynn, that Flynn was one of their top two on their draft board. I hate this idea. Very poor judgment.

Excellent pick by the Golden State Warriors.

The description of Stephen Curry reminds me of a bigger version of Mike Bibby, with better passing skills. He’s going to be a very good pro and could easily emulate Bibby if he’s allowed to play the point.

I think it would be very bad for his career if he’s forced to play the two guard spot.

#8 pickThe New York Knicks select Jordan Hill

Pre-pick talk — Jordan Hill is my guess here. I think that would be a risky pick. Jrue Holiday is the other player who I expect the Knicks are looking at, actually, I think Holiday is the more likely player to be selected.

Ah, my first guess was right, should have stuck there.

Jordan Hill reminds me of Chris Wilcox. A good player on a bad team, a mediocre player on a good team. Not smart enough to use his strengths to good enough effect, and allows his weaknesses to cause him problems.

On the bright side, he has improved tremendously while at college, so there’s a good chance he can still improve more.

#9 pickThe Toronto Raptors select Demar DeRozan

Pre-pick talk — DeRozan? James Johnson? Holiday? I think it will be DeRozan.

I don’t like this pick. High risk, high reward prospect.  Great athlete but he has no high level skills.

DeRozan is a good defender, good rebounder, and has a good midrange game, and can finish around the rim. He cannot handle the ball, pass the ball, score from the perimeter, isn’t a prolific scorer and doesn’t score with enough efficiency. Questionable player.

DeRozan will be a solid NBA player. He won’t be another Gerald Green. His defense and rebounding, and solid offensive game, will make him a good solid player in the NBA.

But stardom? That looks like a stretch. Not a fan of this pick, but I don’t hate it.

Side Note — The player I wanted them to take was Terrence Williams. I think he’s the best player on the board right now. The second best player left on the board is DeJuan Blair. Is Earl Clark the third best? Maybe.

#10 pickThe Milwaukee Bucks select Brandon Jennings

Pre-pick talk — Okay, I’m out of pre-pick talk for now. I have no idea what happens beyond this Toronto Raptors draft pick. It’s a crap shoot from here on in.

Another high risk, high reward prospect.

Brandon Jennings has incredible quickness, he’ll be one of the quickest players in the NBA next season, and has good all round athleticism. He has a good handle and will be a very good penetrator.

Is he a selfish player, or a team orientated player? It’s a serious question. He is a scoring point guard who hasn’t figured out how to balance his game yet.

Jennings was unimpressive in Europe. He barely played. Only 5.5ppg and 2.5apg in Italy. He was horribly inefficient and couldn’t make jump shots.

#11 pickThe New Jersey Nets select Terrence Williams

Pre-pick talk — Hopefully they’ll take Terrence Williams. Make me a believer Rod Thorn!

Great pick by Rod Thorn. For more on Williams check out this post.

#12 pickThe Charlotte Bobcats select Gerald Henderson

Pre-pick guess — I think they’ll take Gerald Henderson. He’s a Larry Brown type of player and fills a need.

No surprises here. This feels like a stretch, but if they truly wanted him they’d have to try and draft him here because he wasn’t going to fall much further.

A good defender, very good athlete, good scorer and solid rebounder.

He’ll be a good player at the next level. He’s doubtful to be anything beyond that, but he’ll be good. A good starter who contributes on both ends of the court.

#13 pickThe Indiana Pacers select Tyler Hansbrough

Pre-pick talk — This draft pick is a near certainty to be Jrue Holiday. He is exactly the type of player that Jim O’Brien desperately wants Larry Bird to add to the roster. He’s the pick.

Oh my, that’s a dreadful pick. Somebody please fire Larry Bird already! How long can that man last in that job!

Tyler Hansbrough should be a good defender at the next level, and a good complementary offensive player, but his rebounding is a major problem. He was a below average rebounder in college, draft prospect wise, how in the world will he not be a liability in the pros?

Coach O’Brien will be extremely disappointed that Larry Bird didn’t get him his big point guard. It sounded like that was his #1 priority for this offseason, outside of getting that 20-10 big man!

#14 pickThe Phoenix Suns select Earl Clark

Pre-pick talk — Hard to say what this team will do. Earl Clark? Ty Lawson? James Johnson would be a very nice pick here. He’d be a good power forward for run’n’gun basketball alongside Amare Stoudemire, I’d like to see that.

Nice pick by the Phoenix Suns. Clark is a combo forward who plays solid defense, rebounds the ball well, can dribble and pass, and is a decent scorer. He’s a freakish athlete at 6-10 and fits the Suns run’n’gun game very well.

The Rest Of The First Round

#15 pickThe Detroit Pistons select Austin Daye

Pre-draft guess — In normal circumstances I would say Blair, who I think is the best player on the board right now, but there were several reports saying Dumars was turned off by the question marks on his knee. I think they take Holiday here.

High risk, high reward pick

Austin Daye has a nice skill set and good height/length for a big small forward. He’s got no meat on his bones, and needs to fill out, and is worryingly passive against hard nosed defense … but there is some talent there.

High risk, high reward pick

#16 pickThe Chicago Bulls select James Johnson

Pre-pick talk — I’m thinking Blair goes here. Ooh, actually, maybe James Johnson instead. I think they’re going big.

The Bulls should have gone with Blair.

Johnson is a good pick. He’s a good defender, good rebounder, and a nice midrange jump shooting game.

He’ll be solid … but has a long way to go to be more than that.

#17 pickThe Philadelphia 76ers select Jrue Holiday

Pre-pick talk — I’m guessing Ty Lawson here.

Nice pick by Ed Stefanski. Big athletic point guard is a nice fit on this type of a roster. Good prospect.

#18 pickThe Minnesota Timberwolves select Ty Lawson

Pre-pick talk — If they hadn’t just picked two point guards in the top six picks, I would have thought Lawson would drop no further than here, but now? Jeez, I don’t have clue.

Oh, okay, they do pick Ty Lawson.

Great value for a pick in this range. Ty Lawson could very welll emulate a Jameer Nelson.

Lawson is a heady floor general, who rarely makes mistakes and does a very good job both running the offense and creating shots for teammates, scores well and very efficiently. He’ll be a player at the next level.

#19 pickThe Atlanta Hawks select

Pre-pick talk – I’m thinking they go with Jeff Teague. That would be the nail in Bibby’s coffin.

Yeah, Teague had been strongly linked to the Hawks in recent days and weeks. He’s a good pick here.

Good scorer, good shooter, very efficient. A combo guard type. Needs to work on the rest of his game.

#20 pickThe Utah Jazz select Eric Maynor

Pre-pick talk – Oh my, what will they do? Tyler Hansbrough is already off the board! I’m thinking Blair, please be Blair, I’d love it to be Blair.

Prior to Blair falling in the draft, my hope was for Utah to find a good backup point guard here and they did exactly that. I’m happy with this pick.

Maynor sounds like an NBA ready floor general. A capable decision maker and leader, someone who can direct a team, a good passer, and a good scorer who finishes well and has a jump shot. He’s got good size and length. Nice player.

#21 pickNew Orleans Hornets select Darren Collison

I had no idea who the Hornets were going to pick. This is a nice get for them.

Collison is a very good defender, a heady floor general, and a decent scorer. He’ll be a very good backup point guard in the NBA, think Chris Duhon.

Trade – Ty Lawson to Denver for a future first round pick

The Minnesota Timberwolves will trade Ty Lawson to the Denver Nuggets for a future first round pick that belonged to Charlotte, according to Ric Bucher.

Nice trade by both teams.

Denver gets an uptempo point guard to backup Chauncey Billups, which likely means Anthony Carter will be leaving and joining a new team … and Minnesota can patiently wait on that Bobcats pick, which should be from a higher draft slot and hopefully in a stronger draft.

#22 pickThe Portland Trailblazers select Victor Claver

Pre-pick talk – has to be Blair? He’s exactly what Pritchard and the Blazers players think the team needs!

Please don’t pick Blair, I want to see him play serious minutes next season! How’s he going to do that playing behind Aldridge, Przybilla and Oden?

Daryl Morey is locked in a room somewhere desperately trying to find a way to snatch Blair if Pritchard doesn’t take him.

Nice pick. Claver has been linked strongly to the Blazers for several days now, for this pick, so he isn’t a surprise here.

Claver is a 6-10 small forward with a brilliant shooting stroke. He figures to be a very good to great glue guy at the three.

#23 pickThe Sacramento Kings select Omri Casspi

Casspi sounds like he could become a decent role player.

Casspi sounds like he has a lot of flaws offensively that will hold his career back — ball handling, passing, ability to create for himself, lack of scoring versatility.

I think the Kings could have done better for themselves. Not wild about this pick.

#24 pickThe Dallas Mavericks select BJ Mullens

Meh … very low likelihood of working out. High level of potential though.

A decent pick, but I think the Mavs have more immediate needs and should have selected someone else. I would have preferred one of the talented wings left on the board.

#25 pickThe Oklahoma City Thunder select Rodrigue Beaubois

Very athletic and showed great improvement over the last season. He’s been developing at a very good pace.

I don’t know much about him, but he sounds interesting.

TradeDallas acquiring Beaubois and trading Mullens

Beaubois will be dealt to Dallas in exchange for Mullens, according to Bucher.

Not a lot to say about this one. I still would have preferred to have seen Dallas go in another direction, they desperately need help on the wings and immediate difference makers.

#26 pickThe Chicago Bulls select Taj Gibson

Pre-pick talk — I think Blair will be taken now.

I don’t like this pick.

Gibson was a very good mid second round pick, but there’s too many more talented players still on the board for him to be good value here.

#27 pickThe Memphis Grizzlies select DeMarre Carroll

Something in between Kyle Weaver and Renaldo Balkman? That’s what he sounds like to me.

Carroll sounds like a good player but there were others who I preferred at this slot. Another 10 slots lower and I’d be very happy with this pick.

Best Remaining Players – DeJuan Blair, Danny Green, Derrick Brown, Sam Young, Chase Budinger, Nick Calathes.

To a lesser extent – Toney Douglas, Dante Cunningham, Patrick Mills, Marcus Thornton, Jodie Meeks

#28 pickThe Minnesota Timberwolves select Wayne Ellington

Is he an NBA level player?

A slightly above average scorer with mediocre efficiency. Poor defender, poor rebounder, very poor passer, poor ball handling.

I don’t think he’s good enough to be a first round pick.

Ellington sounds similar to Morris Almond to me, with far less talent as a scorer. I don’t like this pick.

TradeDarko for Quentin Richardson has been finalized.

The Knicks and Grizzlies have confirmed that Darko Milicic will be heading to New York for Quentin Richardson, according to Andy Katz.

#29 pickThe Los Angeles Lakers select Toney Douglas for the New York Knicks.

Mike D’Antoni’s offense is a good fit for Douglas. A combo guard, a scoring guard, who can create his own offense and plays defense. Nice player.

#30 pickThe Cleveland Cavaliers select Christian Eyenga

I know nothing about this player.

Apparently, Eyenga is very raw, a great athlete, and plays on the wing.

The Cavs could have picked up a wing would could have helped them here, or they could have drafted the very talented DeJuan Blair. This looks like a dodgy pick.

Second Round

#31 pickThe Sacramento Kings select Jeff Pendergraph for the Portland Trailblazers (Sergio Rodriguez trade)

This looks like another dodgy pick.

There’s a lot of talent left on the board, who’s going to pick them? Draft day steals here folks?

#32 pickThe Washington Wizards select Jermaine Taylor

This looks like a decent pick. I think there are better players on the board but Taylor does sound interesting.

A two guard with solid size and very good shooting/scoring ability, and can rebound.

#33 pickThe Portland Trailblazers select Dante Cunningham

Nice pickup for Blazers, although I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not on their team next season.

Good combo forward, athletic, with nice skills.

#34 pick The Denver Nuggets select Sergio Llull

Llul sounds like a decent pick.

Too many other players left on the board that I’d prefer though.

#35 pickThe Detroit Pistons select DaJuan Summers

Not sure about this guy, but he sounds interesting.

#36 pickThe Memphis Grizzlies select Sam Young

Excellent pick

Sam Young is NBA ready, he’ll make an impact straight away. He can score the ball, can defend, and is a solid rebounder. Nice player.

Well done Memphis!

#37 pickThe San Antonio Spurs select DeJuan Blair

Pre-pick talk – Oh, please pick Blair! I’d love to see him here

Hey, Hey! Finally!

DeJuan Blair is one of the five or six best players in this draft. He will be in San Antonio’s rotation next season, and could very well be their starting power forward.

This draft pick greatly improves the Spurs’ chances of winning an NBA title next season.

Steal of the Draft!

#38 pickThe Portland Trailblazers select Jon Brockman for the Sacramento Kings

I don’t know anything about him.

His name isn’t Derrick Brown, or Chase Budinger, or Nick Calathes … This looks a dodgy pick

#39 pickThe Detroit Pistons select Jonas Jerebko

Another long small forward for Detroit. They really like those guys.

I don’t know much about Jerebko, but he’s been getting good reviews over the past few weeks. A solid all-round role player seems to be the general consensus. Needs to get one or two of his skills from a solid to a high level skill, like becoming a better rebounder or defender or shooter, something to separate himself from the pack.

TradeThe Wizards sell Jermaine Taylor to the Houston Rockets for cash

The Wizards have traded the draft rights to Jermaine Taylor to Houston for cash considerations.

The next Von Wafer? Von Wafer’s replacement should he leave?

Daryl Morey’s interest in Taylor has sparked by belief in the player.

#40 pickThe Charlotte Bobcats select Derrick Brown

Excellent pickup by the Bobcats.

Derrick Brown is an excellent athlete, figures to be an excellent complementary offensive player due to his impressive shooting ability and ability to finish in traffic. A good defender with very good defender.

The one worrying sign is his rebounding ability, since his rebounding numbers were fairly poor for a guy who was playing at power forward all season.

Excellent draft pick.

#41 pickThe Milwaukee Bucks select Jodie Meeks

Very good draft pick. Big fan of this move. Great scorer with good athleticism, albeit an undersized two guard.

#42 pickThe Los Angeles Lakers select Patrick Beverley

Forgettable, evidently, I can’t remember what I thought about this guy prior to the draft.

#43 pickThe Miami Heat select Marcus Thornton

Very nice draft pick for the middle of the second round. Good scorer with good athleticism.

Trade – Cash considerations sent to Denver for Sergio Llull, with Llull heading to Houston.

The Nuggets have traded the draft rights to Sergio Llull to Houston for cash.

Nice long term get for Daryl Morey.

#44 pickThe Detroit Pistons select Chase Budinger

Excellent draft pick — good scorer, good passer, good athleticism. Needs to improve his defense and/or rebounding.

Best Player Left On The Board — Danny Green

#45 pickThe Minnesota Timberwolves select Nick Calathes

Haha … another point guard. An interesting approach to draft night.

Excellent draft pick.

#46 pickThe Cleveland Cavaliers select Danny Green

Excellent draft pick.

Green will be on the Cavs roster next season and has a very good chance at cracking the Cavs rotation.

Good defensive player with defensive potential. He can play good one-on-one defense, help defense and creates turnovers. He rebounds the ball well. Green can shoot the ball well from the periemter and is a very good complementary offensive player.

Danny Green is going to be a good role player in the NBA and has potential to be more than that.

Excellent pickup for the Cavs.

#47 pickThe Minnesota Timberwolves select Henk Norel

I know nothing about him, apparently he’s not expected to be coming over to the NBA for a few years.

#48 pickThe Phoenix Suns select Taylor Griffin

I doubt this guy sticks around in the NBA.

Good competitor, decent athlete. Decent defender, decent rebounder, and a decent shooter.

#49 pickThe Atlanta Hawks select Sergey Gladr

Know nothing about the man.

#50 pick The Utah Jazz select Goran Suton

Good draft pick. He can rebound the ball and shoot the ball … Suton has a future in this league as an end of the bench specialist jump shooting center.

Two TradesBudinger sold to Houston, Calathes sold to Dallas, for cash considerations

Detroit is trading the rights to Chase Budinger to the Houston Rockets for a future 2nd round pick and cash, sources tell Yahoo!.

Minnesota is expected to trade the rights of Nick Calathes to Dallas for future considerations, according to a report from Yahoo.

Excellent acquisitions by both Houston and Dallas. Both players have futures in the NBA.

#51 pickThe San Antonio Spurs select Jack McClinton

Small point guard with very good shooting ability. He could stick on the Spurs as their third string point guard.

#52 pickThe Indiana Pacers select AJ Price

I can’t remember what I think about this chap, I’ll get back to you folks later on this one.

#53 pickThe San Antonio Spurs select Nando DeColo

I know very little about him, but a lot of people are high on him. He looks like a good pick at this late draft slot.

#54 pickThe Charlotte Bobcats select Robert Vaden

I know nothing about him, doubtful that he’ll make the NBA. I don’t remember seeing him on any draft boards.

#55 pickThe Portland Trailblazers select Patrick Mills

Excellent draft pick

Patrick Mills can be the Blazers third string point guard next season, and could develop into an excellent change of pace guard off the bench after he improves his decision making (shot selection).

#56 pickThe Dallas Mavericks select Ahmad Nivins

Some folks like him, I know nothing about him.

#57 pick The Phoenix Suns select Emir Preldzic

Never heard of him

#58 pickThe Boston Celtics select Lester Hudson

Not going to make it with the Celtics.

I don’t think the C’s could have done any better though. Good pick.

Very good athlete, impressive numbers.

#59 pickThe Los Angeles Lakers select Chinemelo Elonu

Never heard of him.

Two trades Oklahoma and Miami buying draft picks

The Lakers have traded the draft rights to Patrick Beverley to the Heat for a future pick and cash.

The Bobcats have dealt Robert Vaden to the Thunder for cash.

It’ll be interesting to see if Beverley can steal one of those final Heat roster spots.

#60 pickThe Miami Heat select Robert Dozier

Borderline NBA talent … most of his problems are mental, doesn’t get enough out of his abilities and that will stop him from making it in the league.

If he works at it, he may find a home for himself in a few years time.

Best Non-Drafted Players — Dionte Christmas, Jeff Adrien, Wesley Mathews.

To a lesser degree — Heytvelt

  1. Dave,

    What’s your take on this roster heading into next season:

    Charlotte Bobcats

    1 Raymond Felton [PG]
    2 Raja Bell [OG]
    3 Gerald Wallace [SF]
    4 Boris Diaw [PF]
    5 Emeka Okafor [C]
    6 DJ Augustin [PG]
    7 Gerald Henderson [OG]
    8 Vladimir Radmanovic [SF-PF]
    9 Juwan Howard [PF]
    10 DeSagana Diop [C]
    11 Derrick Brown [SF]
    12 Nazr Mohammed [PF-C]
    13 Sean Singletary [PG]
    14 Dontell Jefferson [OG-SF] or Cartier Martin [SF]
    15 Alexis Ajinca [C]

    Head Coach – Larry Brown

  2. Hey Khandor,

    I hold pretty much the same opinion of Bobcats today, as I did after their early season trade bringing in Diaw and Bell.

    A team full of smart veterans … a bunch of guys who will work hard, be a pain in the ass to play against, and will grind out results.

    You get a deep team full of veteran NBA players who know how to play, and you should be a low seed playoff squad (a .500 team, or slightly better), which is pretty much what the Bobcats are.

    A very good defensive squad but a poor offensive team.

    Add a little more offense to that team and they could move up the Eastern Conference standings pretty quickly.

  3. Dave,

    IMO, you and others would be wise to keep your eyes on that team in the early part of next season, given how they ended last year and the players they’ve now added.

    At some point later on this summer … you just might hear me say something like this about the Bobcats’ franchise: “Charlotte has a solid chance to be a playoff team this season and make a leap ahead of several teams in the EC standings.”

    I’ll be watching closely what happens with their personnel moves over the next 3 months.

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