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Team’s Summer Plans – Atlantic Division

In General NBA on June 23, 2009 at 4:00 pm

bosBoston Celtics

The Celtics are going to try to do a couple of things

  • They’ll probe around the league for a good Ray Allen trade, but are unlikely to find anything to their satisfaction.
  • They’ll deal with Glen Davis, a restricted free agent, but likely let him walk if anyone offers more than $3.5mil per annum.
  • They’ll be willing and will attempt to spend the MLE, and quite possibily the LLE too.
  • Their focus will be on the bench unless they find a great Ray Allen trade
  • Judging from the rumours and which trade talks the Celtics are initiating, I cannot fathom Danny Ainge breaking up his starting lineup for anything less than a home run deal. He’s looking for the perfect trade, the fail safe move. If he cannot find it, and he very likely will not find it, then he’ll stand pat. So, I’d ignore any trade involving Celtics starters that doesn’t significantly favour Boston.

njnNew Jersey Nets

  • The Nets will continue to instigate Vince Carter trade talks and will continue to receive low ball offers. They might accept one of those offers.
  • Beyond that, they’re a difficult team to figure out. Draft day could play a pivotal role in deciding what they try to do next.

nykNew York Knicks

  • Nate Robinson is as good as gone. Someone will offer him a good contract at $4-6 million per annum, and the Knicks will be forced to let him leave.
  • New York will try to bait somebody into giving them back a king’s ransom for David Lee in a sign and trade. If they become despondent with the offers, they may resign him and try to trade him later this year.
  • Donnie Walsh may freak out and sign one or both of the above players for a long term role on the team, to detriment of NY’s future. Decent likelihood of this happening.
  • New York will try to make a splash with a big name trade acquisition, but only for a player with an expiring deal. They don’t have much to offer so it’s questionable what they could get back in this type of a move.

phiPhiladelphia 76ers

  • The Sixers will try to resign Andre Miller. I’d guess a contract in the $8-10 million range.
  • Phily will also try to offload Sam Dalembert, but I expect them to be unsatisfied with the offers on the table, and expect to see Sammy back in a Sixers uniform next season.
  • Beyond that, it’s very hard to figure out what these guys may do.

torToronto Raptors

Bryan Colangelo has been open about his plans for this summer

  • He intends to resign Shawn Marion and Carlos Delfino.
  • He’ll try to sign Anthony Parker if the money is the right.
  • Then he’ll consider spending the MLE on some free agents. Possibly Rasho Nesterovic. Maybe a backup point guard if they fail to land one through the draft.
  • Joey Graham is an unknown.
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