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Game Time: Los Angeles vs Barcelona

In Game Log / Recap on October 19, 2008 at 6:25 am

First Quarter

  • Bynum controls the tip easily, taps it ahead to Radmanovic for the layup. Fran Vasquez wasn’t even halfway up by the time Bynum tipped the ball
  • Kobe on the left baseline, 17 feet out, Navarro closing out on him and taking away the jump, that’s a mistake, Kobe drives right, turns to go back-to-basket, backs Navarro down from 14 feet out to 4 feet out, turns baseline, four foot lay in, fouled to avoid the easy bucket. Navarro should have given him that jumper.
  • Pau Gasol looks comfortable attacking Barcelona’s bigs
  • Fisher running into the paint and aggressively wrestling the ball out of #9’s hands
  • Lakers on a 9-0 run to lead 13-8
  • Bynum is wearing a knee brace. Not sure if I noticed that before. Bynum is off to a nice start with three soft shots in the paint, making two.
  • Radmanovic with two dunks … and he’s playing some solid defense but Barcelona are also making it easy on him (limited penetration)
  • Vasquez flushes the alley oop dunk, whew, he’s a long player.
  • Gasol is fronted in the post, he’s on the left block, the ball is up high on the left wing, pass to the left corner to Fisher, quick pass to Pau along the baseline, easy dunk. Great work by Pau to seal his man and create that opportunity.
  • Daniel Santiago checks into the game
  • Both Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum have travelled here in the early going, each got away with it too. Kobe’s was blatant in the open court after some indecision on a pass. Bynum shuffled his feet down in the paint.
  • Lamar pulls down a rebound in a crowd, he dribbles up slowly, everyone is ahead of the ball but Pau Gasol is ahead of everyone, alley oop pass from midcourt from Lamar to Pau, slam dunk. Beautiful.
  • Pau Gasol with two offensive rebounds on this possession. The first came off some hustle as he ran/scrambled down a rebound and out on the right wing, passes out … another Lakers shot goes up and misses, Gasol inside takes it down and scores the easy putback. Great effort by Gasol.
  • Chris Mihm and Trevor Ariza enter the contest
  • Ilyasova has three quick fouls. The third was a ticky tack loose ball foul on Lamar following a rebound. Bad start for him.

Second Quarter

  • The Lakers lead 29-19
  • The Lakers are shooting 57% from the field. FC Barcelona are shooting only 27%.
  • The Lakers push the lead out to 34-19 and are in the midst of a 15-1 run
  • Farmar doing a good job pushing the tempo and running the break, he threads a lookaway bounce pass to Ariza through a crowd for a layup
  • Mihm has looked very good. He’s grabbing every rebound and sight …. but more importantly his quickness/agility/balance have all looked much improved and good.
  • Turnover, Lakers running the other way, Farmar is on the left wing, he throws the lob to Ariza on the right wing, slam dunk …. LA doubles up on Barcelona 38-19.
  • Laporta is doing an interview on the sidelines. He has good english but it seems a little difficult for him to do a live interview. He’s a great man, done great things for FC Barcelona.
  • Barcelona get their first basket of the quarter at the 7:30 mark. The Lakers were ahead 40-19 and were on a 21-1 run.
  • Jordan Farmar throws a crappy into Bynum in the post. Bynum had established solid position 11 feet from the rim just below the elbow. Farmar’s high looping pass forced Bynum to jump towards the ball (to avoid the Barcelona players from stealing possession), and lost position in the process.
  • Sun Yue’s first 5 possessions were a disaster. In the first possession he turned the ball over. The second he fails to set+initiate the offense, his teammate turns the ball turnover before the ball even got beneath the FT line. The third possession Sun Yue drove past his man right at the start of the halfcourt offense, he got to the FT line, little hesitation, then shot and missed the FT line jumper. The fourth possession, once again Yue fails to initiate the offense after bringing up the ball. The fifth possession, Yue turned the ball over after using his off arm to shove off the defender 25 feet out, and was called for an offensive foul.
  • Barcelona go on a 18-1 mostly sparked off of Lakers turnovers. On one turnover, Barcelona pushed the ball, Navarro floated to the corner and drained a 20 foot baseline J. On another turnover, Barcelona came down and ran a high pick and pop, resulting in a jumper from the top of the key.
  • Kobe Bryant re-enters the game and looks to create some stability on the court. Bryant out on the left wing, doubled up, he kicks it out to Coby Karl at the top of the key, quick pass Karl down low to Bynum right block, slam dunk. Very good pass by Karl. Kobe nailed a long jump shot, a short jump and finished the half up with four consecutive FTs.


  • The Lakers winning the battle on the backboards 21-15
  • The Lakers defense has been very good at creating turnovers, forcing 13 turnovers and capitalizing on those miscues to the tune of 20 points. They’ve also held FC Barcelona to 16-43 shooting from the field for 37% shooting. They haven’t defended the three point line well enough though, giving up 20 attempts (almost 50% of their total field goal attempts) from downtown and have hit 45% of them. Barcelona didn’t get to the FT line, only 3-4. Their TS% is a good bit higher than their FG% because of their three point shooting, it’s about 47%.
  • The Lakers have shot 54% from the floor on 19-35 shooting and have 14 assists on those 19 baskets. The Lakers are also 14-18 from the FT line. Their TS% is 60%.
  • The Lakers have outscored Barcelona 32-8 in points in the paint
  • The Lakers did have 10 turnovers, several of which occurred (spurred) during Barcelona’s mid-late second quarter rally, giving up 11 points off of them.
  • The leading scorer so far is Navarro who has 17 points. Kobe Bryant leads the Lakers with 16 points.
  • Pau Gasol played only 10 minutes but had 9 points and 4 rebounds in those minutes. Lamar Odom filled up the stat sheet off the bench with 5 points, 5 rebounds (team leading) and 3 assists (tie team leading).
  • Lakovic added 11 points off the bench for Barcelona.

Third Quarter

  • Santiago posts up inside, down on the left block, spins towards the middle and hits the rolling hook shot
  • Kobe Bryant high on the left wing, receives the hand off, nails the three pointer. The Lakers are leading 60-46.
  • Radmanovic showing great anticipation on the passing lanes to knock that one loose, we got a breakaway and a one handed slam from Radmanovic.
  • Ilyasova with a lovely high arcing jumper from 18 feet on the right wing
  • Ilyasova forced to defend Pau on the switch, Pau posts up on the right block, shows good patience to figure out Barcelona’s help defense, Lakers spread the floor, Pau goes to work and backs Ilyasova down easily, one footer, layup good. Four Lakers starters are now in double digits.
  • Radmanovic is receiving a lot of praise from the commentators for both his offensive and defensive contributions. Radmanovic has been an improved defensive player this preseason showing good concentration and effort, he’s still a below average defender but it’s great to see him making progress. Another area the Lakers announcers were praising his improved understanding of how to operate in the Triangle and tonight he did look a lot smoother. Two things to look out for this season.
  • Pau Gasol receives the pass going down the lane, Santiago blocks Pau hard and sends him to floor.
  • Gasol posts up on the right block again, Barcelona send help from the opposite post, Gasol throws a no look bounce pass to Bynum, Bynum goes up for the dunk, looses it on the way up, turnover. Lovely pass by Gasol.
  • Bryant deflects the pass, Gasol comes away with it and brings the ball upcourt from the three point line, Pau goes between his legs and turns to the left, as he crosses halfcourt he makes a beautiful lookaway 25 foot bounce pass to Radmanovic for the dunk. What a play by Pau Gasol.
  • The Lakers lead 72-60 with 4:30 to play
  • Radmanovic shoots the three pointer from the right wing, he misses. That’s Radmanovic’s first perimeter shot tonight. He’s 5-8 from the field.
  • Barcelona pull down an offensive rebound, Radmanovic pops up from behind and rips it out of his hands
  • Ariza makes the steal, he’s sprinting down the right wing, centers the ball to Farmar, Farmar throws an over the shoulder pass to Odom for the dunk. Play of the night right there.
  • Mbenga 16 feet out on the right wing, he’s looking to make the pass, no options open yet, he gets nervous and puts the ball on the floor, tries to create his own shot, turnover. The commentators said “uh-oh” the minute he put in on the floor and I was thinking the exact same thing. Terrible decision by Mbenga. He travelled on his move, that’s how the turnover happened.
  • The Lakers lead 83-68 at the end of the quarter

Fourth Quarter

  • Jordan Farmar makes the steal, leads the fastbreak, goes behind his back and navigates his way through two defenders, threads a bounce pass to Ariza, layup. Lovely pass.
  • Lamar Odom leads the break, no passes open, he continues on, nobody stops the ball until he arrives at the FT line, two defenders jump out at him leaving Ariza open, Lamar spots him, layup
  • The Lakers lead 93-80 off a Farmar layup – first basket tonight for Farmar? I think so
  • Five minutes left in the fourth. The Lakers switch the lineup and play their third/fourth stringers to finish the game off. They’re leading 97-82.
  • From the 3:20 mark to the 47 second mark … Barcelona go on a 13-2 run to cut the gap to a 101-97 deficit.
  • Lakers scrubs struggle with the backcourt pressure and their decision making is awful (quick shots, bad passes) …. but Barcelona can’t make anything of it. Lakers win.

Some Stats

  • The rebounding battle ended up even at 37-37
  • The Lakers shot a blistering 55.4% from the floor, making 41-74 shots from the field and ammounting 28 assists on those 41 baskets. The Lakers shot poorly from three, only 2-13, but that didn’t matter at all. They also made 32 trips to the line, making 24 attempts. The Lakers TS% finished up at 60%.
  • FC Barcelona only shot 44% from the floor, 39-88 from the field. They were however 15-32 from three for 43% and 11-13 from the line. Their TS% was 55%. Barcelona had 29 assists on those 39 baskets, impressive.
  • The Lakers forced 27 turnovers and turned those opportunities into 41 points … does anyone not know where the game was lost now? Okay. The Lakers had 19 steals and 2 blocks.
  • The Lakers weren’t immune to turnovers themselves either, they threw it away 23 times and it cost them 18 points ……. but still had a 23 point advantage over Barcelona from turnovers.
  • Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 28 points and 6 steals on 10-14 shooting from the floor. He also added two dimes and one rebound. It took him only 27 mintues to put up those 28 points.
  • Navarro led all scorers with 34 points. He shot 12-27 from the field and 7-13 from three, plus 3-4 from the line. Navarro also added 7 assists and 6 rebounds. He had one heck of a game.
  • Fisher went scoreless in his 18 minutes, but the three other Lakers starters (plus Kobe) hit double digits. Gasol had 13 points (6-11 from the floor) and 6 rebounds in 18 minutes. Bynum had 13 points (5-7) but only three rebounds in 25 minutes. Radmanovic added 12 points shooting 5-8 from the field, and taking only one shot (missed) from the perimeter. Two bench players also hit double digits – Ariza and Mihm – but not Odom. Odom did have a good game scoring 7 points, led the team with 8 rebounds, and tied in the lead with 5 assists. Jordan Farmar scored only 4 points but added five assists.
  • Lakovic finished with 15 points and 7 assists, but only 6 turnovers. Ilyasova scored 15 points (4-9) and added 6 rebounds, 3 dimes, and 2 steals. Daniel Santiago had 9 points and 3 rebounds in 11 minutes.
  • Chris Mihm looked very good during his limited minutes. His mobility was much improved from the version we saw last season … and in 11 minutes he ammassed 10 points and 6 rebounds. He played very well.

Very good display by the Lakers tonight.

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