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NBA Finals Game Two: Los Angeles vs Orlando

In 2009 NBA Finals, 2009 NBA Playoffs, Game Log / Recap on June 7, 2009 at 7:39 pm

Lakers Interior Defense

Game Two

I think this game is a must win for the Orlando Magic. I cannot seeing them win four out of five games against the Lakers, which is something they’d have to do should they fall back 0-2 tonight.

First Quarter

  • Excellent defensive rotations from the Los Angeles Lakers to take away Orlando’s three point shooting opportunities despite having numbers on the weak side of the court, forced Alston to put the ball on the floor and to take a tough runner over Gasol, miss.
  • Kobe Bryant front iron’s a jumper, miss.
  • Dwight Howard kicks the ball out, Courtney Lee beats his man off the bounce, to the rim, finishes.
  • Derek Fisher bricks a jump shot from the top of the key
  • Dwight Howard runs up the court, beats Bynum to the spot and draws a quick foul. Orlando give it right back to LA after the moving screen by Lewis.
  • Trevor Ariza hits a three pointer on the right wing
  • Dwight Howard faces up on the right wing, 16 feet out, goes glass, misses.
  • Orlando run the fastbreak but an off-the-spot pass results in another turnover — Alston says a Lakers player touched it out of bounds.
  • Pau Gasol goes baseline, Howard from the weakside, rejects the shot.
  • Pau Gasol on the low post, drives right, spins left towards the baseline, lefty lay in, hits it. Lovely post up.
  • Rashard Lewis with the pump fake, drive and kick, Hedo with the triple from the right wing, drains it.

They just showed a replay on that Howard block. It was a clear goaltend, his hand came up through the rim to block the shot. Refs missed that one.

The game is tied 5-5 after four minutes

  • Dwight Howard on the low post, looks for the cutter, not on, throws it out, re-post, drives middle, spins back baseline, jumps up through Bynum’s chest and draws the foul. That’s Bynum’s 2nd, Odom checks in. Howard makes one of two FTs.
  • Kobe Bryant cuts from the opposite wing, Lee wasn’t paying attention, gets the step, nice pass from Fisher to Bryant in the middle of the paint, fouled immediately as Bryant went up, he splits a pair.
  • Hedo Turkoglu drives into the paint, stops, pulls up, fallaway J over Ariza, miss
  • Turnover Lakers … fastbreak Orlando, Pietrus leads the break, weak pass fake, Fisher runs to the spot, draws a charge on Pietrus’ layup attempt. Turnover Orlando.
  • Odom on the drive and kick to Fisher in the right corner, miss, offensive rebound Odom, great vision to see Ariza open on the opposite wing, quick pass, missed three pointer.
  • Pau Gasol pulls down the defensive rebound over Howard
  • Lamar Odom called for an offensive three seconds, turnover.

The game is tied 6-6 as we near the midway point in the quarter.

  • Rashard Lewis on the drive and kick to Pietrus on the opposite wing, missed three pointer — Lewis is doing a better job as a playmaker than Hedo Turkoglu, which is a terrible sign for Orlando.
  • Pau Gasol posts up on the right box, passes off to the cutter, Odom finishes the layup
  • Fisher playing the passing lanes, chases down the loose ball, fastbreak, tripped up by Pietrus, foul — that’s two on Pietrus.
  • Timeout
  • Kobe Bryant drops a jumper over the taller Turkoglu

Marcin Gortat checked into the game at that timeout. The Magic are going with a twin towers lineup, I was hoping they’d try this, let’s see how it goes. They’re also going big on the wings with Hedo and Lewis, with Rafer at the point.

  • Rafer hits a pair of free throws
  • Turkoglu with an out-streched hand up in Kobe’s face, missed 18 foot jumper.
  • Lewis knocks down a 12 footer off the dribble
  • Dwight Howard blocks Ariza inside, loose ball falls to Odom, Rashard Lewis picks up his second foul. Gortat tried to claim the foul to no avail. JJ Redick enters the game for Lewis.

Lakers lead 11-10 with four mintues to play

  • Dwight Howard posts up Gasol, backs him down, draws a double, kickout, re-post, Gasol tips it away, turnover.
  • Fastbreak Lakers, Trevor Ariza settles for a 17 footer, misses, Odom and Howard fight for the rebound, Dwight steals it away.
  • Howard called for a three second violation offensively — turnover. Feels like there are a lot of turnovers. Howard has 6 rebounds already.
  • Orlando keep the Lakers on the perimeter throughout that possession, force a contested three against the shot clock, miss, rebound Gortat, fouled by Gasol.

Orlando leads 12-11 after Gortat hits two FTs, with three minutes to play in the first quarter

  • Lamar Odom hits a catch and shoot jumper from 18 feet on the right wing/baseline over Gortat
  • Redick shoots a three pointer, Howard goes up for the rebound, Fisher jumps into him and picks up the foul, Howard shoots two. Howard splits a pair at the stripe. Tie game at 13. Two plus minutes to play.
  • Luke Walton dribbles in, passes out to the corner, Odom takes a three pointer, miss.
  • Jameer Nelson has entered the game, a few moments ago.
  • Turkoglu misses a three pointer at the buzzer — bad pass from Redick, should have shot that — Howard rebound, putback, good.
  • Defensive rebound Gortat — I love watching this guy rebound the ball.
  • Dwight Howard is patient on the post, turns middle, right hand jump hook, misses.
  • Derek Fisher left open, takes and makes the 18 footer from the left elbow extended. Good push from Lamar Odom on the fastbreak to cause some confusion there on the matchups defensively.
  • Orlando turn the ball over for the 7th time in the quarter
  • Walton posts up Redick, help comes quickly, passes back to Gasol for the 10 foot flip shot, miss.
  • Howard moving screen — first foul — eight turnover
  • Kobe misses a heaved 30 foot three pointer at the buzzer, miss

Turnovers killed the Magic in the first quarter. Howard and Bryant have four points apiece, and have shot a combined 2-8 from the field.

Second Quarter

The game is tied 15-15 — Mike Breen said it was the lowest scoring first quarter ever.

I do like that Dwight Howard vitamins ad. Funny.

  • Tony Battie enters the game for Howard. Gortat and Lewis complete the frontcourt, Redick and Nelson in the backcourt.
  • Bynum, Odom, Walton, Sasha and Farmar for the Lakers.
  • Rashard Lewis posts up Luke Walton and scores over Walton easily.
  • Bynum working down inside against Gortat, quick spin move towards the baseline, strong right handed hook off glass, misses
  • Gortat offensive rebound, putback, miss, good contest, rebound Battie but he turns the ball before getting up a shot attempt.

The Magic are a +10 on the glass already. Huge. That’s the main reason their turnovers haven’t killed them.

  • Lamar Odom hits a long jumpshot from the top of the key — Tony Battie answers right back with a turnaround J out of the post
  • Farmar off the dribble, stops, pump fake, Nelson flies by, drills the jumper
  • Quick pass over the scored basket, Redick runs free, to the rim, Odom chases back and swats the layup … wow, saved his team a layup (replay looked like it may have hit the backboard first)
  • Walton picks up two quick fouls

Los Angeles lead 21-19 after three minutes

  • Moving screen on Gortat — 10th turnover on Orlando
  • Timeout
  • Poor production from ESPN there. I didn’t get to see that one, hey a replay, Bynum posts up on the left post, turns middle, short shot plus the foul. Three point play. Lakers up five.
  • Redick back irons a jump shot from the top of the key
  • Lewis tracks down a defensive rebound …. Lewis on the right wing, dribble penetration, passes back to Lewis who was left open above the elbow, Lewis knocks down the jump shot.
  • Dwight Howard checks back into the game for Gortat
  • Redick wide open, good screen off the ball by Battie, three pointer right wing, miss.
  • Bynum posts up just below the elbow, Howard stupidly tries to steal the ball (ticky tack foul waiting to happen), Bynum turns towards the baseline, turnaround J, short.
  • Lewis pump fake, drives left to the baseline, pump fake, jump shot, hits it from 10 feet.
  • Lamar Odom loses in the post, turnover

Lakers lead 24-23 with 7 minutes to play in the first half

  • Andrew Bynum posts up on the left block, shoulder fake, spins middle, jump hook in the lane, hits it
  • Drive and kick to Lewis for a three pointer from the left wing, he knocks it down. Tie game at 26.
  • Bynum tips the offensive rebound, keeps it alive, Farmar gets it, but misses the shot again.
  • Bynum picks up his third foul — timeout — Gasol re-enters the game
  • Rashard Lewis with a superb effort on that loose ball on the offensive glass, taps it to himself and gets an extra possession for his team.
  • Trevor Ariza left wide open and he hits his second three pointer of the game. Good look off the fastbreak. That was a missed assignment, looked like Howard’s mistake.
  • Hedo Turkoglu on the screen and roll, into the paint, lefty layup, miss, short, bad finishing from Hedo.
  • Howard pulls down his 10th rebound off of Gasol’s missed jump shot
  • Orlando turn it over again, Kobe leads the break, drive and dish to Fisher in the right corner, ugly ballhandling from Bryant, Fisher drills it.
  • Lewis answers right back with a three pointer of his own — 14 of Orlando’s 29 points.

Lakers lead 32-29 with less than four minutes to play

  • Alston is back in the game
  • Hedo gets the switch, Odom on him, nice step back J, fallaway, miss.
  • Steal Dwight Howard, fastbreak, Lewis drive and kick, Pietrus passes it up, Alston swings it to the opposite corner, missed by Lewis. Bad fastbreak, should have been a layup.
  • Gasol splits a pair at the line
  • Nice hesitation move by Hedo to get the defense off balance, allows him to snake his way into the paint, awful flip shot from 12 feet, miss
  • Redick misses a three pointer on teh drive and kick. They are 3-13 from downtown tonight, Orlando that is.
  • Drive and kick to Kobe Bryant who drills a triple. They are 4-9 from downtown. 7 point game.

Lakers lead 36-29 with 90 seconds remaining

  • On that note, Lewis knocks down a three pointer from the right corner. Nice ball movement out of the Howard kickout.
  • Gasol hits the 16 footer over Dwight Howard
  • Howard posts up Gasol, finds Lewis jumping out to the three point line, Lewis nails it. Three point game. Lewis’ fourth triple of the night.
  • Good defense from Orlando to deflect that, Kobe gets the ball, goes one-on-one against Redick, draws the foul.

30 seconds to play — Lakers lead 38-35

  • Gasol gets a dunk inside — missed it again because of ESPN’s shoddy camera work.
  • 10 seconds to play — high screen and roll for Hedo, he passes it back to Redick after creating nothing, Redick has to force it, miss.


Los Angeles leads 40-35

  • Hedo Turkoglu has been invisible once again tonight. The Magic are not able to win this title without Hedo’s playmaking abilities. He has to show up.
  • Rashard Lewis has 20 of Orlando’s 35 points — Nobody else has more than four — Orlando are in huge trouble once he cools off, heck they’re in huge trouble even if he stays red-hot. And Lewis being Lewis, he’s unlikely to go off for 40+ points.

Some stats

  • Orlando have 8 dimes on 12 baskets. Lakers have 12 assists on 16 baskets.
  • Orlando have 11 turnovers but LA haven’t punished them, with only 5 points conceded off of give-aways. Meanwhile the Lakers have five turnovers, costing them three points.
  • Orlando leads 25-17 on the backboards
  • Orlando have taken 37 shots and 8 free throws. The Lakers have taken 38 shots and 7 free throws. So minimal difference there. The turnovers are wiping the rebounds difference out.
  • Orlando have an eFG% of 39.2%. Their offensive efficiency is 81.4
  • Los Angeles have an eFG% of 47.4%. Their offensive efficiency is 93.
  • Seven Lakers have scored — all have between 4 and 7 points — incredible balance from LA.

Third Quarter

Los Angeles leads 40-35 to start the second half

  • Hmm … missed the first two baskets there.
  • Nice drive by Hedo Turkoglu off the left wing, to the rim, finishes to the layup.
  • Fisher turns it over out of the corner, good hands from Rafer Alston.
  • Pick and roll between Hedo and Dwight, ball reversed to the top of the key to Lewis, pump fake, drives inside, fouled. Lewis gives Orlando the lead.

Magic lead 43-42 after two minutes

  • Very nice defense by Courtney Lee, right into Kobe’s body and had a hand high up in Kobe’s face, but to no avail. Lovely jump shot from Bryant.
  • Bryant on the break, drives on Lee, posts him up, fadeaway, in and … in. He gets the roll.
  • Pietrus gets up off the bench to defend Bryant
  • Hedo Turkoglu knifes into the paint, pump fake, Bynum jumps, and Hedo draws the foul. That’s number four on Bynum, Odom re-enters. Lamar Odom has been one of LA’s best players tonight.
  • Hedo hits both FTs
  • Bryant loses Pietrus, good help D, from Lewis I think to contest the shot, Kobe misses. Rebound Orlando.
  • Pietrus gets Kobe to bite on a pump fake, one dribble right, hits the 22 footer from the top of the key
  • Pau Gasol posts up on the right box, faces up, hits the 9 footer.
  • Pietrus misses his driving layup, rebound Gasol.
  • Excellent screen by Gasol off the ball to give Ariza an open path to the rim, layup.
  • Alston air balls a three pointer from the left corner — he’s 1-6 from the floor.
  • Derek Fisher blows by his man after turning the corner, to the rim, reverse layup, misses the easy one.
  • Rashard Lewis steals the ball from Kobe in the backcourt, in to Howard, posts up, backs down Odom, turns inside, tied up on the shot.

Lakers lead 50-47 with under seven minutes to play

  • Howard wins the tip
  • Gasol deflects the post entry pass to Howard, spills loose, Howard retrieves it, passes out, Hedo has to take a contested J at the buzzer, hits the long two.
  • Nice drive and dump to Gasol, to the rim, right handed dunk, fouled first.
  • Lewis posts up Bryant inside, passes out to Alston, three pointer, miss.

Jameer Nelson? Please?

  • Howard with a massive rejection inside … fastbreak, horribly run, nobody picks up the trailing Howard, wide open to the rim, slam dunk. First dunk of the Finals.
  • Ariza with the steal, fastbreak, nice pass, touch pass back to Bryant, slam dunk.

Timeout — Lakers lead 54-51 with four and a half minutes to play in the third quarter

  • Rashard Lewis bricks a three pointer. Bad miss.
  • Good help defense by Pietrus on Bryant, who had a clearout against Lewis, Bryant slithers by both but has to take a tough runner, misses.
  • Excellent pass out of the low post by Howard to Turkoglu, three pointer from the top of the key. Tie game.
  • Good job by Jameer Nelson to deflect that pass out of bounds. Extra effort from Jameer.
  • Pietrus on Kobe, Kobe 22 feet out on the left wing, faces up, rises up, misses, Howard goes high and pulls down the rebound.
  • Nelson draws the foul after working his way into the paint. First FTs in four months, fun to say that. Nelson makes both.
  • Pau Gasol on the left post, spins baseline, beats Howard easily, Howard slaps at it, fouls. Good move by Gasol. Gasol makes both FTs.

Three minutes to play — tie game 56-56

  • Turkoglu drops another triple out of the pass out of the post from Howard. Tough shot with a hand in his face from the corner. Nice to see him hitting shots.
  • Nelson jumps in the air with nowhere to go — Ariza picks off the sloppy pass — Odom punishes Orlando with a jumper from the other end.
  • Hedo with the floating jumper from 17 feet, made that more difficult than it needed to be, he was overly worried about Ariza’s length, miss.
  • Loose ball foul on Odom — third foul.

90 seconds to play — Gortat misses two free throws — Orlando leads 59-58

  • Kobe Bryant comes off shooting off the dribble, hits the 19 footer from the top of the key. Lakers lead.
  • Howard posting up inside, turns baseline, alley oop, layup. Orlando lead.
  • Kobe Bryant takes a tough three pointer, quick shot, from the top of the key, misses.
  • Jameer Nelson gets into the paint and hits the floater in the lane.
  • Drive and kick to Fisher on the right wing from Bryant, he drills it. Tie game.
  • Hedo Turkoglu off the pick and roll, one step inside the three point line, pull up J, hits it. Orlando lead.
  • Four plus seconds left on the clock — Hedo shot it too early — Kobe takes his time coming up court, and has to take a tough three, misses.

Excellent third quarter by the Magic. They outscored LA by seven points and have put themselves in a good position to win this game.

Fourth Quarter

Orlando leads 65-63

Orlando’s frontcourt has gone from 6-27 in Game One to 18-34 from the field in Game Two. And from 33 points to 49 points.

  • Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant both remain on the court to start the quarter
  • Jameer Nelson draws a foul and shoots two more at the line, misses both.
  • Lamar Odom with the lefty drive and lefty finish over Gortat, hits it off glass.
  • Howard out of control on that spin move, blows the shot, Kobe may have gotten a piece of it.
  • Bynum misses the alley oop on the fastbreak
  • Drive and kick out to Gortat, 17 footer on the way from the baseline, not close, rebound Howard.

Hedo Turkoglu re-enters the game. Good decision, Orlando have looked dodgy here at the start of the quarter. Howard gets some rest.

  • Turkoglu immediately draws a foul, on Walton, smart play from Hedo. I like Orlando going smaller, they need to find some scoring. Hedo misses the first FT. Orlando are now only 12-19 from the FT line, that could cost them, five straight missed FTs and none from Howard. Hedo hits the second one.
  • Lamar Odom working on a screen and roll with Bryant as the screener, drives right, itno the paint, runner, hits it.
  • Turkoglu and Gortat run the pick and roll, reverses the ball, passes inside by Lewis to Gortat, layup.
  • Great help defense by Gortat to deny Walton a layup and force a truly terrible pass … unfortunately it bounces to Odom and he hits the short shot
  • Lewis pump fake, drives into the lane, runner, misses
  • Kobe Bryant crosses over Mikael Pietrus, beats him, draws the foul. Kobe makes two at the line.

Los Angeles leads 71-68 with nine plus minutes to play in the game

  • Another pick and roll, Turkoglu passes up top to Lewis, nice pass inside to the rolling Gortat, layup, contested from behind, miss. Solid contest, as good as it could have been from behind there, but it was still a relatively easy layup. Bad miss.
  • Nice cross screen by Pietrus on Bynum to try and free up Howard on the block. Good idea.
  • Bynum’s fifth foul — Odom comes back in.
  • No point guard on the floor for Orlando, Redick is there but Hedo is running the offense.
  • Lewis ball fake, one dribble pull up J from 20 feet, hits it. Only his second field goal of the second half — typical Lewis.

Lakers lead 71-70 with 8 minutes to play

  • Lamar Odom has to force a contested jump shot, long two pointer, to beat the shot clock … and he hits it!
  • Howard in the low post, right box, drives left across the middle, Gasol goes for the block, gets a little body, foul. Soft call. Howard makes both, he’s 4-6 from the line tonight.
  • Howard hangs back on the pick and roll between Bryant and Gasol, Bryant turns the corner and knocks down the wide open 18 footer.
  • Hedo Turkoglu off the screen and roll, jumper, miss, Howard taps it in.
  • Another Kobe-Gasol pick and roll, Howard shows hard this time, Bryant steps out of bounds trying to get around him, turnover … then nestles in a three pointer after the whistle, won’t count.
  • Drive and kick from Turkoglu to Lewis, three pointer? Yes!

Timeout Phil Jackson — Magic lead 77-75 with a little over 6 minutes to play

  • Howard deflects Kobe’s bad pass, almost hits it into the rim, out of bounds off of LA. Turnover.
  • Hedo Turkoglu on teh drive and kick, has his pass deflected, turnover, fastbreak, Lakers get a layup, miss, putback, miss, passes out to Fisher, Fisher drives down the left hand side of the lane, to the rim, layup, hits it. Tie game.
  • Lewis posts up Odom on the left block, faces him up, Odom slaps at it and fouls Odom. Nice job by Lewis to go up through Odom’s arm and to draw the foul. Lewis makes two FTs. Orlando lead.

Orlando lead 79-77 with five minutes to play

  • Ariza has his reverse layup slapped away, Howard gets the loose ball foul, fastbreak Orlando … Lewis spots up for a three pointer, miss, loose ball foul on HOward.
  • Pau Gasol on the left post, fakes left, drives right across the lane, fadeaway, double pumps, hits the jumper over Howard. Tie game.
  • Howard in the low post, turns middle, hacked by Ariza. Howard makes the first, makes the second. Orlando lead. Clutch shooting from Howard.
  • Odom brings the ball up, isolation for Kobe at the the top of the key, he works on Pietrus, double from Redick, kickout to Fisher, three pointer, miss.
  • Howard posts up inside, bad pass out, picked off by Ariza — pass thrown straight to him.
  • Kobe Bryant at the top of the key, he drives hard right, down the right hand side of the lane, running fadeaway, blocked by Howard. Foul on Pietrus, bad call. Bryant splits a pair.

3:30 to play — Orlando lead 81-80

  • Pietrus has five fouls now
  • Howard called for an offensive foul for leaning into Ariza. Turnover. Harsh call.
  • Pietrus just fouled out — hit Bryant on the hand on a catch and shoot J from 15 feet, missed.
  • Courtney Lee checks in — SVG took his time on that decision, he was a little unsure. Difficult call. I like Lee being the choice though.
  • Kobe makes both FTs

Pietrus fouling out could be the deciding factor in the game

Three minutes to play

  • Hedo Turkoglu contineus to run the point, pass into Howard from Redick, good denial defense from Gasol prior to the pass, Howard backs him down, Howard spins, Gasol knocks it loose, turnover.
  • Turkoglu called for the foul on Bryant. Orlando are in the penalty. Kobe is a little banged up on that one, he fell down, and landed on his hip. Bad call on Hedo, one of several bad calls down the stretch.
  • Kobe makes both FTs. Lakers lead by three points.

2:40 to play — LA lead 84-81

  • Good backcourt pressure by LA to trap Lewis, no joy from it. Later on in the possession, nice pass to Redick in the left corner, Redick drills it. Tie game.
  • Kobe right wing, clearout, against Hedo, fallaway to the baseline, miss. Good defense by Hedo. A little under two mintues to play. Lewis rebounds the ball.
  • Rashard Lewis hits a short jumper off the dribble as the shot clock ticks down. Orlando lead.

1:20 to play

  • Bryant at the top of the key, working on Hedo, drives on him, unorthodox shot, hits it off glass. Good defense, better offense. Tie game.

Final minute

  • Hedo at the top of the key, Hedo goes left, stops and pops from the three point line, foot on the line, knocks it down.

47.7 seconds remaining — timeout LA — Orlando lead 88-86

  • Lakers ball. Both teams have two 20 second timeouts, and Orlando has a full timeout also. Neither team has a foul to give.
  • Bryant brings the ball upcourt, high screen and roll, drive and kick to Fisher on the right, Fisher with an aggressive drive, nice pass inside to Gasol, easy two. Tie game.
  • Good defense by Orlando on that possession.

33 seconds to play

  • Hedo dribbling, nothing on, Courtney Lee has to create, snakes his way into the paint, floater, rims out, great look at the rim, Gasol claims the rebound.
  • I thought Hedo made a mistake giving up the basketball. Good play by Lee to take it to the rim and create a good shot for himself.

Timeout Lakers — 9 seconds to play — Lakers ball

  • Lakers go full court, get it into Gasol, back to Odom, he gets it Bryant, he drives inside, Bryant 13 footer, blocked by Hedo from behind after he beat Hedo off the dribble. Orlando get the loose ball and call a timeout.
  • Love the defense from Turkoglu
  • The refs check the instant replay to see how much time is left on the clock when Orlando called the timeout. Looked like a second or a little under on the clock.

Timeout Orlando — inbounds at midcourt — 0.6 seconds on the clock.

  • Will Orlando throw an alley oop to Howard? Or go to a shooter?
  • Odom will defend the inbounder — Hedo Turkoglu is the inbounder
  • Hedo calls a timeout, didn’t like his options. 20 second timeout.
  • Screen for Lee, he goes backdoor, alley oop, Lee with a great look, fumbles the catch, misses the layup. Howard dunked home the miss after the clock ran out. Great screen by Lewis.

We’re going to overtime


The score is 88-88 — any minutes concerns?

  • Lamar Odom has played 41 minutes for LA. Fisher and Gasol have played 36 and 38 minutes respectively. Kobe has played 43 minutes.
  • Hedo has played 42 minutes. Lewis and Howard has played 39 minutes.
  • Nah, not really.

To the game

  • Dwight Howard gets stripped inside, turnover.
  • Pau Gasol posts up Howard, tries to back him down, passes out, clearout for Kobe at the top of the key, very good defense by Hedo to force a tough fallaway J off the dribble, miss.
  • Turkoglu on the drive, falls over, ball gets knocked off his leg, turnover.
  • Rafer Alston re-enters the game, nope, didn’t get to the scorers table in time.
  • Fisher with the nice drive inside, after the quick pass out of the post from Odom, into the lane, dumps it to Gasol, fouled. Gasol makes two.

3:37 to play — Lakers lead 90-88

  • Pick and roll between Hedo and Howard, lovely lob pass over the top from Hedo to Howard, layup plus the foul. Great finish by Howard, strong finish depsite the hard foul by Bryant. Howard hits it. Orlando leads.
  • 21st lead change tonight
  • Bryant struggles to create against Hedo, nice pass to Ariza, three pointer, miss.
  • Lewis in the left corner, drives baseline, throws it out to Redick, three pointer from the top of the key, misses, rebound Gasol. Nice pass from Lewis to the wide open Redick.
  • Kobe Bryant, jab step, drives, tough shot, hits it.
  • Redick on the right wing, hesitant, puts the ball on the floor, drives, bounce pass in traffic to Howard, bad pass, turnover.
  • Fastbreak LA, Fisher steals it, goes coast to coast, runs into Hedo’s chest and draws the foul, hits two at the line.

Lakers lead 93-91 with a little less than two minutes to play

  • Rafer brings the ball upcourt, to Lewis, hand off to Hedo, pick and roll, back to Lewis, pick and roll, back to Hedo at the top of the key, Hedo drives left, pulls up from 20 feet on the left wing, nope, in and out. Unlucky.
  • Bryant on the pick and roll, cuts inside, stops, waits for Gasol to fill the lane, gets him the ball, layup plus the foul. Gasol makes the three point play.
  • Kobe’s eight assist of the ball game

Timeout Orlando — Lakers lead 97-91 with 1:14 to play

  • Foul off the ball on Ariza. They had one to give. Four seconds off the clock.
  • Lakers on a 7-0 run over the last 70 seconds
  • Lewis hand off to Redick, pick and roll, Redick on the drive, kickout to Lewis, back to Redick as he veers out to the corner, drives, to the rim, layup.
  • Hedo strips Bryant from behind, out of bounds off of Kobe’s leg. Great job by Hedo to create the turnover. Kobe’s 7th turnover of teh game.
  • Rashard Lewis three pointer right wing, in and out, miss. Ouch.
  • Dwight Howard loose ball foul on the miss

28 seconds to play — Magic in the penalty. Pau makes both. Lakers lead 99-93.

This is over.

  • Lewis bags a three pointer — taking less than two seconds off the clock
  • Lakers inbound in the backcourt, to Fisher, trap in the backcourt, Odom fouled in the backcourt as he dribbles upcourt. Odom makes both. Five point game.
  • 22 seconds to play — Orlando struggle to get a shot, Redick misses, Lewis rebounds, Lewis misses.
  • Game Over

Final Thoughts

(1) Do Orlando win this game if Jameer Nelson was healthy?

I think so. This is the type of game where his incredible shooting, playmaking ability, and clutch play would have made the world of difference.

(2) Is this series over?

I think in terms of the final result it is. I can’t see the Magic winning four of the next five games to win the trophy, something they now have to do.

I do expect the rest of the games to be highly contested though. There should be some good competitive basketball played … but I can’t see Orlando winning the Title.

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