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Game Five: Los Angeles vs San Antonio

In 2008 NBA Playoffs, Game Log / Recap on May 30, 2008 at 3:41 am

The Lakers have outscored the Spurs by 54 points over the last 66 minutes at Staples in this series

Elimination Game Tonight

  • Usual starting lineups. Spurs starting Oberto and Finley once more.
  • Lakers win the tip, lovely backdoor pass by Gasol to Radmanovic, missed the layup, tip by Gasol.
  • Duncan catches it on the left block, about two feet further out than normal, turns left, drives left, draws the foul.
  • Duncan left block, tripe teamed, spins baseline, nice pass to Oberto, layup
  • Defensive rebound Bowen, loses it, falls right to Gasol. Gasol gets a post up on the left block for his efforts, goes one on one with Duncan, turnaround J, Duncan almost blocks it, great defense by Duncan forcing the miss. He stopped Gasol from backing him down, stopped the spin moves either way, then was right in his face heavily contesting the shot.
  • Post up right block Gasol, great defense by Duncan again to disrupt Gasol’s rhythm and force him into a more difficult shot
  • Kobe catches it on the left elbow, Bowen defending him well, dribbles out to wing, drives baseline, cuts back up through to the FT line, fadeaway, Bowen still in his mug, hits it. Great shot by Kobe. It was a nice little screen by Gasol as Kobe came up through the paint for the jumper
  • Duncan seals Radmanovic, layup
  • Odom gets the screen and roll with Gasol, Duncan switches, Odom drives by, elevates and finishes over Duncan. Great length by Odom to finish that one.
  • Parker pushes it quick after Bryant’s layup, halfcourt offense, he pushes it up on the right wing, spin move on Radmanovic, four Lakers back versus Parker, Finley sprints up the left wing, nobody guarding him, catch and shoot 17 footer, 4 seconds off the clock to get that shot. Nice quick basket by San Antonio instead of always working against the Lakers halfcourt defense.
  • Radmanovic nails a three on the right wing
  • Timeout
  • Duncan bank shot, left wing 15 footer
  • Spurs lead 13-11 at the halfway point
  • Radmanovic knocks down the 17 footer from the extended elbow, nice pass by Gasol
  • Finley hits the three on the right wing
  • Odom drops the ball, Fisher runs and gets it, iso for Fish, late in the shot clock, fake penetration, step back J, 20 footer, miss
  • Duncan out of control but fouled. Sideline in, Duncan on the left block, turns middle, up and under, layup
  • Fisher corner three, miss, tip by Gasol, no good, tapped out, out of play.
  • Finley throws a baseline bounce pass, picked off.
  • Popovich has said that Kurt Thomas will play tonight and mainly in place of Robert Horry’s minutes
  • Odom drives right to the middle, spins left to the block, layup, travelled on the move. Kurt Thomas is in now and defending Odom.
  • Duncan misses the right elbow J, Thomas keeps it alive, LA get it
  • Duncan snares another defensive board
  • Lovely pass by Duncan, he stucke his foot out and created a passing lane. He caught the ball at about five feet, and stuck his foot in the air in between two players like a karate kick, then passed through that open space for the Thomas layup
  • Missed three Barry, offensive rebound Thomas, putback
  • Kobe screeen and roll left wing, he goes away from it, draws Duncan across, finds Gasol, 10 footer, Duncan gets back in the play but doesn’t bother the release, miss. Gasol is 2-9 now. Lakers keep possession.
  • Kurt Thomas switches out to Bryant, Kobe takes the 17 footer Kurt gives him, miss
  • Ginobili hits the three
  • Spurs lead 28-15
  • Gasol offensive foul, Kurt took the charge. Big flop.
  • Second quarter
  • Turiaf draws the foul down low. Duncan and Bowen resting now, Bowen shouting out defensive instructions. Kobe is resting for the Lakers. Turiaf goes 1 for 2
  • Doug Collins felt that Duncan was tired in the fourth quarter. He was but I didn’t think it affected his play much. He just missed shots.
  • Kurt Thomas lays out Sasha on a hard pick, Lakers help, Brent Barry nails a three.
  • Turiaf with a lovely handoff on the midpost to Farmar, contested layup, miss
  • Parker open 20 footer baseline, miss. Nice set up by Manu off the dribble drive.
  • Farmar misses from downtown.
  • The Lakers have only 1 point over the previous 6:35. That Turiaf FT.
  • Spurs on a 20-3 run over the past 9 minutes
  • Parker drives down the middle, goes left, spins back right, floater, miss
  • Ginobili reach in foul on Sasha. Nice little slap by Manu.
  • Sasha misses. Farmar misses another. Finley misses.
  • Farmar on the secondary break, gets the step, reverse layup
  • Lakers make a 6-0 run without Gasol or Kobe. Great for the benches confidence.
  • Timeout Spurs
  • Spurs get a three and a Duncan layup out of the timeout
  • Farmar knocks over Parker, no foul, ball out of bounds, still Spurs ball
  • 5 minutes to play in the first
  • Parker with the 17 footer over Fisher, great D by Fisher, Tony gets it to go
  • Walton misses the turnaround J in the post, Gasol tips it in. Pau very active on the offensive boards.
  • Parker on the high screen and roll, drives from the left wing, goes left towards the baseline, spins back right to beat Walton, layup
  • Walton fouled down low, two FTs. Spurs in the penalty now. Walton makes both.
  • Spurs lead 42-28
  • Gasol risky pass out, Bowen doesn’t get it, Bryant drives, 20 footer, fouled, hits it. He makes the three point play. That was Kobe’s first made free throw in 2 games. Crazy. Spurs have defended him brilliantly. Somewhere Jerry Sloan is kicking himself.
  • Defensive rebound Duncan, bad outlet pass by Duncan, out of bounds, turnover
  • Timeout
  • Final three minutes of the half. Big swing period. The Spurs need to hold onto a double digit lead, preferably a 15 point lead. Lakers want to get it below 10. Huge period in the game, momentum swinger
  • Duncan defensive rebound, Duncan dribbles it up the floor, bounce to Barry, to Kurt, hits the jumper
  • Kobe with an impressive spin move on the left elbow to get the tough layup
  • Kobe has 11 now on 5-10 shooting. Duncan has 10 points.
  • Offensive rebound Kurt Thomas, stripped by Sasha, Kurt had to put the ball on the floor because he lost his balance and was about to travel, fouled by Kurt Thomas trying to get the ball back from Sasha. Vujacic makes one of two at the line.
  • Spurs lead 46-34, 1:40 to play in the half
  • Parker with a nice drive and kick, finds Duncan, passes it up, Parker comes back up, collects it, drives, teardrop miss
  • Kobe drives, Duncan switches, Kobe picked up his dribble, kickout to Fisher, three pointer left wing, nails it
  • Timeout
  • Lead down to 9 with one minute to go in the half. Momentum has clearly shifted LA’s way. They’ve won 20 of their last 23 home playoff games including 5 straight against the Spurs. They are 50-10 at Staples in the playoffs. Their last loss at home was late March against Memphis.
  • Parker misses the 18 footer on the left wing, defensive rebound Odom, Odom dribbles through the middle like a panther, roaring through the middle, touch foul Thomas, Odom gets the layup to go and the FT. 6 point game. Great play by Odom, dumb play by Thomas. Kurt has been making those plays all season.
  • Kurt Thomas costs the Spurs 6 points a game with dumb fouls whenever he plays 15 or more minutes. Gotta avoid some of them better.
  • Duncan finds a cutting Finley, layup
  • Kobe holds it for the final shot, calls for the screen and roll, Bryant gets the step, layup uncontested
  • Spurs run it up, Parker fadeaway out of the corner, miss
  • Halftime
  • Spurs lead 48-42
  • Kenny Smith – “Kurt Thomas has provided the energy”. Kurt has been very active on the boards, defended Odom well and hit some shots. He has 6 and 4 at the half.
  • Some Team Stats – Spurs edge the boards 24-21, Lakers lead 6-4 offensive boards. Combined blocks/steals is 9-2 Lakers. Lakers have 4 turnovers giving up two points, Spurs had 6 turnovers giving up 2 points. Lakers have taken three more shots. LA has only 6 assists on 17 made field goals, shooting 39% from the floor, 2-10 from three, 6-8 from the line. The Spurs have done a great job limiting the Lakers ball movement/passing all series long. The Spurs have 13 assists on 21 made shots, shooting 51% from the floor, 5-9 from three, only 1-2 at the line. Those two Spurs FTs were the first possession of the game by Tim Duncan. Lakers doing well keeping them off the line.
  • Spurs bench is doing well. Barry/Kurt/Manu are the ones playing, 8 man rotation tonight, and they have 17 points between them in the first half.
  • Decent balance from the starters too. Duncan has 9 points, Parker 8, Finley 10. Bowen and Oberto have a bucket each. Duncan had only 2 points in that second quarter while the Lakers were making their run.
  • Gasol is 3-10, Odom 2-5. They have 11 points combined. Not good enough. Pau Gasol does have 8 rebounds, 6 offensive boards, which is a big help. Odom has only 1 rebound which was in the final minute of the half. Kurt Thomas has done a great job fighting him on the backboards, it’s limited Odom’s ability to just run and explode to the ball because he’s so busy boxing out Thomas. Expect more a team effort rebounding tonight.
  • Kobe is leading LA with 13 points. He’s getting some limited help from quite a few players but nobody is really stepping up and being his sidekick or second option. Lot of pressure on Kobe in the second half to dominate the game for LA.

Second Half

  • Duncan fallaway one hander baseline.
  • Parker wide open from 18 feet top of the key, nails it. 10 point lead.
  • Gasol left block, backed Duncan down but didn’t ever get position to shoot the ball, passes it out, missed long jumper
  • Duncan misses a 19 footer from the top of the key
  • Bryant pushes away Bowen, no call, pass to Odom, turnover.
  • Parker drive and kick to Finley, Finley passes up the shot, drives right, pull up J, miss. Doug Collins – “Finley not comfortable shooting off the dribble going right, gotta jump out on the left on him”.
  • Fisher steal, he’s ahead of the pack, layup
  • Bryant dribbles up the slow break, pull up J from 16 feet, nails it
  • Duncan down low, fallaway off the bank out of the double team, gets it to go
  • Gasol ball fake right, drives left, goes up soft, miss
  • Duncan down low, defended well by Gasol, fallaway contested, miss
  • Odom drives right from the top of the key, spin, stops, 9 feet out, backs him down, lefty hook shot. Lovely move by Odom over Oberto
  • Timeout Popovich
  • Bowen three pointer left wing, foot on the line, good shot. Spurs back up 8.
  • Bryant misses the 18 footer on the wing, Ginobili defensive rebound
  • Duncan down on the block against Odom, backs him down, little fading jump shot, gets contact and the foul. Odom pushed his arms out, Duncan went up through them. Duncan misses the first, misses the second, Manu almost steals the board, loses it, Odom brings it down.
  • Bryant dribble left, pump fake, gets Bowen in the air, Bowen manages to avoid hitting him seriously, no call, Bryant air ball. Minimal contact.
  • Odom drives on Oberto, fouled on on the layup. Nice spin move by Odom again. He’ll shoot two, make two. Oberto has three fouls now, not that that matters much.
  • Manu Ginobili drives baseline, throws it out of bounds, turnover. Great help defense by Bryant to force the turnover by closing down the passing lanes once Manu jumped in the air.
  • Foul on Bowen. Kurt Thomas back in.
  • Bryant catch and shoot from 18 feet. 4 point game.
  • The Spurs have scored 30 points over the last 20 mintues after scoring 28 in the first 12
  • Ginobili passes on a three, to Kurt, 14 footer, miss, loose ball foul Duncan.
  • Spurs lead 58-52
  • Spurs are 5-12 in the quarter, LA 5-10 as Odom bags a 16 footer. He has 11 points now.
  • Defensive rebound Odom on Duncan’s miss
  • Bryant squeezes into the paint, dish to Gasol, dunk
  • Bryant fastbreak layup, some contact, no call, misses the layup. He vents, refs let it go.
  • 24 second violation on the Spurs. Great defense by Odom closing down Parker to stop him getting a shooting opportunity. He jammed Parker nicely.
  • Timeout
  • Spurs offense has become very stagnant. Parker is struggling. Manu isn’t doing much and has passed up a few jump shots now, he looks low on confidence. Without their penetration the Spurs shooters aren’t getting good looks. Leaving Duncan all alone to shoulder the offense. Bad sign.
  • Lakers miss, tap out by Gasol, offensive rebound, nice pass to Kobe in the paint, doubled, forced to give it up, Radmanovic takes a contested three, miss
  • Ginobil drives down the middle into the paint, fouled.
  • Manu misses the three
  • The Spurs started 13 for 19 from the field, they’re only 13-36 since
  • Nice move by Duncan to drive and find Kurt Thomas for the layup, fouled by Odom. That’s four on Odom. Thomas makes the three point play. Duncan is going to get some rest now.
  • 50 seconds to play in the third
  • Rebounding battle even at 28 now. Lakers lead 7-4 on offensive boards. Spurs have 17 assists to 8 Lakers dimes.
  • Kobe in the left corner, drives into the paint, kickout to Fisher on the right wing, Fish swings it to the corner, Radmanovic takes the three, miss, Lakers lead
  • Ginobili holds it for the final shot, step back J, miss
  • End of Three

Fourth Quarter

  • Lakers lead 64-63
  • Unusual sight, Kobe starts the fourth quarter. The Spurs on the ropes here (Doug Collins words), Lakers going for the kill
  • Kobe starts the quarter with a left wing three pointer
  • Manu off the dribble, right wing, banker from 16, hits it
  • Duncan backs Gasol down, spin baseline, miss, offensive rebound, fouled on the layup. Duncan misses the first. He’s 1-5 from the line tonight, hits the second.
  • Duncan/Finley/Bowen/Manu/Barry
  • Good replay by TNT there showing Bryant tell Phil he wants the ball now after hitting that three
  • Kobe on the left wing, mid post, drives into the middle, hanging shot, foul. Foul before the shot. Sideline ball. Foul on Duncan, his second
  • Lakers lead 67-66 with 10 plus minutes to play
  • Walton misses the long jumper, defensive rebound Duncan
  • Duncan with a driving hook, foul on Walton. Duncan makes both FTs
  • Farmar drives baseline, Walton slides to the corner, hits the three pointer
  • 9 minutes to play as Farmar hits the reverse layup. Farmar fell over in the backcourt, managed to keep the dribble alive, brings the ball up, high screen and roll, Farmar blows by the help defense into the paint, easy layup
  • Timeout Popovich
  • Pop laying into Oberto now
  • Some Spurs Stats – Duncan is only 6-16 from the floor. He’s struggled to finish over Gasol’s reach. Still he’s playing very well offensively and scoring wise. Parker is only 6-15, looks very shaky on his jump shot, isn’t getting into the paint. Ginobili is only 3-7, the only being for only 7 shots taken. They have 37 points combined. The rest of the Spurs has 31, the Big Three of San Antonio has let them down tonight. They won’t win this without a great finish from the Spurs especially their backcourt
  • Kobe to the rim, layup
  • Lakers lead 74-68
  • Barry drives off the hand off, fouled. Good smart hard play by Barry. Barry makes both.
  • A little over 8 minutes to play
  • Kobe Bryant has 27 points on 13-24 shooting from the floor. He’s 2-6 from three and 1-1 at the line. Excellent game by Bryant. He’s almost cancelled out the Spurs big three by himself.
  • Walton hits another long jumper
  • Timeout
  • Parker with the teardrop, he has 16 points now.
  • Kobe has Bowen on the ropes, Bowen’s back is turned to Kobe and the ball, he’s still staying with Kobe, forces Kobe into a tough shot, Kobe drives from the right wing to the left elbow J, miss, loose ball foul on Duncan. He pushed off on Gasol
  • Timeout
  • Odom still has 11 points, Gasol 10 points. They have only 21 points tonight. That gives them a 50-38 advantage over the Spurs big three though.
  • The Spurs bench has 28 points tonight. Kurt has 11, Barry 8, Manu 9.
  • We’re at the midway point in the fourth. Under 6 minutes to play.
  • The Lakers have 48 points in the paint, Spurs 30
  • Barry nails a three from the top of the key
  • Ginobili is defending Odom, Lakers not going to that matchup, Gasol rejected, Odom gets it, loses it.
  • Ginobili pump fakes the three, drives by Odom easily, shoots the runner, miss. No elevation on his shot there.
  • Parker runs the length of the floor, coast to coast, layup. Odom runs into Parker after the shot, no call. That’s right. Dumb call the other night for Boston-Detroit were they gave a foul for the contact after the block on the way down, that was silly.
  • Timeout Lakers
  • Phil pulls Odom for Radmanovic to match up with the Spurs small ball
  • Ginobili wide open three pointer, miss
  • Kobe jumps over Duncan, floating hook, hits it
  • Lakers lead 85-81 with three and a half to play
  • Duncan left block, dribbles off his foot, turnover
  • Defensive rebound Duncan, his 15th, on Kobe’s miss
  • Pick and roll with Barry and Duncan, lovely ball fake and pass to Duncan, layup, blocked, fouled by Gasol. 2:45 to play. Duncan is 4-8 now. He’s made his last three FTs. He takes the first, misses the first, takes the second, makes the second. Duncan has 17, 15 and 9 assists tonight. Add in some great defense on Gasol and his usual great help defense.
  • Bryant tripped up on the drive. That’s three on Manu, third team foul. Sideline ball.
  • Inbounds Kobe to Fisher, back to Kobe, 10 on the clock, Kobe high screen and roll, he drives into the lane, fadeaway from the right elbow, Duncan is in his face, Kobe knocks it down
  • Duncan played very well by Gasol, misses the turnaround
  • Bryant explodes to the rim, Duncan for the block, misses the shot, Kobe gets it off the glass quick enough, layup goes
  • Timeout
  • Kobe has 35 points. He’s been unstoppable in the second half, 22 second half points. Kobe is 16-30 now from the field. Kobe has 22 of the Lakers 47 second half points. He had to dominate to give LA a shot at winning without Gasol/Odom scoring and he did that.
  • Lakers lead 89-82
  • Gasol has 16 boards (8 offensive), 5 dimes, and 4 blocks now
  • Lovely pass on the drive by Ginobili to Duncan, layup
  • 1:33 to play
  • Kobe gets the ball, brings it up top, milks the clock, Kobe to Gasol to Radmanovic, three from the corner, miss, offensive rebound Gasol. Kobe brings it back up, milks the clock again. Top of the key, drives right, on the drive, fouled on the shot. That hurts. You lose 48 seconds off the clock and still give up the two FTs. Kobe makes both FTs. Lakers lead 91-84
  • Defensive rebound Pau on Parker’s miss
  • Lakers run the clock, now Spurs foul. Vujacic to the line. This game is over.

Game Over. Lakers in 5 games, they’re heading to the NBA Finals.

  1. Well I supposed the writing was on the wall after Game 4. I can’t deny that but I’m going to say that the main reason Spurs lost is because they’ve just WASTED TOO MANY CHANCES.

    The dominance that they have shown during the Suns was never there to be seen.

    So, we will just jave to look forward to next season. After they did before, they can do it again, right?

    Of course, next season I’ll be looking at the arrival of Tiago Splitter. I hear he is an excellent player from Brazil but based in Spain.

    Overall it has been a exciting season to watch. I’ve enjoyed all the chat we had.

    Now both Manu & Oberto can look forward to the Olympics.

    Of course you opinion about the game is always welcomed…

  2. The Spurs had some chances but were just a little short of getting it done.

    Gotta give a lot of credit to the Lakers. Their defense did a better job than anyone in the league has all year of denying penetration from Manu and Tony. That hurt the Spurs so badly.

    Spurs will be back next year. They need to re-load their supporting cast though. Big offseason. There needs to be 4-6 moves and mainly rotation players moving. The Spurs role players have let them down all season.

    Word on Tiago Splitter is that he might re-sign with Tau instead of joining the Spurs. He’s close to a new contract over there and the odds are about 50-50 right now. We’ll see how it plays out over the next couple of weeks.

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