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Thunder Trade For Thabo

In Trade Talk on February 19, 2009 at 7:34 pm

Very good trade from Sam Presti here.

This report comes from ESPN’s trade deadline page

Marc Stein: Chicago’s Thabo Sefolosha is headed to Oklahoma City for one of the Thunder’s five stockpiled first-round picks in the next two drafts.

Oklahoma City

The first round pick will likely be a mid first rounder, or a late first rounder — and picking up someone of Thabo’s quality from that draft selection would have been a wonderful get for the Thunder. Instead, they used the pick in a trade to get that player, a certainty versus an uncertainty. Excellent move.

Thabo is a good young wing with serious defensive ability. He also rebounds the ball very well for a two guard, and while he’s largely limited offensively, he has a nice all-round foundation on that side of the court and he could develop well over the next few years.

Thabo immediately becomes the Thunder’s best defensive player, and he’ll likely get the toughest defensive assignment each night. He’ll very likely start alongside Durant on the wing.

Thabo can be a part of Oklahoma’s future, a long term piece. He’s a very nice pickup.

Chicago Bulls

A perplexing trade from Chicago. They trade Andres Nocioni and Larry Hughes, effectively freeing up some minutes for a good prospect like Thabo, and then they get rid of Thabo. That’s an odd series of events.

The Bulls also got fairly low, perhaps mediocre, value for Thabo in this trade. He was more valuable as a player and as a prospect, than the asset they received in the trade. Not good.

The Bulls now have only one long term piece on the wing, and that’s Luol Deng.

I don’t like this deal for Chicago.


This is one of the best trades of the day, by the Oklahoma City Thunder.

As for the Bulls, it’s a poor and perplexing trade.

P.S. You know how there are some players who’s names you just can’t spell right? Thabo is that guy for me — you’re damn right, I even avoided saying his surname there, heck I avoided writing his surname for this whole post.

Side Note: The Thunder have waived Mo Sene

After making two draft-day trades that bumped its roster to 16 players, the Thunder is expected to waive seldom-used reserve center Mo Sene, according to a league source with knowledge of the team’s plans.

NBA teams are allowed to carry only 15 players, and the acquisition of Thabo Sefolosha and Malik Rose pushed the Thunder’s roster over the limit.

Sene is in the final year of a deal that pays him $2.2 million this season. The Thunder will be responsible for the remaining portion of Sene’s contract. Sene will be placed on waivers for 48 hours, but it’s unlikely a team will claim him off waivers. After 48 hours, Sene will become an unrestricted free agent and can sign with any team.

I don’t expect any team to sign Sene for the remainder of the season. He’ll workout for some teams over the summer and try to get another contract somewhere, but by all appearances he won’t be worth that contract.

Normally a lottery pick like Sene is a near guarantee to get a second contract, especially an athletic seven footer like Sene, but he seems to be flying very low under the radar and the opinion on him is similarly very low. I think he’s more likely than not to be plying his trade in another league next season, but he does have a small shot at clinging on somewhere.

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