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Celtics Clipping

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Fun anecdote in an article in the NY Daily News

Doc Rivers walked into the visiting team locker room at the Meadowlands the other night, looking to put his defending champs to the test.

“Quiz time,” he said.

Handing a magic marker to Kevin Garnett, Rivers asked him to go to the board and draw up “fist-up power four.”

“No problem,” said Garnett.

Well, not quite, even though the play is designed for Garnett to wind up with a shot on the baseline.

Garnett’s first attempt was met with laughter from Paul Pierce, Sam Cassell and a few other Celtics, prompting Garnett to yell, “Hold on.”

Garnett’s second try caused Ray Allen to roll his eyes. Again, Garnett asked for patience.

The third time, Garnett got it right, although the laughter continued at his expense.

“That was a play from last year,” Rivers said. “We haven’t put it in yet. He struggled to draw it, but all these guys already know it.”

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