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Game Time: LA Clippers vs LA Lakers

In Game Log / Recap on October 10, 2008 at 4:20 am

Tuning in here halfway through the first quarter. The Clippers are leading 18-14.

First Quarter

  • Great steal by Baron Davis to sneak up behind of Pau Gasol, and then stealing away the offensive rebound Gasol got on Ariza’s missed FT. Davis pushes it up the floor and finds Kaman for an open dunk. Nice pass.
  • Fisher with the quick J off the high screen and roll, hits it from 18 feet
  • Clippers have out-rebounded the Lakers 9-3
  • Gasol makes his fourth basket as he hits the 17 footer top of the key
  • Ricky Davis nails another three pointer
  • Marcus Camby has started the game on the bench. In his place starts Tim Thomas
  • Bynum enters the action, will play alongside Bynum
  • Kaman posts up Bynum, Bynum pushes him out to 17 feet, Kaman tries to back him down, Bynum fighting admirably, Kaman turns middle, gets a step, Bynum makes a recovery and bothers the shot enough to force the miss
  • Another post up inside by Kaman, another missed shot, offensive rebound, another missed shot. Bynum active but he can do better to deny the initial shot.
  • The Clippers doing a great job pushing the ball
  • Kobe posts up Davis, great position 4 feet from the rim left block, gets the pass, takes a falling fadeaway, makes the shot. Clippers turnover, timeout.
  • Tim Thomas is a decent matchup case for Gasol and the Lakers. A perimeter orientated forward with good quickness who can run the floor, could drive too but likely won’t. Let’s see how Gasol does.
  • Bynum walks on his post up, he made an ugly turn into Skinner, not ready to shoot and showed a huge amount of the ball
  • Nice give and go by Farmar to Gasol on the left elbow, Farmar runs by Gasol, gets the hand off, has a step on his man, turns well for the layup, jumps, stripped from behind by Hart. Great recovery by Jason Hart.
  • Kobe and Gasol take a breather. We’ll see the Thomas-Gasol matchup later. Be interesting if they try Thornton at the four against Gasol, because he will drive on Pau.
  • Davis wide open for a third three pointer. Radmanovic cancels that out with a three of his own
  • Thornton posting up Radmanovic, Lakers considering the double, waiting for Thornton’s move, Thornton spins baseline, fadeaway 17 footer along the baseline, miss, rebound Bynum. Radmanovic hits another three, cuts it to two.
  • Hart and Davis add two 20 foot jumpers to push the lead back to 6
  • Thornton switches onto Farmar, Farmar pulls it out, he’s going to take him off the dribble, Thornton stays with him, using his length well, stops the shot, shot clock violation. Farmar has to get a shot off when he holds it for the final shot of the quarter, poor play by him.

Second Quarter

  • Clippers lineup – Hart, Ricky D, Cuttino, Paul Davis, Brian Skinner
  • Lakers lineup – Powell, Farmar, Bynum, Karl, Radmanovic
  • Jordan Farmar pushes it up quickly and hits the quick 19 footer
  • Ricky Davis loses Coby Karl off the ball, gets himself a layup
  • Bynum walks again, didn’t see it. He had good position inside and made a nice move quickly turning for the hook shot.
  • Radmanovic nails a three following a nice block from Skinner on Powell’s drive, following Bynum’s offensive rebound
  • Ricky Davis wide open on the weakside off the double team in the post, misses this time
  • Powell with a nice effort on the offensive board, three jumps tapping the ball to himself, unfortunately he jumped out of bounds in the end
  • Clippers up 41-37
  • Bynum popping up the 15 footer, missing
  • Novak open three in the corner, misses, Bynum defensive rebound
  • Radmanovic making a good hustle to knock that pass out of bounds of a Clipper. The initial hustle play was by Powell fighting for the offensive board, and forcing Skinner to dive out of bounds to keep it in play. Good work guys
  • Jordan Farmar has his pocket picked but Hart stumbles out of bounds trying to get control of the ball
  • Radmanovic nails another three, second straight from the left corner. He has 11, one of those three’s he must have had his foot on the line, thought that was his fourth.
  • DeAnrde JOrdan swats a Lakers runner
  • Four thirty to play
  • Paul Davis nails the 18 footer near the top the of the key
  • Lakers not getting into their offense at all, no offensive players out there besides Kobe and he’s taking it easy tonight.
  • DeAndre Jordan almost got another as he skies trying to block Ariza’s dunk attempt on a baseline drive. His positioning wasn’t good enough, forced him to jump into Ariza.
  • Novak with a swish from the corner. Boom …. oh my another swish right wing. That ball never looked close to hitting the rim on either shot. I love watching this guy shoot … and hate everything else he does.
  • Mike Taylor into the game now, picks up a turnover by throwing a pass with too much power on it. Taylor applying some light pressure in the backcourt, Lakers get into their offense comfortably, Heath runs off a screen off the ball in the corner, turns inward toward the the hoop, loses Taylor, nothing comes of it. Next possession, Taylor with a lovely move getting to the rim for the layup
  • Taylor dancing with a crossover and leaving Heath in his dust, creates a perimeter jumper for his teammate, misses
  • Kobe slices his way into the paint and had a dunk but tried to pass it off instead, Arzia picks up a charge. Turnover. Kobe trying to give his teammaets a chance to show their worth here today.
  • Kobe takes a hard fall on the defensive end after getting tied up with Mobley, he’s fine


  • Far, far, far too many easy hoops for the Clippers. The Lakers defense didn’t show up tonight. Too many easy baskets in transition, too many wide open jumpers, too many baskets in the paint. Too many double teams giving space and opportunity to the Clippers. Very poor defense by the Lakers standards
  • The Clippers lead 59-48 and have played good basketball. They have 18 assists on 25 baskets which explains the amount of open looks they’re getting as much as their quality ball movement.
  • Clippers have shot the ball well shooting 49% from the floor and 40% from three. They’ve taken 14 more shots due to their lack of turnovers (1 vs 7) and lack of FTs (3 vs 11).
  • The Lakers have shot the ball well themselves at 48.5% but have turned the ball over too much. They’re also ahead on the backboards 20-18 after a rough start. Bynum and Powell helped turn that around.
  • Pau Gasol has 10 points in 11 minutes. Kobe added 8. Radmanovic has 11. No other Lakers player has more than two baskets.
  • Ricky Davis leads all scores with 13. 6 other players have between 6-7 points, mainly due to the balanced minutes the Clips have played

Third Quarter

  • Two minutes into the third quarter, still no baskets, a few turnovers
  • Kobe backs down Cuttino, spins into the paint and takes a turnaround J, hits it. Kobe has 10 points on four shots.
  • Al Thonrton hitting the backboards and getting an offensive rebound
  • Andrew Bynum is defending Tim Thomas now
  • Pau Gasol right block, faces up Kaman, drives left, baby hook, misses, nice move and good shot
  • Kaman with a nice defensive rebound with three Lakers around him, good outlet pass, another good shot in transition for the Clips, Lakers not getting back
  • Tim Thomas gives away a silly foul, that’s the penalty for the Clippers with 8 plus minutes to go in the third
  • Bynum turns, faces up, puts the ball on the floor, decides to back down Kaman, kicks it back out, looks for the re-post, shot clock clicking down so Fisher takes it and gets a favourable call from the ref on his jumper, makes one of two
  • Clippers still up 11 after the three point play by Baron Davis
  • Kobe Bryant backs down Cuttino, double comes, Kobe has no clear passing angle, takes the fadeaway turning away from the double and towards the baseline, misses
  • Lakers offense has been ugly with the three Lakers bigs out there. Not enough ball or player movement, not enough shooting either. The post up either works or they’re in trouble. Making no gains after 6 minutes of this lineup
  • Marcus Camby is over on the bench and dressed for the game but he has not played, doubt he comes on either at this stage
  • Kobe missed the shot inside the paint, Kaman rebounds, outlet, Kobe steals the outlet, takes it hard to the rim and draws the foul. Kobe was ticked off there at missing the shot.
  • Thornton with a lovely jump shot from 18 feet on the left wing. He has only three baskets tonight.
  • Baron Davis steals Kobe saved loose ball, BD hits the trailing Thornton for the dunk, nice behind the head no look pass by Baron, make that four buckets. Next possession, Baron in the open court, drives to the rim, draws the foul
  • Clippers lead 72-56
  • Three straight turnovers by the Lakers. This time Odom.
  • Baron Davis with a beautiful pass to the cutting Tim Thomas after Bynum trapped Baron aggressively on the screen and roll, Odom fouls him trying to block the shot. Kobe takes a seat, he’s likely done for the night.
  • DeAndre Jordan checks in for Kaman. Interesting to see Jordan alongside Bynum, a player he’s been compared to at times. Bynum posts him up immiedately, right block, drives left towards the middle, takes a runner, misses, little off balance.
  • Tim Thomas blocks Radmanovic from behind
  • Thornton ends up with Farmar on him in transition, posts him up, double comes, gets his teammate a shot, miss
  • Karl bumbles an Ariza pass out of bounds, that should have been a layup. Coby Karl has had a poor game.
  • The Lakers announcers are having a go at the Lakers, and Lamar Odom in particular, now for not playing this game seriously.
  • Thornton with back to back turnovers at midcourt against some backcourt pressure. Bad turnovers. Dunleavy gets a tech. Thornton fouls out of frustration. Lakers picking it up defensively with some trapping on the ballhandlers in the halfcourt, steal Ariza, breakaway, slam dunk. Lakers cut the lead to 12 after the Clippers had a chance to push it to 20 two minutes ago. Farmar goes coast to coast for a layup, 10 point game.
  • Nice spurt by the Lakers to end the quarter, led by the reserves.

Fourth Quarter

  • Ariza steal and a dunk, bad pass by Taylor
  • Lakers get another stop forcing a 24 second shot clock violation. Farmar pops up off the screen, 21 footer right wing, missing. Ariza steals the outlet pass and makes the layup. 6 point game. Only five minutes ago the Clips looked like they were going up 20.
  • Farmar hits a three about two feet beyond the spot where he missed a few possessions before
  • Karl top of the key, head fake, drives through the lane, draws the help defense, nice pass to Mbenga for the dunk, Mbenga flips it up and gets his shot blocked, fastbreak, ball in Taylor’s hands, he goes coast to coast, layup
  • Radmanovic lays Taylor out with a screen at midcourt, Vlad took him out, defense is short a man, Radmanovic trails and spots up from three, gets it back, nails the J
  • Taylor fouled on the inbounds pass. Some of his teammates apologising to him now for not calling out that screen. He makes one of two. Clips up 7.
  • Farmar drives on Taylor, offensive foul for a charge, beat Taylor too easily off the dribble
  • Radmanovic with a nice block to deny Noel
  • Hahaha … oh my goodness … Ricky Davis jumped up with nowhere to go, back turned to the hoop, jumping towards the hoop about 17 feet out from the rim left elbow extended, then flings the ball towards the rim over his shoulder, off the backboard, bounces off the front of the rim, back of the rim and out. Almost made it.
  • Five minutes to go, Lakers down 12 points

Okay I’m going to leave it there. I don’t care who wins and the players on the floor aren’t of interest to me at this moment time. Up and down game, it had it’s moments but very uneven.

It’s disappointing that the Lakers starters didn’t take this game more seriously and use it as a legitimate chance to develop some chemistry and understanding. Looks like we’re going to have to wait for the regular season to see that.

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