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Trade: Kapono for Reggie Evans

In Trade Talk on June 9, 2009 at 2:39 pm

Reggie Evans Stuffs It Home

Philadelphia receives: Jason Kapono

Toronto receives: Reggie Evans


A poster by the name of David Moro mentioned this trade a good possibility for the Raps in a comment on the Raptors Republic about a week or two ago. I thought it was a very good idea and was planning on writing it as a trade idea post, but I never got around to it, anyway …. we’re here now. Good idea from David Moro and a good trade.

Here is a link to ESPN’s news wire report of this trade.

The Virtue Of The Trade


Jason Kapono was dead weight. He created more harm than benefits for the Raptors, and his individual flaws were too similar to too many other players on the roster to be able to work around them.

Reggie Evans, in contrast, adds a good backup big man to their team. Evans is an excellent rebounder and a decent defender — unfortunately for Toronto, he’s an overrated defender, but he does put in great effort on that end of the court so that’s something. I regard him as a below average but respectable defender, a three-to-fou out of ten type of defender. A decent defender.

About a week or so ago I wrote two posts ranking big men’s rebounding efforts by rebounding rate — Centers + Power Forwards — for comparison’s sake, Reggie Evans holds a career rebounding rate of 20.8% and has held averages of 19.3% and 19% over the past two seasons respectively. Those numbers would rank him in the top five amongst power forwards. Reggie Evans is an excellent rebounder.


The Sixers have been the worst three point shooting team in the league for the past two seasons

  • 2007-08 — The Sixers shot 31.7% from downtown to finish dead last in the entire NBA. They also finished dead last in both makes and attempts from behind the arc.
  • 2008-09 — The Sixers 31.8% three point shooting ranked dead last in the NBA. They also finished second last in both attempts and makes.

Jason Kapono is a great shooter and he can help the Sixers in this regard. One of the big problems with integrating Elton Brand to the team’s offense was the team’s inability to space the floor for Brand, and the threat of Kapono will surely help there.

Unfortunately for Philadelphia, Kapono isn’t much of a player in any other way and his lack of defense will be a tough fit for the press + run style of basketball from the last seasons. So long as Philadelphia tries to adjust it’s style of play, he can have a decent impact as a backup wing. Hopefully they’ll be able to make him the second wing off the bench and keep a lid on his overall minutes … but he’s a decent get for them.

The Sixers need for a big man like Evans is fairly small due to the quality they possess in Elton Brand, Samuel Dalembert, Marreese Speights and Jason Smith. They’ll be able to bring in a fifth choice big for the minimum and still have a very good big man rotation. So, only a small loss due to their other talented players at this position.


Two more seasons left on both player’s contracts

2009-10 — Jason Kapono is on the books for $6.21 million, while Reggie Evans is due $4.96 million.

2010-11 — Jason Kapono is on the books for $6.64 million, while Reggie Evans is due $5.08 million.

The Raptors save $2.63 million in this transaction. Nice bit of savings there for Toronto. They can certainly put that money to better use … and add better bench players in the process.


Excellent trade for the Toronto Raptors. They reduced their salary committments, added a superior player, and filled a need. It’s hard to see the Raps doing any better in a Kapono trade than what they’ve done here.

As for Philadelphia, it’s a decent trade. They gave up someone of small value and acquired someone of small value … improving their overall balance in the process, because they desperately do need more three point shooting.

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