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Jason Kapono’s Trade Value

In Trade Talk on February 13, 2009 at 3:28 pm

I was in the midst of writing this post when the news of the Marion-Jermaine trade broke, and when I say in the midst of writing I mean I was staring at the title for 30 minutes and putting off writing this post like I had done for a few days.

Anyway, let’s get down to business, this will only be a quick short post.

Jason Kapono’s trade value has been declining in a big way over the past six months, not solely or even mainly due to his play, but because of his contract.

Time doesn’t stand still, and as we get closer and closer to 2010, any and every overpaid contract that goes past 2010 will be seen as increasingly burdensome. Kapono’s trade value has plummeted, like many others, over the past six months and will decline equally so over the next four months.

So if the Raptors fail to trade Kapono by this trading deadline, Kapono’s deal may become untradeable … or better put … will have negative trade value and needed to be put alongside a good asset (say a first round pick) in order to jettison his overpaid rear end.

I’ve spoken about Kapono’s trade value in the past, during the summer, and everything I’ve said is now outdated. It’s unclear what his trade value is today, but I can’t fathom the Raptors being able to acquire either (1) an expiring deal, or, (2) a solid role player, in return for Kapono. The question now becomes, can they get a contract that expires prior to 2010? It’s doubtful. I think someone would need to be desperate, it’s too big of a blow to their other opportunities.

In other words, Raptors fans, I’d get used to seeing Kapono in a Raptors jersey. It’s time to start getting used to the idea that Kapono will be on the books in the summer of 2010 and will hugely restrict your club’s options that summer. It’s an ugly thought but it now looks very likely to happen.

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