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In Free Agency on April 5, 2009 at 1:34 am

Great report over at Hornets 24/7 on a recent team event between season ticket holders and Hornets GM Jeff Bower.

Hornets season ticket holders were given the opportunity to attend a Hornets event at Ruth’s Chris Steak House in New Orleans on Tuesday, where GM Jeff Bower spoke and answered questions. Jason Calmes (aka 420ftJesus) was in attendance and kindly took notes. Here they be.

Thank you very much to Jason Calmes for the excellent report. It’s a good read and well worth reading if you’re interested in the Hornets.

There was one section in particular that I was interested in and that was the information given about the Jannero Pargo negotiations from last summer

It’s possible for Pargo to return.  The problem in the deal is money, as was the problem with him and ever other NBA team.  They have been in touch over his time away.  He’s playing with a sports hernia and will need surgery.  The Hornets offered him more money and more years than any other team.  There is some false information out there about a bad relationship or how he was treated.  He had the offer from the Hornets for 32 days.

Great stuff. I was really interested to find that out — offered more money and more years than anyone else and that the offer was on the table for a long time.

There was also another important, and upsetting, piece of information given by Jeff Bower and that was on the non-trade of Tyson Chandler. Basically, he said he hasn’t changed his mind and would gladly make that trade today if possible.  That has to worry ever Hornets fan, I know it damn well bothers me.

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