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Game Time: Los Angeles Lakers vs Portland

In Game Log / Recap on October 29, 2008 at 4:57 am

First Quarter

  • Drive and dish Bryant to Gasol, 17 footer just off the baseline on the left hand side, makes it
  • It looked like Bynum got a piece of that reverse layup from Roy, Oden snatches it out of the air, Bynum locks him down on the ground before he can dunk it home
  • Lovely drive, baseline pass to Oden, Oden gathers himself, decides to take the short hook instead of muscling it up, misses
  • Bynum posts up, wants to go one-on-one, he turns middle, hook shot, misses.
  • Travis Outlaw is at small forward.
  • Blake leads the fastbreak, throws a bad bounce pass to Roy, Roy manages to avoid the charge, puts it up off the glass from five feet, misses, Fisher rebounds, goes coast to coast and drops the floater over Oden’s outstretched arm
  • Timeout
  • Lakers jump out to an 11-4 lead
  • Oden with a tough off balance hook shot, misses, offensive rebound Aldridge. Offensive foul on Oden for the screen. Two fouls on Oden. That was predictable. The first was a tough foul.
  • Gasol with the lefty shot in the paint over Aldridge, nice footwork in the post
  • Outlaw doing a solid job of guarding Bryant so far. His length is causing Kobe some problems.
  • Odom enters the game, knocks the ball loose on Roy off Roy out of bounds
  • Blake forced to defend Kobe in transition, Kobe locks him in on his hip and takes him right to the rim, shooting over him easily.
  • Aldridge making the shot over Odom out of the low post, looked like he lost control off the ball on the way up.
  • Bynum on the offensive glass, putback
  • Rudy Fernandez joins the fray
  • Great outlet pass by Radmanovic thrown 60 feet off the defensive rebound ahead to Fisher, Fisher mishandles the pass on the catch, turnover.
  • Odom with a 50 foot alley oop pass to Bynum, he misses the dunk
  • Odom drives, passes to Vujacic, Vujacic isn’t in the game, he’s standing on the sideline, oops.
  • Timeout … Lakers jump out to a 17-6 lead
  • Portland going zone, Lakers remain patient and work the ball from side to side, inside and out, then to the FT line, Ariza cuts baseline, pass and the dunk
  • Fernandez with a lovely floater driving in from the left wing across the paint
  • Ariza knocks down a triple out of the left corner on the face up J
  • Fernandez comes around the Przybilla screen, drains the 18 footer left elbow extended
  • Lakers leading 22-12
  • Fernandez launches another shot from 17 feet on the left wing, misses. Good look though.
  • Sergio out to Frye, Frye threads a nice bounce pass down to Joel, dunk

Second Quarter

  • Vujacic ends up covering Przybilla, Blazers swing the ball over, post him up, Joel looks to drive rather than back him down or shoot over the top, misses his runner. Bad choice.
  • Ariza defending Outlaw very well, stopped him from driving left on that possession. Let’s see if he keeps it up.
  • Frye air balls a long J as he looks to beat the shot clock
  • Odom cutting across the paint, Farmar inside to Odom on the left box, quick hook shot, hits it off the glass, nice move by Odom. Next possession, Farmar pushes the break, runs down the right hand side of the lane, rises up for the layup, finds Gasol wide open on the opposite side of the rim as the defense collapses, dunk. Timeout
  • Oden back in
  • Fernandez nails a three on the right wing. He has 7 of their 17 points. Portland’s starters have only 6 points.
  • Rudy picks up his dribble to pass, Ariza immediately jumps back and jams the passing lane, Rudy has to swing it back up top.
  • Doug Collins says that Oden is limping on the right ankle since his fall.
  • Vujacic nails a three from the left corner
  • LA deny the post entry pass again, force a 24 second shot clock violation. Blazers couldn’t get anything going. Brandon Roy checks back in, as does Kobe.
  • Gasol with a lovely move, driving left off the left box, spins right, little hook, rolls out. Nice move against Oden.
  • Roy with a beautiful drive and dish to Outlaw in the left corner, three pointer good. Ariza’s attempts to steal the bounce allowed Roy to get a step ahead on his drive.
  • Ariza three pointer right wing
  • Rudy adds a pair of FTs, the lead is 36-24 LAL
  • Wow, nice pass by Kobe on the money to Gasol over the top of Roy to Gasol for the layup who beat Oden up the floor
  • Oden down on the left post, he’s angling for the right handed hook towards the middle, spin move baseline, up fake, gets Bynum off his feet, fouled on his way up, misses both FTs.
  • Radmanovic with the flush on the fastbreak off the feed from Bryant
  • Oden posts up inside on Gasol, short shot, misses, offensive rebound, turns left, isn’t comfortable going left, tries to go back right despite playing him on the right hand, runs into trouble, fumble, turnover.
  • Kobe drains the 14 footer off the bounce over Aldridge.
  • Blake nails a three from the left corner to stop the bleeding
  • Lakers leading 46-27
  • The Lakers are plus 16 on points in the paint
  • Radmanovic drains a triple along the right wing off the dribble
  • Final two minutes of the half, timeout
  • Roy top of the key, screen coming from Kobe’s right, he jumps to the right, as does Gasol, Aldridge pops out to the left, Radmanovic rotates up and steals the pass.
  • Roy with a nice pump fake and drive on Kobe on the right elbow, he gets to the rim, goes up, fouled by Bynum and Gasol, makes two of two at the line
  • Blake nails another three from the corner, this time the opposite side, big shot, that cuts the lead to 15


  • Blazers made a nice 7-0 run to close the half
  • Lakers lead 49-34
  • Lakers leading 25-22 on the rebounding battle, Portland ahead 8-6 on the offensive boards which you’d expect considering how many shots they missed.
  • The Blazers had 10 assists on their 13 baskets, but shot only 13-42 for 31% shooting from the field. They were also 4-12 from three and 4-7 from the line.
  • The Lakers had 12 assists on 21 baskets, on 43 shots good for 49% shooting. They were 4-7 from downtown and 3-4 from the line.
  • The Blazers 7 turnovers have resulted in 8 points. The Lakers have 8 turnovers resulting in 6 points.
  • Brandon Roy and Greg Oden have yet to score a field goal.
  • Kobe Bryant has scored only 6 points but has an impressive team leading 8 rebounds and a team leading 5 assists. He’s also done a superb job defensively on Brandon Roy. He does have four turnovers though.
  • Gasol leads the Lakers with 15 points on 7-9 shooting. Radmanovic is second in rebounding with 5 boards. Gasol and Bynum have combined for only four boards. Ariza leads the bench with 8 points but it’s mostly been a balanced act once you get past Gasol.
  • Fernandez and Outlaw have 9 points apiece to lead the Blazers in the scoring column. Przybilla had 6 rebounds and 4 points in 11 minutes. Oden had 5 rebounds and a block but missed all four of his shots and is scoreless. Brandon Roy leads the team with four assists but is 0-6 from the floor.
  • The Lakers defense has been very active. They’re hustling all over the place and stopping Portland’s best scoring options.

Third Quarter

  • Lakers leading 49-34
  • Bynum blocks Blake’s runner, Blake gets it back, kicks it out to the corner, Outlaw nails a three from the corner
  • Outlaw drives left, jumps over Radmanovic and hits the fallaway J from 18 feet left wing
  • Przybilla altering Fisher’s fastbreak layup well, forces the miss
  • Aldridge low post, spins middle, jump hook, nails it
  • Greg Oden is not on the floor. He may be injured.
  • Outlaw air balls a three
  • Lakers lead 49-41
  • Great run by the Blazers to cut the lead from 22 to 8
  • Kobe ends the run with a three pointer. After Blake’s miss on the other end, Kobe snatches the defensive rebound, brings the ball up slowly, works his way by Roy, drives left down the middle of the lane, jumps to the left and finishes with the other hand drawing the foul and making the fancy layup
  • Bynum with the quick 15 footer from the FT line, front irons it. His feet weren’t set when he caught that ball, always looked off, Bynum taps the board, but knocks it out of bounds. Bynum is now 1-6 from the floor.
  • Bryant runs the screen and roll with Gasol, Aldridge switches, Bryant pulls it out to the right wing, he’s dribbling through his legs, decides to turn on the gas, drives left across the paint, elevates and tries the left roll, fouled. Kobe makes two FTs.
  • Lakers lead 56-41
  • Odom with a great outlet pass, very quick, passed ahead to midcourt to Kobe, Kobe pushes it up the wing, gets by Roy, fouled on the drive, he’ll shoot two, makes the first, timeout, makes the second.
  • Lakers have gone on a 9-0 run to push the lead to 17
  • Outlaw stops the bleeding with a long two
  • Radmanovic left open for a three, nails it. Roy was lazy coming out to defend the shot. He looks tired, needs a breather.
  • Outlaw driving left from the right wing, across the lane, takes the off balance J from 14 feet, misses
  • Bryant has 13 points in the first 9 minutes of the quarter.
  • Lakers leading 67-46
  • Three minutes to play in the third
  • Lakers rotating out beautifully and stopping the Blazers from getting a good shot, 24 second shot clock violation.
  • Odom bringing the ball up and initiates the offense, passes left, gets the hand off, iso, takes the jumper off the dribble from the left wing, hits it
  • Roy hits his first shot of the night. 1-10 from the field. Next possession, Roy hits a triple from the corner.
  • Bayless has entered the game, comes up firing straight away, misses the 15 footer hard off the iron
  • Offensive rebound Aldridge, slam dunk. Gasol wanted the foul.

Fourth Quarter

  • Greg Oden is still in the locker room. They’re checking out his foot.
  • The Lakers leading 72-53
  • This game is all but over. It would take a sensational run by Portland to scramble this back.
  • Ariza draws the charging foul on Bayless’ drive
  • Bayless on the break, Ariza is right there with him, Bayless tries to muscle it up against Ariza, Ariza skies and blocks the shot, Vujacic saves it, Lakers pass ahead, stolen by Roy at midcourt, he dribbles up and passes to his left to Rudy for a wide open three, nails it.
  • Przybilla just yanked down his 10th rebound. He’s played 24 minutes.
  • Bynum with a nice turnaround J from 13 feet off the left post
  • Travis Outlaw has a team high 18 points on 8-15 shooting

I’m going to call it. Lakers open the season with a win. The Blazers disappoint, this was predictable, too difficult a matchup for them this early in the season.

Some Stats+Notes

  • Greg Oden played only 13 minutes after the leaving the game with a sprained right foot. The subsequent X-ray was inconclusive, he’ll have an MRI on Wednesday. Oden finished with 5 rebounds and a blocked shot while missing all four of his shots. His presence on both ends was there, but he looked uncomfortable shooting over Bynum. The above link is to a JA Adande story, some nice speculation on what type of injuries it could be.
  • LaMarcus Aldridge had a poor game, he was passive and regularly not involved on the offensive end. He finished with only 8 points on 4-12 shooting. He didn’t do enough to contribute to the game in other areas either, the rebounding (4) in particular was disappointing. He played 32 minutes.
  • The Blazers played a slow tempo and didn’t take advantage of the runners – like Aldridge. In the halfcourt they got stuck into one-on-one play and didn’t have good enough ball or player movement for most of the night. The Lakers did a superb job of limiting the Blazers high screen and rolls, and of containing Brandon Roy’s influence.
  • Brandon Roy missed his first 9 shots and didn’t score until late in the third quarter. He finished 5-15 from the floor for 14 points, 5 assists, 3 rebounds and 3 steals. He played with good poise throughout and didn’t let his struggles effect the way he played.
  • The two leading scorers for the Blazers were Travis Outlaw and Rudy Fernandez. Outlaw had 18 points on 8-15 shooting while Rudy finished with 16 points on 5-10 shooting. Rudy had an impressive debut. Outlaw was a mixed bag on the night, not enough contributions outside of scoring.
  • The Blazers made it to the line only 14 times against 84 field goal attempts. Greg Oden’s limited action meant he only got 2 FTs, missed both. The whole starting frontcourt failed to make a FT, the forwards not even getting an attempt. The backup frontcourt fared no better, they didn’t make a FT until garbage time when Diogu went 2-2 from the stripe. That put a lot of pressure on the backcourt to penetrate and draw fouls which they failed at, not surprising.
  • The Lakers beat Portland on the boards 49-44 and so they should when Portland miss 13 more shots than they do.
  • Portland shot a poor 34% from the field making 29-84 field goal attempts.  They had 19 assists on those 29 baskets. They were 10-24 from three … Roy, Outlaw, Blake, Rudy all making 2-3 three pointers …. and only 8-14 from the line.
  • The Lakers shot 47% from the field going 37-79 from the floor. They had 19 assists on 37 baskets, were 7-10 from downtown and 15-18 from the line.
  • Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 23 points, 11 rebounds, 5 dimes but also had 5 turnovers. He took over in the third quarter and put the game on ice. Portland had no answer for him.
  1. great game. tonight’s was good too.

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