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Game One: Portland vs Houston

In 2009 NBA Playoffs, Game Log / Recap on April 18, 2009 at 11:02 pm

Game One

First Quarter

Tuning after the first three and a half minutes. The Houston Rockets are off to a bright start and have an 11-2 lead. Portland’s Nate McMillan just called a timeout.

It’s time for Brandon Roy to get a hold of the game for his team.

  • Brandon Roy uses a high screen and roll with Yao, he drives hard, down the left hand side of the lane, layup. Houston turn it over, Brandon Roy gets the ball, uses another pick and roll with Yao, and gets another bucket.
  • Artest misses a three pointer off the lift wing, long rebound, Aldridge shows little hustle, Scola on the other hand goes out and taps it away, runs it down but Steve Blake is there to meet him and it goes out of bounds of Luis Scola.
  • Roy calls for another screen and roll with Yao, right wing, drives right, layup. Six straight points for Roy.
  • Brandon Roy gets another screen and roll, on the right wing again, this time Roy drives left, down the middle of the lane and finishes on the left hand side of the rim. He has 8 points.
  • Lovely dunk from Nicolas Batum. The Blazers kiddies are starting to find their feet and get a bit of confidence together.

Houston aren’t giving up an inch though — both teams are trading buckets — great offense from both sides.

  • Yao Ming hits an 18 footer off the pick and pop. He is 6-6 from the field for 14 points.
  • Aldridge posts up Scola, backs him down easily, easy hoop.
  • Artest takes the skinny Batum down into the post, left block, spins off the rookie, into the lane and finishes off the glass, plus the foul. Niec move.
  • Aldridge against Scola once again, left post, drives hard and quick to his right, blows by Scola easily but looses the ball after Houston collapse down hard. Turnover.
  • Portland have switched Aldridge onto Yao Ming in the hope that he can slow him down. Houston immediately go to that matchup, Yao left block, spins baseline, beats Aldridge, layup.

28-18 Houston lead after Scola knocks down a jumper. There is three minutes to go in the first quarter

  • Beautiful drive and dish br Brandon Roy to Joel Przybilla for the layup. Great bounce pass. Przybilla was trying so hard to get the foul, body contact, on Yao that he didn’t even elevate high enough to dunk it. He was looking for Yao, not the rim.
  • Fastbreak Houston, Ron-Ron flushes it home

Timeout Portland — this game is getting away from them — good timeout

  • Mutombo and Oden enter the game and they’ll be matched up against one another. Excellent matchup. Oden goes right at the old timer, Deke tries to body him up in the post, foul. Sideline ball, inbounds. Shot goes up, misses, Deke owns the rebound.
  • Brooks showing his lightening quickness to blow by his man and hit the layup
  • Oh my, now that’s a rebound. Greg Oden soars into the air, snatches the rebound with one mit, and pounds it hard into his second hand. Lovely sight. On the other end of the court, the shot goes up, Deke and Oden go to war over another board, and Deke claims it. Great rebounding battle here.

34-23 Rockets lead at the end of one

Second Quarter

  • Deke uses one hand to tip the defensive rebound to himself, then Rodriguez pushes him out of bounds in frustration. Great job by Deke to box out Oden, and beat out two Blazers to the loose ball. Love it.
  • Von Wafer fills in a quick four points. He knocks down 2 FTs, and hits a 20 footer off the bounce from the top of the key.
  • Deke snatches another defensive board. He owns the glass right now.

Houston move ahead 40-26 — Mutombo goes after the offensive rebound, Frye switches over late, Deke boxes him out, wins the board, goes back up and is hit hard by the soft Frye. That’s Mutombo’s fifth rebound in about five minutes.

  • Yao checks back into the game. Oden is trying to make an impression — he’s smacking around Yao defensively, and is now called for teh foul. That’s Portland’s fourth foul and it’s only three and a half mintues into the quarter.
  • Brandon Roy uses a high screen and roll with Yao once again, he dribbles left, takes the pull up jumper, misses, Oden crashes the offensive glass and tips home the miss.
  • Yao goes down into the post, spin move, draws the foul on Oden.

Portland is a mere 4-17 from the field over the past few minutes

  • Rudy Fernandez knifes into the paint and draws a charging foul (harsh) on Yao Ming. He hits both FTs. On the next possession Aldridge drilles a 20 footer.

The Blazers have made a nice little comeback here and pulled it to 44-35 Rockets lead. Aldridge is now 2-8 from the floor, and Rockets duo of Scola and Landry are doing a very nice job.

Two minutes to play in the first half — Houston leads 53-41

  • Ron Artest with a lovely drive and kick to Brooks in the left corner, Brooks drains a triple.
  • Turnover Portland, tapped ahead by Battier I think, to Ron Artest for the easy layup. Houston extend their lead to 17 points.

Houston finish the half ahead 62-44.

Yao Ming was the star of the first half with 24 points, on 9-9 shooting from the field and 6-6 from the line, and added 7 rebounds for good measure. Brandon Roy did abuse Yao defensively several times though. Brooks and Artest have combined for a further 26 points on 10-16 shooting, plus 8 dimes between the two.

Brandon Roy isn’t getting enough help from his teammates — he has no second scorer, next best scorer for Portland is Joel Przybilla with 6 points.

Third Quarter

On Houston’s first possession of the second half, Brooks dances with the ball, and gets a two on one with Roy in the left corner, he fakes Roy out, then passes to Battier for the corner three, Roy is all over the place and falls back onto Battier’s legs as he takes the three pointer — three free throws which Battier hits.

Shortly after that, Aldridge gets an iso against Scola, aggressive move, charge foul. Turnover. Houston come back down the other end and get another bucket.

Houston have made 17 of 20 free throws, versus the 3-3 FT shooting of Portland.

The Rockets lead 68-44 after just two minutes into the third quarter. This game is starting to look out of reach.

Okay, I’m going to stop recording the happenings of the game for now. If Portland makes a run and gets it close, I’ll resume. But it’s looking like the game is over.

Great win for the Rockets.

  1. Hey Dave, the Rockets look immense in the first half with Yao leading the way.

  2. Hey John, the Rockets look fantastic. They’re nearly unbeatable when their offense is clicking … they’re so tough defensively, and so good on the backboards. Their offense is their one failing.

    That’s why the loss of someone as explosive and capable as McGrady is, is so painful for Houston.

    They won’t be able to keep up this pace throughout the playoffs, probably not even the game but the game looks out of reach now — their offensive efficiency halfway through the third is like 142.3. The Blazers led the league in offensive efficiency during the season with a mark of 113.9, while Houston where 14th with a 108.4 mark — so clearly this is the exception and not the norm for Houston.

    So, Houston’s offensive explosion today wouldn’t bother me at all if I was Portland. What would concern me would be (1) Aldridge’s lack of scoring (2) Houston dominating the glass 27-18.

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