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The McDyess Buyout

In Uncategorized on November 28, 2008 at 8:57 am

Here’s a good question and answer as to why the Nuggets bought out McDyess instead of trading him

I understand Antonio McDyess didn’t want to come to Denver. Not much the Nuggets can do about that. However, it appeared a lot of other teams were interested in him. Why couldn’t the Nuggets trade him to another team, rather than buying him out, then releasing him? Seems like we could’ve gotten a better deal.
— Tom, Colorado Springs

Tom – It’s possible, but the fact is, the Nuggets felt like they benefited with the way the McDyess deal played out (even if they didn’t get an actual player out of the deal). Denver only had to pay $6 million over two years, as opposed to $13.5 million over two years, which they would have had to pay McDyess or who they got in the trade. With this move, the Nuggets are now within $1 million of the luxury-tax line, a heckuva accomplishment for Denver’s brass, which had a payroll flirting with $90 million to begin the summer.

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