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Game Five: Los Angeles vs Houston

In 2009 NBA Playoffs, Game Log / Recap on May 12, 2009 at 10:48 pm

Game Five

This series is tied 2-2.

Lamar Odom was a doubt before the game. He will play but shall come off the bench. Bynum will start in his place, hopefully this will help him get off quickly, and allow Pau Gasol to start against Scola which may help him.

I like the Lakers to win tonight, and then win the next game to end this in six.

First Quarter

Hayes defends Pau Gasol on the first possession, so no change there. Scola is on Bynum, and Artest is now defending Ariza.

  • Nice lob pass to Bynum, alley oop dunk!
  • Nice baseline drive by Artest, evades Bynum with a nice shoulder fake, misses the layup, rebound and putback for Hayes
  • Ron Artest bags a three pointer from the right wing after a short Bynum shot.
  • Pau Gasol blocks Hayes, but Hayes gets it back and hits a swirling lay in. Bynum is helping off of Hayes at every opportunity.
  • Fisher misses a three pointer on the right wing, Bynum with the putback dunk! Wow!
  • Nice backdoor cut, and pass from Scola, by Brooks, layup!

Houston leads 13-6 after three and a half minutes

  • Chuck Hayes pulls down his third offensive board of the game already, another miss, another offensive rebound, this time for Scola. There have been a combined 9 offensive rebounds already, we’re only four minutes into the game.
  • Beautiful passing by Houston, down the left baseline, into the paint, around the paint, to an open Scola for an 18 footer, misses badly.
  • Ron Artest hits a 23 footer off the bounce, on the right wing. Just inside the three point line
  • Chuck Hayes just picked up his second foul. Timeout Rockets. No Yao, no Deke, not enough backup big men. Carl Landry will likely get the call, yes he does.
  • Nice steal by Ariza, bad floating pass to the top of the key, Ariza on the run out, slam dunk.

Haha, Derek Fisher posts up Brooks, backs him down, left hook, misses. Wow, Fish has the mismatch inside but I’m doubtful about that giving LA more points than their regular offense would.

The game is tied 18-18 with a little over four minutes remaining

  • Kobe to the rim, layup. Nice drive. His second layup of the night.
  • Scola gets away with a walk and hits the lay in.
  • Kobe Bryant isolation at the FT line, drives right, pull up J from 10 feet, hits it.
  • Farmar has gotten the call as the first backup PG off the pine tonight.
  • Consecutive Rockets turnovers lead to a Bryant basket, and a missed 16 footer from Bryant on the next possession.

Final two minutes

  • Lamar Odom bags a three pointer — seven point Lakers lead. Nice run from LA here, the Rockets were leading 18-12, it’s now 27-20 Lakers, what’s that? A 15-2 Lakers run.
  • Scola slows the bleeding with a nifty layup, hard work there, but it works.
  • Pau Gasol gets a wide open dunk, Scola fronts him, Gasol spins off, wide open under the rim, nice pass, dunk, no help D.
  • Next possession, Ariza drains a three on the left wing.

The Lakers lead 35-24 to end the first quarter … as Farmar nails a buzzer beater from 32 feet

Second Quarter

Brian Cook is defending Pau Gasol — that’s a major problem for Houston — Pau gets a bucket to open the quarter, and draws a shooting foul on the next possession. Lakers lead by 15 points now. Carl Landry switches onto Gasol.

  • Nice interior pass by Gasol, off the post to a cutting Odom from the right wing (same side) down the middle, fouled on a layup. Odom makes both FTs.
  • Breakaway two handed dunk for Vujacic — 19 point lead

Lakers lead 43-24 — only two minutes into the second quarter — this game is all but over. Houston don’t have the firepower to cut that lead back … and the Lakers look too focused on the task to collapse in the manner they’d need to in order to give Houston an opportunity.

The Rockets need to try and get this lead down to 10-13 points by halftime.

  • Von Wafer hits a three pointer on the break after LA miss a layup
  • Pau Gasol hits a wide open FT line jumper
  • Lowry goes coast-to-coast off the inbounds pass, layup over Odom. Lowry muscled Odom out of his way there.
  • Scola throws up an ugly one handed line drive jump shot, man, that was missing from the moment it left his finger tips.
  • Von Wafer flies up the court, to the rim, layup. Good play from Von Wafer — lead down to 14 points.
  • Pau Gasol posts up on the right post, turns baseline, jump hook, misses, Odom taps it three times, keeps it alive, grabs it, scores the putback
  • Gasol scores another bucket in the paint, nice pump fake at the FT line, drove right, palmed the ball and slammed it home — Lakers up 16 points
  • Turnover Rockets, fastbreak, Bryant to Brown, he knocks down a three pointer.

Lakers lead 52-44 with as we hit the midway point in the second quarter

  • Scola turns it over, seventh turnover for the Rockets, Kobe dribbles upcourt, gets right to the paint, posts up Battier before the defense is set, just 5 feet from the rim, turns, shoots, fouled.
  • Scola misses another long two pointer
  • Shannon Brown has done a really nice job on both ends of the court since he’s come into the game
  • Walton deflects a Rockets pass, turnover, Kobe into the frontcourt, to the rim, layup. That’s 15 points for Kobe and 15 fastbreak points for LA.
  • Aaron Brooks has been very quiet tonight. The Lakers have done a good job keeping him out of the paint.

Final three minutes — Lakers lead 59-35


Los Angeles leads 64-39 and this game is over. A 25 point lead for the Lakers.

I cannot see how Houston gets back into this game, they simply don’t have the firepower.

Third Quarter

The Lakers lead 78-49 five minutes into the third period.

Lakers lead 82-51 with four minutes remaining in the third quarter.

Fourth Quarter

The Lakers lead 94-54 to start the fourth quarter.

LA leads 103-72 midway through the fourth.

Final Score — 118-78 Lakers

Final Thoughts

I expect LA to end this series in Houston in game six.

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