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Game Five: Orlando vs Los Angeles

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Turkoglu Penetrating

Game Five

The Lakers can finish the Magic off tonight, and win the 2008-09 NBA Title.

The Magic are fighting for their lives.

First Quarter

  • Good job by Rashard Lewis, fronting or 3/4ering Gasol in the post, and deflecting the pass … turnover. Courtney Lee drills a jump shot on the other end.
  • Three or four shot attempts at the rim there for LA, Bynum missing, Gasol finishing inside. Great effort from Bynum to keep that alive.
  • Rashard Lewis bangs in a long jump shot
  • Andrew Bynum catches the ball above the FT line, turns, shoots, misses … bad shot, too early in the shot clock.
  • Kobe Bryant had 17 points and 13 points in the first quarters of the last two games
  • Kobe drains a long jumper after Orlando fails to show on the pick and roll
  • Rashard Lewis cuts to the rim, Howard finds him, takes it hard to Bynum, bad foul by Bynum, three point play for Lewis. Nice.
  • Fisher with the backdoor cut, layup
  • Hedo Turkoglu with the up and under finger roll after cleverly slithering into the paint
  • Howard blocks the shot, fastbreak, Alston to Lewis, layup, miss … bad job by Alston on the break, he was too slow on the pass and made it a tough contested shot so that he could make the fancy through the legs backwords pass. Lewis offered a weak finish too.
  • Bynum on the right elbow, turnaround, brick. He’s 0-5 from the field.
  • Lee takes it to the rim, score it.

Orlando lead 11-6 after four minutes

  • Ariza knifes into the paint, misses the runner, but gets the rebound, stolen by Alston … break, pushes it, drive and kick, back to Rafer, wide open three, passes up, takes a dribble in, wide open jump shot, passes it up, tentatively drives in and throws a bad pass, turnover
  • Hedo Turkoglu with a lovely pass to Dwight Howard for the finish inside
  • Turnover … fastbreak, Courtney Lee takes it right at Fisher and dumps it off at the final moment to Alston for the layup
  • 8-0 run Orlando

Timeout. Bryant hurt his hand on that turnvover. Lewis gave a hard double, trapped him, forced the turnover, creating the fastbreak.

Orlando lead 15-6 after five minutes

  • Derek Fisher takes the pull up jumper along the left baseline, miss, offensive rebound Bynum, putback, fouled plus the finish, misses the FT. The Fisher opportunity and rebound was created by the double team on Kobe.
  • Hedo Turkoglu with the pretty lefty finish inside, Lewis on the elbow hitting the cutter there.
  • Every Magic starter has scored … and has an assist
  • Defensive rebound by Bynum after the Lewis miss
  • Nice pass by Gasol to the cutting Bynum, he fumbles it under duress, a lot of contact, fastbreak … Orlando score
  • Kobe Bryant lines up a triple from the top of the key and he drills it
  • Orlando are 9-10 from two point range and 0-4 from three as Lewis misses another triple, make that 0-5, Lee missed. Wide open looks.
  • Kobe Bryant left wide open in transition, quick three, hits it
  • Rafer Alston knifes into the paint and hits the runner … good screen by Howard on the ball there
  • Lovely pass and finish by Bryant to Bynum on the pick and roll for the easy dunk

Orlando lead 21-17 with four minutes to play

  • Kobe Bryant misses a three pointer in transition, Howard pulls down the rebound
  • Both teams trade baskets. Three minutes to play.
  • Kobe Bryant in the mid post, doubled, pass out to Ariza, Pietrus does a poor job closing out, Ariza beats him easily, to the rim, fouled.
  • Howard in the left post, turns baseline, throws up a prayer, misses. Ugly shot attempt.
  • Ariza beats Pietrus off the dribble again, he was right there that time, bad defense from Pietrus. Not the level of effort we see from him when he’s defending a scorer. Bad D.
  • Lee bags a pair of FTs
  • Lamar Odom flies past Lewis, Howard helps, missed lefty layup, Gasol wide open for the rebound and putback
  • Pietrus posts up Kobe Bryant, turns baseline, blocked by Bryant.
  • Lob pass to Bryant in the post, fouled by Rafer Alston. Penalty.
  • Alston’s second foul — he comes out. A lot of bad mistakes from Rafer in the first quarter, at least 5 plays that he made a bad decision.
  • Howard in the post again, turns baseline again, jump hook again, misses again — this is getting just a tad predictable, no?

Final minute — Orlando lead 25-24

  • Howard fouled in the paint by Gasol. Sideline inbounds, give an go with the inbounder, Pietrus turns down the three, stuck in the corner, fakes up top, then drives right at Gasol on the baseline, lovely spin move around Gasol, uses the rim well, finishes … smooth play from Pietrus.
  • Kobe gets back to the FT line and hits the two FTs.
  • Bryant fouls Howard inside while trying to strip the ball …  he shoots two FTs, splits the pair.
  • Bryant top of the key, works on Lee, Lee blocks him, ball spills out to Walton, he hoists a three, misses
  • Fastbreak Orlando, only a few seconds to play, Pietrus stops and pops, misses

Second Quarter

Magic lead 28-26

  • Howard with a composed move in the post, shoulder fake, spins the other way towards the middle and hits the jump hook. Bad defense from Bynum on the play.
  • Jameer Nelson misses a step back jumper from the right elbow, Tony Battie tips it up, bad tip, miss.
  • Bynum pulls down his fifth rebound of the night, another offensive rebound. That’s #3 or #4 on the offensive glass.
  • Bynum hits a shot along the baseline over Howard — he’s 3-10 from the field.
  • Howard scores over Bynum in the post, he was fouled too. Terrible defense by Bynum there.
  • Vujacic is still looking for his first points of the Finals — he’s been held scoreless.
  • Nice high low pass from Battie to Howard who finishes inside and gets the foul. Soft call. Howard misses the FT. Bynum’s second foul.
  • God … Bynum takes another shot, a quick turnaround out of the post, misses again — he’s 3-11 from the field.

Orlando lead 34-28 after three minutes as Nelson turns the ball over

  • Jeez … terrible brick from Vujacic, off by four feet, on a catch and shoot from 20 feet on the right wing after coming off a screen.
  • Lamar Odom on the left wing, drives left, fouled, sweeping finish
  • Pietrus makes another bucket
  • Kobe Bryant on the left wing, drives hard, to the rim, loud dunk!
  • Nelson catch and shoot jumper from the left wing — JVG “That’s because he knew he was coming out” as Rafer goes to scorers table before the shot
  • Gortat dunks inside

Both teams trading baskets for the last two minutes — Orlando lead 40-36 with five minutes to play

  • Bryant in the post, backs him in, turnaround from five feet, goes glass, misses
  • Nice drive and dumpy to Gortat, blocked by Gasol. Great recovery. Turnover.
  • Gasol blocks Turkoglu’s driving layup off the pick and roll, turnover.
  • Bryant draws the help, kicks it out to Fisher, he knocks down the three pointer.

One point game, Magic lead — less than six minutes to play

  • Ariza does a nice job defending Turkoglu prior to the pick and roll, helping push him wide and removing the first threat.
  • Pietrus almost turns the ball over on his dribble penetration.
  • Howard fumbles the entry pass from Lewis, turnover, Bryant runs upcourt, passes out to Ariza, three pointer, hit! Lakers lead!
  • Kobe Bryant with the high arcing one hander from 13 feet over two defenders off the dribble and he hits the shot. Wow!
  • Lakers 8-0 run

Timeout — Lakers lead 44-40 with four thirty to lead

  • Ariza hits another three — 11-0 run, Lakers up 7 now.
  • Turnover Orlando, fastbreak Lakers, Magic do well in transition defense and force them into the halfcourt. Nice drive by Fisher, to the rim down the left baseline, layup.

Timeout Orlando — 9 point Lakers lead, 49-40 — 3:30 left in the first half

  • Kobe Bryant is currently in the longest stretch of his career with 8+ assists in a game with 6 consecutive games.
  • Ariza with a beautiful steal, great job playing the passing lanes at the top of the key, breakaway, fouled, splits a pair.
  • Double digit Lakers lead
  • Steal, to Gasol, back to Odom, layup. 12 point lead.
  • Is this a 16-0 run now? I think so. Yes, it is.
  • Orlando has not scored in over three minutes
  • Rafer Alston takes it on himself, drives to the rim, hits a running layup, tough shot.
  • Beautiful hand off from Gasol out of the post to a cutting Ariza for the layup

Final two minutes — Lakers lead 54-43

  • Orlando are 0-7 from downtown — make that 1-8 as Lewis knocks down a three from the left corner, nice drive and kick from Hedo.
  • Lakers are 5-8 from three point range.

Quick timeout from Phil Jackson as he tries to stop a Magic run to end the half

  • Howard gets away with a lot of contact defensively against Gasol, pushes him off the block and knocks the ball out of bounds.
  • Inbounds, over to Fisher, long jumper at the shot clock buzzer, hits it
  • Illegal screen by Howard — good flop from Fisher, but it was a foul there after the screen with the arm.
  • Gortat draws the charge on Odom, his third foul.
  • Alston has a three rim in and out, miss.
  • Lakers lead 30-18 in points in this second quarter
  • Bryant misses a pull up jumper, quick shot
  • Orlando hold it for the final shot of the half, Alston with the drive, banks it, misses, offensive rebound, putback, misses, knocked out, three pointer, misses.


Lakers lead 56-46

Third Quarter

  • Fisher gets rid of Alston with a head fake, shoots the jumper, misses it
  • Inside to Howard on the right post, turns and faces, drives middle, draws a foul on Bynum.
  • Pick and pop with Lewis on the left wing, Hedo goes away from the pick, throws it back, Lewis swings the ball, Alston drives and draws the foul.
  • Sideline inbounds, Hedo on the right wing, passes to Lewis in the corner, three ball up and out, Dwight Howard has inside position for the rebound, long rebound, LA gets it.
  • Ariza short on a three point attempt

100 seconds into the third quarter, no scores yet

  • Nice pass by Rafer Alston to Dwight Howard who’s 11 feet from the rim with a clear path, fumbles the ball, Magic retrieve it, out to Lee, athletic drive to the rim, he finishes in traffic. Nice.
  • Fisher has to force a long two as the shot clock winds down, misses
  • Drive and kick by Lewis to Lee in the right corner, another missed three for Orlando — 1-11 from downtown
  • The Lakers have started slowly here in the third — low levels of urgency, or energy, and poor intent when they have the ball. They’re going through the motions.
  • Good job by Alston diving on the floor, forcing a jump ball, won by Orlando.
  • Kobe Bryant drills a 21 footer from the top of the key, he has 17 points.
  • Andrew Bynum just picked up his fourth foul

Lakers still up 10 … 58-48 lead after three minutes

  • Courtney Lee with a step back jumper from the left wing, hits it.
  • Ariza defended well by Hedo, right into the body, three pointer from the right wing against the shot clock, miss, turnover, shot clock violation, air ball.
  • Lakers are 1-5 with two turnovers in the quarter
  • Nice ball movement from Orlando out of the low post, over to Rafer in the opposite (right) corner, Rafer drills the three ball.
  • Odom answers back with his second three pointer
  • Howard called for a charge for lowering his shoulder into Gasol, turnover.

Lakers lead 61-53 after five minutes

  • Lamar Odom left open in the left corner and he knocks down his second straight three pointer, and third three of the game. LA respond to Orlando cutting the lead down to five by stretching it back out to 11.
  • Courtney Lee picks up his second foul off the ball this quarter trying to defend Bryant.
  • Kobe Bryant on the right midpost, turns, faces, drives left, into the paint, Howard comes over and helps, Bryant double clutches, falls over in midair, goes glass, gets the lucky finish.
  • Alston left wide open for a three pointer in the right corner … in and out
  • Nice quick pass by Kobe on the left wing over the left corner for Fisher for the jump shot

Lakers lead 68-55 with five minutes remaining

  • Pau Gasol blocks another shot, Orlando hang onto the possession this time.
  • Lewis has to force a long three, heavily contested against the shot clock, air ball, turnover.
  • Lakers on a 10-2 run over the last three minutes
  • Pau Gasol draws the foul on his drive off the left elbow going right. Pau makes one of two. 14 point game.
  • Howard just picked up his fourth foul — not that it matters, he’s playing the rest of the way, this do or die time.
  • Howard loses the offensive rebound as the Magic miss another shot
  • Bryant weaving to the rim off the pick and roll, fouled in the lane, he makes both.
  • Howard just picked up his fifth foul — dumb foul — sorry, they’ve changed the foul — SVG took Howard out of the game prior to the change, he’s talking to Howard on the bench, still talking to him, a good 60 seconds now. Gives some direction to his team. Then goes back and talks to Howard again, back to the game.
  • Orlando have no field goals in the last four minutes

Lakers lead 71-55 — 3:30 to play

  • Hedo Turkoglu drops a 20 footer along the baseline, bad shot attempt, fadeaway on the baseline off the dribble out of rhythm.

Timeout — This game has been fairly pathetic since the 16-0 run. The Magic team have given up.

  • Gasol knocks it in … the lead is up to 16.
  • Rashard Lewis posts up Lamar Odom, backing him down, up and under, fouled. Penalty situation. Lewis makes both.
  • Redick enters the game at the two. Pietrus is at the three. Rafer at the point. Lewis and Howard are the bigs.
  • Lakers have Farmar, Gasol, Odom, Bryant and Ariza out there.
  • Ariza works on Redick, gives up the ball, asks for it back but doesn’t get it … Ariza likes that matchup.
  • Second rejection inside for Howard, bad lead pass by Alston on the fastbreak, blew the easy layup opportunity.
  • Ariza trying to post up inside, great job by Pietrus making himself big and denying Kobe’s entry pass. Ariza never gets the ball.
  • Jameer Nelson enters for Alston … Rafer isn’t happy. He almost turned the ball over just moments before, well again, almost turned the ball over again.
  • Lewis goes up through Kobe’s hands to draw the foul on the face up J.
  • Gasol faces up on Howard, dribbling in on him, Gasol draws the foul. That’s #5 on Howard.
  • Gortat checks in — what’s the point? Let Howard finish it out for as long as he has left.
  • Gasol splits a pair again from the line.

Final minute of the third quarter

  • Hedo Turkoglu misses a step back jumper frmo the left wing, Vujacic rebounds
  • Gasol calling for it in the low post, re-post, well sort of, drives and kicks it to Odom, Gortat draws the charge with his help defense, nicely done.
  • JJ Redick with a nice pass off the pick and roll to Gortat for the finish inside
  • Farmar comes back and hits a very tough shot off the dribble drive

Fourth Quarter

The Lakers lead 76-61

I’m stopping the game log here, this game is over. If Orlando make a run, I’ll start it back up again.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers for winning the 2008/09 NBA Championship!

  1. Hi Dave, it’s been a while since I’ve visited here to give two cents worth of comment. So in the end I guess it was detined to be Kobe’s years. My gut feeling was telling me this is excatly what would happen. But kudos to the Magic as well for giving us some memorable moments in the playoffs.

    But for now, congrats to the Lakers. Truly deserving for them.

  2. Hey John, long time no talk. Good to hear from you.

    I couldn’t agree more — (1) It’s felt like this season was destined to be Kobe’s from start to finish, and, (2) That the Lakers are very deserving of their Title. They were the best of the best.

    I too think the Magic deserve a huge amount of credit. I never thought they could get this far without a fully healthy Jameer Nelson. They gave everything they had and came so close to winning a title despite a huge setback with Nelson’s injury. Incredible accomplishment.

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