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GM’s Salaries

In General NBA on May 14, 2009 at 10:40 am

The Mercury News reports

I’ve checked around and the word is that Riley got a 3-year deal, worth about $700-800k annually.

I think Chris Mullin as exec VP, was making about $1.5M.

Before Riley’s short-shrift deal, the lowest-paid GM was believed to be Oklahoma City’s Sam Presti, at somewhere below $900k.

Presti definitely was a hot commodity at the time, and is even more so now, so you’d imagine he took the low money because he got full power.

Anyway, Riley’s low salary is probably lower than a few No. 2 basketball ops guys in the league.

If I have my numbers right, Riley’s probably making about half as much as the league average for GM/VP-types (whatever you want to call the No. 1 basketball decision-maker), which was somewhere above $1.5M per annum.

Lowest Salary — $700-800k

Average Salary — $1.5mil

Highest Salary — ? — Donnie Walsh?

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