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Trade Idea: Tony Allen

In Trade Talk on June 4, 2009 at 4:02 pm

Someone Below The Cap Receives: Tony Allen + $3mil in cash considerations

Boston receives: Nothing


Team Under The Cap

This mystery team under the cap (for example, the Memphis Grizzlies) would turn a profit — the difference between $3mil and Tony’s contract ($2.5mil?) which I think is about $500k — and would then have the choice about whether to keep Tony on as a player or whether to buy him out.

Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics would do this to rid themselves of the luxury tax payment, which will make it easier for them to spend money in other areas this offseason …. and to open up a roster spot for themselves.


A great trade for both sides. I hope Boston does this.

  1. Keys to a trade like this:

    (1) A team has to be below the cap, so that they offer instant cap relief.
    (2) The maximum allowed cash considerations is $3million.
    (3) If the player earns less than $3mil, the the player plus cash gives the acquiring club an immediate profit margin before deciding whether to keep or buyout the player.
    If the player only earns $1mil, then the selling club should only offer $1.5mil or $2mil in cash considerations.
    (4) It’s important for that player to be an expiring contract. If it’s a multi-year contract, the cash considerations are unlikely to be enough and having another contract on the books in future years could prove cumbersome (the acquiring team may want maximum cap space in 12 months time) even if it’s a tiny contract.


    I saw this post linked on Raptors Republic … side idea for Toronto … a sign and trade for Anthony Parker, if he were to choose to go to the Celtics (they are interested in him), for a contract between $3-4 million. Maybe get Gabe Pruitt thrown in as a makeweight.

    The sign and trade helps Boston because it doesn’t eat into their MLE, and also is relatively equal to the money going out in the trade. So they can take on the money easily enough. For the Raptors, it’s because Colangelo plans to sign Marion, Delfino and others this summer, so they won’t be under the cap.

    Tony Allen would give the Raptors a legitimate stopper. And a slasher with decent potential offensively. If he could get a consistent 30 minutes a night, he’s a candidate to be a (edit: “possible but verylow likelihood”) breakout player.

  2. Dave,

    IMO, Tony Allen is not due for a breakout season, and is best viewed as a marginal Wing player, at this stage of his pro career, especially, given his history of injuries. Not the type of player the Raptors should be adding, at this time … unless the hope is to tank.

  3. Hey Khandor,

    I pretty much agree with you, I should have included the word “possible candidate to be a breakout player”. Very low likelihood of happening.

    And if does happen, it’s more the fools gold type of breakout season — similar to his teammate Glen Davis — someone who’ll put up big numbers (I’m thinking 15-20ppg in 35mpg plus very good defense) due to the minutes increase, but will still essentially have the same flaws in his game …. rather than an out-and-out breakout season.

    I’d like to see the Raptors take a chance on a player like Tony Allen. He could be a good stopgap acquisition (plus a possible trade asset), and as long as he costs very little, that’s a major plus in my eyes.

    Gabe Pruitt is another guy that could help the Raptors — one of the best defensive players in the league at the point guard position. I think I’d place him second by Rajon Rondo. Better man-to-man defender than Rajon, not as good a help defender.

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