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Game Time: Los Angeles Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers

In Game Log / Recap on October 30, 2008 at 5:48 am

Tuning in late in the first quarter, only three minutes to play in the the first, Lakers lead 24-20

First Quarter

  • Showing some nice highlights of Baron Davis having words with teammates in several different circumstances. Leaderership.
  • Kobe left wing faces up on Thornton, blows by him and misses the layup, offensive rebound Odom
  • Ricky Davis with two quick assists after checking, one to Baron for a three, the other to Skinner for a 14 footer
  • Baron Davis with his third steal of the quarter as he plays the passing lanes beautifully on Farmar’s pass, Baron running the other way, finds Thornton, bucket
  • Game tied 27-27
  • Baron has gone to the bench, still giving his teammates instructions, unhappy with Skinner with forcing it, wants him to slow down.
  • Lakers hold it for the final shot of the quarter, Kobe up top, Davis on him, Pau sets the screen, Clippers help cheats over, Ariza sprints the baseline, alley oop lob, misses the dunk, Gasol runs down the offensive rebound, passes out to Kobe, Kobe drives, Ariza runs out and sets up at the three point line in the opposite (left) corner, Kobe finds him, three pointer scored as the quarter expires

Second Quarter

  • Lakers lineup – Gasol, Odom, Ariza, Vujacic, Farmar – this will be Phil’s quick lineup. They’ll pressure the ball defensively and try to push it offensively.
  • Clippers lineup – Jason Hart, Ricky Davis Steve Novak, Tim Thomas, Brian Skinner – I’m surprised by this lineup. The loss of Marcus Camby has left their big men a bit short handed. They’ll likely go with a lot of small ball lineups because that’s where the most individual quality is. I’m surprised Novak made the rotation though, I expected him to be an irregular player in the Clips rotation
  • Odom on the backboards, takes a dribble, passes ahead to Ariza who’s coming down the right wing, Novak is defending him, little move right, then burst of speed left, blows by Novak, has a lane to the rim, fouled.
  • Lakers lead 32-31
  • Very good double team by Ariza and Odom on Tim Thomas, Thomas crumbled under the pressure late in the shot clock and couldn’t get rid of it, turnover.
  • Nice penetration and dishes off to Tim Thomas for the dunk along the baseline. Thomas gets a tech for the delay of game, his second of the game, Vujacic takes the FT, misses, third missed FT in 30 seconds for LA.
  • Gasol rejected at the rim
  • Gasol doing great work on that offensive glass tapping it twice to himself before Skinner fouls. Those long arms of Gasol can reach right over the top of Skinner.
  • Gasol on the right block, dribbles towards the baseline, loses control of the dribble, picks it up, draws a crowd, passes it out, Lakers swing the ball from right to left, Farmar drives past his man and nails a short J. Next possession Gasol hits a shot off the right elbow.
  • Vujacic nails a thre pointer on the left wing. Gordon was too far off his man defensively.
  • Tim Thomas forced to create his own shot off the dribble to beat the shot clock.
  • Farmar defensive rebound, he pushes the break, hits Ariza cutting to the rim along the left wing, bounce pass, dunk.
  • Timeout
  • LA lifting the caliber of the team right now. Clippers second unit looks weak and in trouble. They need Baron Davis back in the game. Everything they were doing was on the perimeter and for the most part it looked bad, the Lakers defense caused them the world of trouble.
  • Lakers have extended the league by 5 points since Kobe sat down over the past 5 minutes, Lakers up 8 now.
  • Farmar driving, showing some patience as he navigates his way from the right wing, to the elbow, across the paint, now finds the passing angle and throws the lob to Bynum, layup. Bynum reluctant to truly flush that down, he’s been hesitant for most of the season so far.
  • Farmar is playing brilliantly
  • Nice push by Farmar, gets into the paint, hits his trailer for the long J from 19 feet, Bynum takes it, misses it. Not his shot, should have held that up and reset the offense.
  • Baron Davis getting closer on Farmar now, holding off his drive and keeping him on the perimeter, Farmar passes off, he gets it back, now he’s reluctant to drive on Baron, passes it off, Ariza nails a face up three. Next possession, Farmar yo-yo-ing up top, making up his mid whether or not to drive, passes off instead attacking Baron Davis.
  • Baron Davis bringing the ball up court, nice hesitation dribble, gets to the rim, layup
  • Timeout
  • Mobley playing good defense on Bryant in the post, slaps the ball loose, Thornton picks up the loose ball, races the length of the floor down the left wing right to the rim, fouled, misses the first FT, makes the second. Kobe is unimpressed with the refs, felt he was fouled.
  • Fisher on the drive, Kaman alters it at the basket, Fisher misses, rebound Clips. Clippers look to get out in the fastbreak, turn it over in the paint. Clippers need to do a better job in the open floor
  • Kobe gets a post up on the right block, whirls into the paint and shoots over the top of Moblye, shot rolls out, Kaman rebounds. Good look for Kobe, he should keep attacking Cuttino in the post.
  • Offensive foul on Kaman, turnover
  • Luke Walton with a nice spinning hook 9 feet from the rim, now he gets the steal and pushes the break, over to Fish who stops for a three on the break, nails it
  • Lakers quickly and quietly up 16 points. It doesn’t feel like that big of a gap but the Lakers keep making small runs and have pushed this lead well. Be interesting how the Lakers respond to this.
  • Bryant backing down Mobley on the left post, the double team comes from the elbow, Kobe spins baseline, Clippers help rushes over, passes back to Bynum who’s coming down the middle of the paint, Bynum elevates for the dunk, fouled, makes two of two
  • Ricky Davis nails a three at the buzzer for the shot clock. The Clippers were all over the place on that possession from some terrific Lakers defense, big bail out shot from Davis.
  • Lakers lead 59-42
  • Baron Davis makes two FTs
  • Lakers bring it up and will play for one good shot, Kobe runs down the clock, now gets the high screen from Gasol, Kobe drives left, kicks it to the corner to Fisher, misses the open J from the perimeter, Clippers rebound, stolen back by LA, halftime


  • Lakers leading 59-44
  • Lakers ahead 21-17 on the backboards
  • The Clippers have 12 assists on 16 baskets, shooting only 16-37 from the floor for 43% shooting. They are 3-12 from three and 9-15 from the line.
  • The Lakers have 15 assists on 22 baskets, making 22-40 from the field for 55% shooting. They are also a red hot 8-13 from downtown and are 7-10 from the free throw line.
  • Derek Fisher leads the Lakers in scoring with 13 points. Bynum is the only player in double digits with 10 points. Very balanced scoring from the Lakers with all 10 players on the scoresheet in the first half
  • The starting forwards (Thomas+Thornton) for the Clippers have 21 points combined while Baron Davis leads the way with 9 points and 5 assists. Nobody else on the Clippers has more than four points. Davis also has 3 steals and 2 boards.
  • Kobe Bryant had 5 turnovers in the first half, all came in the first quarter. He sas the small guys on the Clippers’ active hands caused him some problems in the first quarter.
  • Tim Thomas only 2-6 from the FT line, main reason why the Clippers are shooting 60% as a team from the stripe.
  • Andrew Bynum has only 3 rebounds in 16 minutes. He had a poor rebounding night against Portland too. Something to watch over the next few games/weeks.
  • Chris Kaman has only 2 rebounds for the Clippers, the Clippers starting frontcourt has only 7 rebounds as Tim Thomas leads the starters with 3 boards. Skinner has a team high 4 boards off the bench. The Clippers need more rebounding from their frontcourt to compete in this game.
  • Both teams have 8 turnovers, the Lakers capitalizing on 12 points off those turnovers, while the Clippers made 10 points off LA’s turnovers.
  • Pau Gasol leads the Lakers rebounding effort with 6 rebounds. Ariza is second on the team with 4 boards off the bench in 11 minutes. Bynum and Bryant are next with 3 apiece, Odom has 2 boards, nobody else has more than one.

Third Quarter

  • Baron Davis starts off the third by initiating some physical contact with Fisher before running back to get the ball and bring it up, little reminder that Baron is capable and happy to handle Fish’s physical D, Baron brings it up court, blows by Fisher off the bounce and makes the layup
  • Bryant trying to kill the game, forces it on Mobley and draws the foul, goes to the FT line for two
  • Bad pass by Thornton cross court to his open teammate, threw it over his head and out of bounds.
  • Kobe steals the ball from Kaman after the defensive rebound, off Gasol’s miss, ball squirms loose to Bynum, pass to Gasol, layup, fouled, he shoots two, makes two.
  • Lakers ahead 66-45
  • Bynum with a defensive rebound, those long arms snaring the ball high out of the air
  • Bynum gets the pass inside, caught too far under the rim, draws a crowd, kicks it out to Kobe, Thornton rushes out, makes it easy for Kobe to blast right by him, foul on Thornton to stop the open path to the rim.
  • Baron Davis jams Fisher off the dribble, then traps him along the sideline, Fisher has to get rid of it, steps out of bounds trying to make the pass. Great defense by Davis.
  • Horrid pass by Tim Thoms. He had Thornton wide open for a three 6 feet to his left and he throws a slow high bounce pass gifting the Lakers defense enough time to get out and challenge the shot. Those type of unintelligent selfish plays that hurt your teammate drive me nuts.
  • Davis on the driv,e throws it up, ball rolls around the rim, ball gets caught on the back end of the rim,  Thornton has great position for the offensive rebound, he’s just waiting for it to leave the cylinder, taking too long, now it drops, Thornton has been surrounded but he still has position inside, ball falls off the rim, Bynum from under the backboard jumps up and taps the ball out to stop Thornton getting the rebound, it goes right to Fisher … fastbreak the other way,  Fisher with a nice bounce pass from the right win, three point line, to the opposite lane for Gasol who was trailing the play, layup, fouled
  • Lovely touch pass by Davis off the outlet to a streaking teammate for the layup. He was around midcourt, Kobe sprinted over to cover him, and Davis just flipped over to the man Kobe was initially defending. Easy two for Mobley on the breakaway.
  • Bynum and Thomas bang heads, Thomas is shaken up, doesn’t get back on defense, Odom scores inside. On the way back up Bynum gives the thumbs up to Tim to check if he’s okay, Tim gives him the thumbs up back. Sportsmanship.
  • Lakers ahead 76-50 with 4 minutes to go in the third.
  • This game is over.

Rest of the game

  • Lovely give an go with Lamar and Gasol. Lamar left wing passes into Gasol on the post, cuts left, gets the hand off, drives baseline and finishes. Nice play. Odom is at the four spot right now, how hard is that play to defend for an opposing power forward?
  • Gasol scrapping inside for the loose ball of Fisher’s miss on the aggressive drive from the left wing on the break, Pau comes away with it, misses the putback, Kobe hits the offensive glass and is fouled on the putback. Mike Dunleavy’s face has been plastereed with dismay for the last couple of miscues from the Clippers. Timeout.
  • Lakers lead 82-50
  • Ricky Davis on the fastbreak, finds Mobley filling the right lane, bounce pass on the money, dunk. That ends a 13-0 Lakers run.
  • Pau Gasol with another defensive rebound. He’s been focused on the glass tonight.
  • Bryant curling off a screen on the right wing, gets the pass, has the step on on his man immediately, flies into the paint and is fouled by Skinner. Bryant makes two. The Lakers starters will likely stay on the bench for the fourth quarter.
  • Novak nails a three
  • Farmar holds the ball for the final shot of the quarter, calls for the screen from Gasol, Gasol sets up top of the key, Farmar runs off the screen and drives right, manevours his way to the right elbow, help D is there, Farmar jumps up and tries to throw a pass to the left baseline, over the head of Odom out of bounds. Wouldn’t let Kobe make that play? No?
  • Fourth Quarter
  • Pau Gasol stays out there with the second unit. Odom, Ariza, Vujacic and Farmar are the other four.
  • The Clippers will likely rest their starters too – we have Gordon, Hart, Davis, Skinner, Novak.
  • Unselfish pass by Gordon to Hart who was trailing the play and had an easier layup than he did. He held the ball up well waiting for Hart to get himself into position. Next possession, Novak hits another three. Clippers still down 25, 28, Ariza hits a three.
  • Vujacic helping out on the glass … Lakers defense so far has stayed active and aggressive despite the big lead. Lakers go up 30 off of two Gasol FTs.
  • Lakers ahead 101-66
  • Lakers second unit has been passing well, and making smart cuts, especially Ariza.
  • Lakers lead 115-77 with under two minutes to play
  • Eric Gordon misses off the bank on the drive

Some Stats

  • Lakers have 7 players in double figures. All 12 players got on the scoreboard, and everyone scored more than 4 points. Kobe Bryant led the way with 16 points, Farmar had 15 points, Fisher had 15 points, Pau Gasol had 13 points, Andrew Bynum had 12 points, Trevor Ariza had 11 points, Chris Mihm had 11 points. Radmanovic and Odom had 6 apiece, Vujacic 5, and Walton+Powell had 4 points each.
  • The Lakers had 28 assists on 41 baskets, on 80 attempts, for 51% shooting. They wre also 10-19 from behind the arc and 25-33 from the FT line. A superb offensive display from the Lakers.
  • The Lakers pummeled the Clippers on the glass in the second half building up a 51-32 advantage in rebounds. Bynum and Gasol led the way with 9 apiece, Kobe had 8, Ariza 6, Farmar 5, Odom 4 boards and once again every single Laker registered a rebound.
  • Pau Gasol led the Lakers in assists with 6, Farmar had 5, Fisher had 4 and three other Lakers finished with 3 dimes each. 9 of the 12 Lakers finished with assists – the three that didn’t are Bynum, Mihm and Powell. Powell played only 6 minutes, Mihm only 9 minutes … plus you can’t blame Mihm he was too busy shooting (10 points in 9 minutes) to get in on the action.
  • Some indivudal Lakers statlines
    • Andrew Bynum had 12 points, 9 rebounds, 3 blocks and a steal in 25 minutes. Bynum was 4-7 from the field and 4-6 from the line.
    • Pau Gasol 13 points (only 3-10 shooting, 7-7 from the line), 9 rebounds and 6 assists.
    • Kobe Bryant had 16 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 assists. Bryant was 5-12 from the field and 6-7 from the line. Kobe played 31 minutes.
    • Jordan Farmar led the way off the bench with 15 points, 5 assists, 5 rebounds on 6-8 shooting from the field. Farmar played 26 minutes to Fisher’s 22.
    • Fisher had 15 points (5-11 shooting) and 4 assists
    • Ariza had 11 and 6 in only 20 minutes
    • Odom had 6 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists in 23 minutes
  • Not a lot to say about the Clippers
  • Tim Thomas led the team in rebounding with 8.  Kaman had only 5 rebounds in 30 minutes. Skinner had 5 boards in 27 minutes. Thornton had 3 boards. Nobody else had more than 2 rebounds. The Clippers got beaten up on the backboards to a 19 board differential, clearly they missed Camby.
  • Baron Davis led the team with 11 points and 7 assists, plus 3 steals, but he was quiet after the first quarter. He sat too long into the second quarter and by that stage the Clippers had lost momentum, put themselves into a deficit, and Baron was too cold to bail them out. The game got out of hand in the third and Baron didn’t press the game, he knew it was over.
  • Ricky Davis had 6 assists but only 5 points, only took 5 shots making 2 (1-4 from downtown). Ricky needs to provide some scoring punch of that bench.
  • I expect the seriousness of the Clippers postseason challenge to be defined by the contributions of their two young wings, particularly their scoring, so how did they do – Al Thornton finished with 16 points, 3 rebounds and an assist. He was 7-15 from the field and had only 3 FTs. Also had 3 turnovers. He wasn’t a factor for long parts of the game and struggled defensively. Eric Gordon played 14 minutes off the bench and never got into the game. Gordon was 0-4 from the floor, and finished with 2 points, 2 assists, 1 rebound.
  • The Clippers clearly lacked scoring options. Their offense lacked direction because they had nobody to pass the ball the ball to after LA took away their first option. The Lakers defense kept the Clippers on the perimeter, where they had only one legit player who could create for himself and others (Baron Davis), and that killed the Clippers. The spacing difficulties were made even worse by a poor night from behind the arc, going only 5-22 from three.
  • Defensively the Clippers were unable to give much resistance. The Lakers had little difficulty in working around the Chris Kaman’s presence, he was often the only shot blocker on the floor, so they either moved him (Pau/Bynum setting screens, spotting for jumpers, passing high post) out of the way or worked around him (pick and rolls). Getting Camby back there defensively should help the Clippers defense attack more aggressively, because they’ll have a fail safe on either side should the defender get beat. Without that second anchor the Lakers abused the Clippers. Baron Davis was the only Clippers perimeter player that had a good night defensively, part of the reason the two shot blockers is so important is because the defenders on the perimeter are questionable/mediocre/poor. It’s hard to tell what this Clippers team is capable of defensively, we must wait to see Camby out there and give the perimeter guys more time to settle down (young duo – Thornton/Gordon again important).

A Lakers drubbing – 117-79 – 38 point blowout

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