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Game Time: LA Lakers vs Utah Jazz

In Game Log / Recap on October 8, 2008 at 4:23 am

Tuning in late in the second half, 5 minutes to play

  • Chris Mihm just left for the bench. The commentators said he was running very well, like he did three years ago. That would be big for LA.
  • Jordan Farmar had a lovely steal in the backcourt when Ronnie Price wasn’t paying attention to the passer, layup for Farmar
  • Mbenga fails to box out his man, Fesenko sneaks in by the baseline, hits the glass, layup, nope fouled. Bad play by Mbenga. Fesenko made one of two.
  • Lakers lead 38-36 with 3 plus minutes to play in the half
  • Ariza unleashes a three from the elft wing, side iron, Powell active, gets to ball, offensive rebound. Lakers reset, Mbenga turns it over, fastbreak Jazz, layup, off the glass about to fall, Mbenga goaltends. Mbenga needs to calm down and stop screwing up the simple stuff.


  • Brandon Heath looked solid. Some good defense, ran the break well and set up his teammate. Good start.
  • Lakers lead 42-40
  • Andrew Bynum came off the bench, with Ariza replacing him at starting small forward. Gasol and Odom have only played 5 and 7 minutes, but the rest of the starters are low double digits.
  • Harpring is out injured, and Boozer did not play today although I’m not sure why. Millsap started in his place. Utah are sharing around the minutes fairly equally, about 10 minutes each for most of their players.
  • Lakers kicking Utah’s ass 24-14 on the backboards, with Bynum and Powell leading the way with 9 rebounds off the bench. Utah miss Boozer [edit: day-to-day sore hamstring], and don’t have Millsap/Harpring around on that second unit to help their bench.
  • The halftime show is showing some Bynum highlights now. First possession, Bynum runs the floor and pins his man low in the paint, gets the pass, fakes left, turnaround J right, hits it. Nice shot …. second possession, Bynum again gets good position, this time right block, Kobe brings it up right wing, passes down to Bynum, fakes the baseline cut, comes back the other side and cuts through the middle, loses the defender, defense collapses to look after Kobe’s cut, Farmar left open from three top of the key, Bynum hits him, Farmar nails it. Bynum leads the Lakers with 9 points, and is second with 4 rebounds.
  • Pau was effective when he was on the floor, Gasol had 6 points in on 3-3 shooting in 5 minutes.

Second Half

  • Gasol will sit for the rest of the game
  • Kobe left elbow extended, high post, faces up, gives a shimmy, rises a nd hits the J in Brewer’s face. Brewer isn’t close enough to bother that jump shot.
  • Okur drives on Bynum, jumps into his chest to stop Bynum from jumping, and hits the rolling hook. Nice slow move from Okur.
  • Lovely give and go from Ariza left wing to Bynum low post, hand off, layup. Boston ran that so well last season with KG and Posey. Ariza is the best cutter LA have, he could be deadly on those entry passes. Next possession, Kobe drives left along the baseline, Utah’s D collapses, Ariza right wing moves to the top of the key at the start of the move, cuts down the middle of the paint as Utah collapse, Kobe finds him, layup, nope fouled, hits two FTs. Lovely cut by Ariza. Ariza is a deadly weapon in this Lakers offense.
  • Brewer with two nice cuts along the left baseline of his own early in the third quarter. One a short shot, the other a loud dunk. More importantly he did well defending Kobe on a similar situation as the one a few moments ago, left elbow extended, he stopped the penetration and forced Kobe outside for a longer fallaway jumper which missed. Next possession of course Kobe wants revenge, and leaves Brewer standing in cement as he flies to the rim off the right wing. Nice quick move by Bryant. I like to repeat myself …. Ronnie’s defense looks like it’ll be the deciding factor on whether Utah have a legit championship aspirations this season or not.
  • Ariza knocking down a 22 footer top of the key
  • Ariza on the break, doesn’t like the drive, back out to Kobe, lovely pass by Kobe Bryant, great patience to wait for the trailing man and great vision to get him as he floats between a few Utah bodies, Powell misses the layup. On the other end the Jazz get four quick points as Deron steals the entry pass and makes an easy two.
  • Utah lead 66-60 bringing a timeout out of … Kurt Rambis …. I don’t see Phil Jackson there. [edit: Phil didn’t attend the game]
  • Jazz pressure the ballhandler, another turnover, easy dunk for Okur off the steal from Kirilenko
  • Turnover Jazz, fastbreak Lakers, nice behind the back pass from Kobe to Ariza outside the FT line, Ariza takes a bounce and jumps over the last Jazz defender and lays it in over him
  • Deron Williams bringing it up the floor, Kobe meets him, he takes Kobe to the top of the key 20 feet out, nice shake to create some space, step back J, swish.
  • Ariza closes out on Korver, head fake Korver, one dribble right, jumper, Ariza gets back in it and blocks the shot out of bounds
  • Deron Williams looks fantastic out there. Much more comfortable attacking Derek Fisher.
  • Mihm with the 22 footer right wing, nails it …. jeez thought that was Radmanovic at first. Mihm far out from the rim on that play.
  • Kobe posts up Korver, spins middle, loses Korver, goes up for the slam, fouled before he dunks it on two Jazz big men. Kobe has those “MVP” chants raining down already.
  • 14.6 seconds to play in the third, Deron has it, brings it up, high screen and roll with Millsap, Millsap pops out, Deron finds him, Kobe streaks out for the steal, doesn’t get it, Almond left open right wing, Millsap finds him, three pointer from the corner, good. His foot was on the line, make that a long two.

Fourth quarter

  • Jazz lead 74-67
  • Brevin Knight enters the game, gets a rebound, passes ahead, trails, spots up from 21 feet, hits it, quick impact
  • Farmar responds with a three pointer. Interesting to see how hard both teams go for the win from here. Looks like the second units will see this game out. Lamar Odom is leading the Lakers lineup alongside Mihm, Ariza, Karl, Farmar. The Jazz have Knight, Korver, Almond, Millsap and one of their big man invites – Lyde. Almond looks small, very thin. Somebody is going to beat him up.
  • Coby Karl with back to back buckets (well bucket and FTs). He beat both Korver and Almond easily.
  • Korver 18 footer right elbow extended, hits it
  • Mihm is down inside, turnaround J, blocked by Lyde, no wait that was a slap on the wrist, foul.
  • Lamar Odom has played point guard, small forward and power forward tonight. Defensively he’s defended four positions.
  • Farmar short armed his 19 footer
  • CJ Giles skies over Mihm and Lyde to get that rebound, he’s long and athletic. Giles posts up Korver, no hesitation, turns around and shoots over the top of him
  • Morris Almond loses Odom on the screen off the ball, open jumper left wing, misses, Utah offensive rebound, Odom slacking and not paying attention to Almond, Morris has about four feet of space, makes himself available at the left elbow, drives into Odom’s chest, smacks off him, flies backward, throws it up there, gets the foul. That did not look planned. This lad looks like he needs to bulk up.
  • Lamar drives on Millsap from the right wing, stop and pop and at the elbow, Millsap with him all the way, Lamar air balls it. Other end of the floor, great offensive rebound from Millsap, great hustle to get that long board, reset the offense, Millsap calls for it left baseline, he’s 18 feet out, faces up Odom, jab step, creates some space, takes the J, hits the J
  • Timeout with 6 minutes left in the game. Utah lead 88-82
  • Lakers post Bynum in the middle of the paint, turning jump hook, good
  • Lovely quick pass by Karl to Farmar left wing, air ball
  • Bynum right block, turns middle, Price from the weakside picks his pocket … Price nailed a jumper from the corner over Bynum the possession before. Good work from Ronnie.
  • Radmanovic with a typical sloppy loose ball foul. Four minutes to play, Jazz now ahead by 9 after two FTs by Lyde. Lyde is 300lbs, wow, some useless trivia here for you, Kevin Lyde is the all-time leader in D-League games. Next possession, Lakers miss another jumper, Radmanovic with another stupid foul after the rebound. Brevin Knight hits two, puts Utah up 11 with three twenty to play.
  • Bynum posts up, quick spin to the middle, little off balance, picks up his dribble, head fakes while he gains his balance, Lyde goes for it, Bynum sees the opportunity draws the foul, makes two of two.
  • Millsap with a very athletic move spinng and avoiding the long Lakers arms, then jumping, double pumping in the air, waiting for his man to fall to floor, then letting the shot leave his finger tips … air ball. Ah well. Looked good making that air ball and we all know that’s what really matters.

Alright I’m going to call it. Some good action in this game, but very much the first preseason game of the season for both sides.

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