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Slam On Sheed

In Free Agency, General NBA on May 5, 2009 at 5:39 pm

Slam reports

SLAM contributor J. Gamble [making his debut with us next issue] hears from a close personal friend of Rasheed Wallace’s that unless Sheed gets $8 million to play next year, he’s going to retire. If that’s true, we’ve probably seen the last of Sheed in the NBA.

I have no problem believing that Sheed is one of those players who’ll only play in the NBA so long as the money is right. The last few years, the grind looks like it’s been wearing him down mentally. Now whether that line is drawn at $8mil or not, is very much up for questioning, but the overall message here seems on point.

I’d still expect Sheed to be interested in an MLE offer. But if he was only offered say $1-2mil a season for a quest for another title? I can easily see him walking away from the game.

Now, $8mil, will Rasheed get offered that from anyone? The Detroit Pistons are his best chance of earning that type of money. Nobody else will offer it, and the Pistons are very unlikely to offer it.

Is Rasheed Wallace worth $8mil? Nope. A lot of guys are going to be forced to take pay cuts this summer, however, Sheed is one of the guys who deserves to be in his new price range and he may even get overpaid at the MLE.

  1. Rasheed would really look great playing beside Dirk next year.
    It would be pick your poison. One of the two would go out and shoot three’s. No other team could match their versatility, especially with Kidd setting them up.

  2. Hey Hal, Welcome to the Site!

    Great idea. I think Rasheed would be a very good fit in Dallas, especially on the offensive side of the floor. His passing too, off the high post, would be a great fit for Dallas and help them open up their offense even more than they did this past season.

  3. IMO, signing Rasheed Wallace would be a poor move for the Mavericks.

    As he continues to age, Dirk will need to play the Center position more and more … which is where Sheed now sets up shop on a regular basis … and what he needs beside him in the front court is a bigger, stronger version of Brnadon Bass, not an increasingly rickety “shell” of what was once a very good player for the Pistons & Blazers but is now on the downside of his NBA career. Secondly, IMO, Rasheed is not the type of player who will mesh well with the coaching style of Rick Carlisle.

  4. Hey Khandor,

    I agree with you on Dirk Nowitzki. I think he needs to move to center to give Dallas their best chance at winning in his remaining years … unfortunately, I do not think we’ll see it happen though.

    If Dallas were willing to move Dirk to the center position, then signing Sheed is a bad move for them.

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