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Stuckey Leaves Game Early

In General NBA on November 10, 2008 at 2:32 am

I wrote this at the end of halftime of the Pistons-Celtics game

Stuckey was struggling at halftime … didn’t make it to the locker room. He crumpled over in half at midcourt, then sat on the bench for 5-10 minutes while they took his pulse and other such. No word on what’s wrong or if it’s serious or if he’ll be back. I hope he’s alright.

It was a worrying sight to witness

I’ll try to keep this post updated with news on how Stuckey is doing and whether it’s anything serious or not.

Here are two reports, the first from Detroit News:

Rodney Stuckey did not return for the second half Sunday.

He doubled over at the end of the first half and had to be helped into the tunnel.

Pistons released a statement saying Stuckey experienced symptoms of dizziness and that he felt light-headed.

While the doctors were working on him, Stuckey made a fluttering motion with his hand in front of his heart, like it was beating real fast. The emergency medical team took an EKG machine into the locker room, presumably to run it on Stuckey.

No other information was released.

Stuckey had no previous history of heart trouble. There was some speculation that he was having a reaction to allergy medication, but that was not confirmed.

ESPN has this report, including a reassuring quote from Pistons physical trainer Arnie Kander

Stuckey squatted with discomfort in the final seconds of the second quarter, then stood up with his hands on his knees. Later, Stuckey patted his chest rapidly while talking to strength coach Arnie Kander.

After slowly walking off the court, Stuckey sat on a chair outside the officials’ locker room and looked woozy.

“He’s fine,” Kander said.

Both reports were posted/updated in the last 15 minutes or so – roughly 21:15 ET

Update: ESPN has a small update to the above link. I didn’t notice it at first because it’s only one sentence. It was made about an hour later

After the game, Pistons coach Michael Curry said he hoped Stuckey would join the team for a practice Monday before playing on the road Tuesday night against Sacramento.

I took that response from Curry as a good sign but it could be nothing.

Update: Stuckey has not made the trip with his teammates. He has stayed behind for further tests. Team officials have said that they hope he can join the squad later on in the trip. No further information on the problems he suffered from yet.

Update: Here’s an update from Detroit News mostly confirming my previous update

Backup point guard Rodney Stuckey did not accompany the team on its flight to Sacramento. The Pistons’ medical staff decided to keep him back and run more tests to determine the source of the dizziness and light-headedness that forced him to leave the game Sunday against Boston.

“From everything I’ve been told, he’s day to day,” Curry said.

Curry didn’t know when Stuckey would be joining the team, though he did expect him at some point.

The Pistons called the tests precautionary and would not specify what they entailed.

Update: Stuckey cleared to return

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Detroit Pistons guard Rodney Stuckey will rejoin the team on Wednesday after missing the first game of a West Coast road trip to undergo tests for being lightheaded and dizzy.

Stuckey remained in Detroit after experiencing the symptoms in Sunday’s loss to Boston. After undergoing tests on Tuesday, Stuckey was cleared to return and was scheduled to fly to the Bay Area on Wednesday.

Depending on when Stuckey arrives, he could practice Wednesday and play Thursday against Golden State, coach Michael Curry said.

“He was upbeat,” Curry said before playing the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday in the first game of the road trip. “He was looking forward to getting out here. We’ll see him in the morning.”

The report doesn’t say what was wrong with Stuckey, what caused the situation.

It does say that he’s been cleared to return so that’s great news.

Update: Another report with a pair of Stuckey quotes

“I am going to take one more day, get back into some running and try to get my legs back under me,” said Stuckey, who had a dizzy spell Sunday during the Pistons’ loss to the Celtics.

He underwent a series of tests in Detroit Monday — all of which came out negative — and then flew out to meet the team in San Francisco Wednesday. His flight from Detroit arrived too late for Stuckey to practice.

“I am fine,” Stuckey said. “It was just a reaction that happened, a freak accident. It ain’t my heart. I am good.”

Stuckey expects to play Friday against the Lakers

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