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Game Four: San Antonio vs Los Angeles

In 2008 NBA Playoffs, Game Log / Recap on May 28, 2008 at 3:59 am

Missed most of the first quarter

  • Lakers lead 25-16 with 3:20 to play in the first
  • Quick start from the Lakers
  • Spurs end the first quarter with a bang and a big Duncan dunk on the break
  • End of One
  • Lakers lead 28-23
  • Turiaf misses the 17 footer, offensive rebound Farmar, taps it back in
  • Lakers have 8 offensive rebounds and 14 second chance points. The Spurs have none of either.
  • Brent Barry bags a three.
  • Lakers lead 41-34
  • Defensive rebound Barry, he dribbles up field, cuts through the middle, passes up top, clears the left wing for Horry to make an easy entry pass, Horry to Duncan, nothing going, kickout, repost, turnover. Lakers fastbreak, offensive foul on Farmar, turnover.
  • That Farmar turnover is the 8th Lakers turnover which is allowing San An to stay close
  • We’re halfway through the second now
  • Duncan blocked by Gasol. He wanted the foul.
  • Fastbreak the other way, Kobe pushes it hard, foul on the deck on Bowen, Kobe goes up for the layup, blocked by Duncan. Foul be fore the shot.
  • Lakers miss, long outlet pass by Duncan, Parker turns on the jets, draws the foul on Sasha as he went in for the layup
  • Bryant forced into a fadeaway from the top of the key, miss, great defense by Bowen, offensive rebound Radmanovic, putback
  • Farmar and Vujacic the backcourt for LA now. Odom has 3 fouls, Fisher has 3 fouls. Gasol, Rad and Kobe out there for LA also
  • 4 minutes to go in the second. Lakers lead 43-38
  • Another great play by Parker. Great play by Duncan to bother the layup attempt and putback, ball squirms lose on the edge of the paint to Tony, Parker speeds up, blazes down the right wing, Lakers can’t stop him, fouled on the layup, and it goes.
  • Radmanovic’s pass picked off by Brent Barry, nobody leaking out, Barry stops and looks to get Parker the ball to get into their halfcourt offense. 2 minutes and change to play in the half.
  • Lakers lead 45-43
  • Lakers finish the half strong and get the lead up to 6 on a 6-0 run after the Spurs tied the game.
  • Halftime
  • Lakers lead 53-47
  • Duncan with an early bucket
  • Great defense by Bowen to knock the ball loose, Kobe collects, shot clock clicking down, Kobe trying to drive, Bowen sticking to him like glue, nothing going, Kobe goes again, loses the ball on the way up, turnover. Bowen dribbling up the court, nothing going, runs to the corner, takes a defender with him, passes it back out to the top of the key to attack the open space, nothing going.
  • Tony Parker probing the defense dribbling all around the world, dribbles across the top of the key, down the sideline, through the baseline, back up again, hits Duncan, miss under the hoop, tap, gets it to go.
  • Odom hits the 18 footer
  • A couple of possessions later and after a Kobe bucket the Spurs call a timeout
  • Lakers lead 63-58

Late in the Third

  • Lakers lead 71-67
  • Lovely pass by Gasol on the move in traffic across the lane to Odom on that last bucket. Also, it was another offensive rebound on that play after Sasha’s missed three.
  • Duncan on the right block, drives to the middle, blocked
  • Defensive rebound Horry, ahead to Manu, he drives up the left, cuts back across the middle, fouled by Vujacic, they’re in the penalty. He’ll go to the line. Manu makes both. That’s his first points of the night, he’s 0-4 tonight and has struggled once again with Vujacic’s defense
  • Kobe bags another bucket
  • Manu drives again, pull up J from 16 feet, miss
  • Udoka flies out to Sasha, fouls Vujacic on the three, he makes the shot. Four point play LA. Sasha’s first basket and points of the game.
  • Lakers lead 77-70 with under a minute to play
  • Duncan low in the paint, gets the pass, goes glass on the hook, miss, offensive rebound, back to Duncan, spins middle, turnaround one hander, miss off the back end of the rim.
  • End of Three
  • Some team Stats – Lakers winning 38-24 on the backboards including 12-6 offensive boards. Both teams struggling from three, LA shooting 3-13, Spurs shooting 4-17. The Lakers are 101-12 from the line, Spurs are 24-26 at the line with Duncan going 9-11 and Parker 7-7, Barry is 4-4. Rest of the team is 4-4 from the line. The Spurs have 5 turnovers have cost them 11 points. The Lakers 12 turnovers have cost them 13 points. The Lakers have 11 more shot attempts, the FT difference accounts for 7 of those, rebound difference is the rest and better clock usage (final shot of the quarter). Combined blocks/steals is 8-5 Spurs. The Lakers have only 12 assists on 32 baskets on 49% shooting. The Spurs have 15 baskets on 21 makes shooting only 39%.
  • Duncan has been the star of the game with 25 points, 9 rebounds, 3 blocks, 3 steals, 2 assists. Parker has added 19 points of his own. They need some help.
  • Brent Barry has done a great job filling in with 15 points, 4-9 from the floor and 3-7 from three. he has four rebounds. Pushing the ball well, good passing, good defense.

Fourth Quarter

  • Duncan opens up the quarter with a bucker
  • Another shot by Duncan in the paint, miss, offensive rebound, putback, blocked by Gasol. Great effort by Gasol.
  • Kobe is getting a breather to start the quarter
  • Duncan looks tired on that play as the ball goes out of bounds. Bending over and resting on his knees. He looks fine once the ball comes back into play.
  • Horry ties up Sasha on Vujacic’s drive. Great play. Jump ball. Horry wins the tip, ball saved by Barry to Manu. Spurs come up, Parker works the high screen and roll, Horry pushed off the ball, foul.
  • Spurs need to make a run right now
  • Brent Barry knocks down a three from the top of the key
  • Timeout LA
  • Lakers lead 79-77 with under 9 to play

Fast forward

  • Under four to play
  • Lakers lead 84-79
  • Odom with a bucket down low
  • Steal by Kobe Bryant, breakaway dunk, Timeout San Antonio. Manu spilled the ball on a hand off high screen and roll, Kobe was the quickest to react.
  • Duncan scores down low. He has 29 and 11 now.
  • Lakers lead 90-84
  • Odom on the left wing, drives left, blocking foul on Ginobili. FTs coming up. Odom usually misses a FT or two during pressure situations. I’m thinking 1 of 2. He dribbles up for the first, calms himself, takes it, hits it

I’m having problems with the internet all night so I missed a chunk of the fourth, wasn’t able to write down the game log.

  • Lakers inbound, Fisher air ball, out of bounds of the Spurs. Timeout LA. Lakers lead 93-91 with 5.6 secs to play.
  • Spurs ball, 2.1 seconds to play, inbounds to Barry, pump fake, gets Fisher up, gets some contact, not much, no call, forced to heave from 5 feet behind the line, brick. Game Over

Big win for the Lakers. This series is pretty much over. That Kobe steal/Manu turnover swung the game at the end. It made it really difficult for the Spurs to mount a comeback, four point swing.

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