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Game Three: San Antonio vs Los Angeles

In 2008 NBA Playoffs, Game Log / Recap on May 26, 2008 at 2:55 am
  • Lakers lead 11-8 at the midway point of the first quarter
  • Lakers collapse around Duncan in the paint, force the turnover
  • Kobe on the crossover, emphatic dunk
  • Doug Collins – “you get the sense that Kobe is really trying to put the Spurs in a hole early”. Kobe has been very active looking for his shot early in the game. Doug Collins is spot on, that’s exactly what Kobe is doing.
  • Manu dribbles up and takes the quick three from the right wing, nails it
  • Another three pointer by Manu
  • Robet Horry has been on the floor for the past few minutes. Again it looks like he’ll play a sizeable role for the Spurs, pity because he’s hurting them. Play Matt Bonner already. At least he’ll knock down those long shots. It’s not like Horry’s other talents are having a big impact on the series.
  • Odom fouled again in the paint, fouled on back to back possessions
  • Duncan fouled. Lamar Odom is cheating off his man relentlessly.
  • Gasol with a jump hook, he’s hit a jump hook in the lane with either hand this opening quarter
  • Gasol with a rolling hook, nope, traveling call. Duncan fouled him after the walk. That would have been his second and a potential three point play.
  • Manu gets two more at the line. Pull up three on the right wing yet again by Manu, miss.
  • Udoka pump fake on the three, 17 footer off the bounce, hits it. Why do opposing players fall for his pump fake every time? You know what he’s going to do. He does the same thing over and over and over and over again.
  • Lakers lead 22-19 with a minute to go in the quarter off of some Gasol FTs
  • Kurt Thomas misses a wide open 18 footer at the top of the key
  • Lakers turnover, bad pass on the break, should have been an easy dunk
  • Parker cuts through, gets the feed, layup. Parker has 3 made shots now. Two layups and a jumper from 18 feet.
  • Farmar responds, Parker dribbles full court, trying to beat the buzzer, teardrop in the lane, in and out
  • End of One
  • No Gasol in the second unit tonight. Odd. Phil must be testing at how an Odom led unit will work.
  • Odom misses a 18 footer from the top of the key
  • Kurt Thomas hits the 15 footer from the FT line, nice set up by Parker on the drive
  • Lamar Odom tries to drive, dribble is tapped loose, 24 second violation
  • Lamar Odom swiggles into the paint for a 14 footer, miss, tap by Turiaf, miss, tap again, Spurs get, fastbreak the other way, Parker leads the one man break, layup off the nice feed from Brent Barry.
  • Offensive foul Turiaf, turnover
  • Bryant back in, sees Udoka, layup
  • Bruce Bowen immediately gets off the bench
  • Bryant drains the jumper
  • Bowen finally checks in
  • Manu to the rim, fouled hard, gets the layup to go, htis the FT too. Manu has 19 points on 6-9 from the floor, 4-5 from three. He has the Spurs last 9 points and 19 of their last 28.
  • Farmar manages to get up the jumper in the paint, hits it
  • Doug Collins “I think they’ve (LA) been the best road team”. Their record is 3-2 on the road and they had a great chance of winning both of those games they lost.
  • Timeout Spurs
  • Gasol gets a wide open 14 footer on the left wing, miss
  • Duncan from the left elbow extended, miss
  • Spurs go on an 8-0 run, Parker hits from 18 feet, Timeout Lakers. Lakers have not scored in 8 minutes.
  • The Big Three have 40 points tonight, only 32 in Game Two.
  • Odom on the catch at the top of the key, drives hard left, draws the foul
  • Manu with the baseline fallaway from 18 feet off the dribble, miss. Not a good shot.
  • Gasol works Duncan down low, short arms the right hook in the lane. Duncan gets the defensive rebound, he has 12 boards now.
  • Ginobili heaves a three at the shot clock buzzer, nails it
  • Bryant gets the step, gets the layup
  • Horry winds up for a corner three, miss, rebound Bryant, he checks the clock, thinks about the two for one, speeds up, high screen and roll, kicks it back to Gasol, open 17 footer at the top of the key, miss
  • Halftime
  • Spurs lead 49-39
  • Manu has 22 points leading all scorers. He’s shot 7-11 from the floor and 5-6 from three. Oddly for him he has 0 assists. Only one turnover and two boards though.
  • Some Team Sorts – Lakers lead the battle of the boards 23-20. Combined blocks/steals is 5-2 to the Spurs. The Spurs have 6 turnovers giving up 4 points. The Lakers have 7 turnovers giving up 4 points. The Lakers have only 3 assists at the half, all from Lamar Odom. The Lakers have shot 17-38 for 45% from the field, 1-4 from three, 4-10 from the line. The Spurs have 9 assists (4 by Duncan, nobody else has more than 2) on 19 made field goals on 41 attempts, good for 46%, 5-9 from three, 6-7 from the line.
  • Manu has been on fire in the first half nailing a bunch of contested jump shots

Second Half

  • Spurs lead 49-39
  • Duncan scores inside on Gasol
  • Fisher off the curl screen on the left wing, nails the 18 footer on the catch and shoot
  • Finley gets the three to go from the right wing
  • Gasol misses teh face up J from 13 feet
  • Kobe doubles Duncan, runs off after Timmy picks up the dribble, jumps up, deflects the pass by Duncan
  • Gasol nails the same face up J as before
  • Finley hits the 17 footer from the top of the key off the screen
  • Duncan gambles for the steal doesn’t get it, ball falls to Odom, Odom knifes down the middle of the lane, Oberto has a 2-on-1 developing with Gasol on his right, Odom on his left, Odom takes the layup miss, tap, miss, tap, miss, tap out, Bryant gets it. Kobe turns it over on the drive after reseting the offense.
  • Lakers go back inside to Gasol, scoop hook shot from under the rim, miss, terrible shot. Go up strong and that’s a hoop.
  • Duncan turnover, fastbreak, ball ends up in Gasol’s hands, dunk
  • Duncan doubled in the paint by Radmanovic, Finley backs off, two steps to the right to open a passing lane, kick out, three pointer, miss
  • Lovely lob pass by Odom to Gasol, dunk
  • Timeout Popovich
  • Radmanovic has to force the three to beat the buzzer after fumbling his drive, miss, tap out by Gasol, the refs say off Duncan as it goes out of play. Kobe misses a three on the inbounds.
  • Odom is 1-9. Rad is 0-3. Fisher is 1-3.
  • Tony Parker turns it over in the lane
  • Bryant sets up Gasol for the 6 foot jump hook in the lane, miss, off the front of the rim again
  • Fisher calls for the high screen and roll on the right wing, sets behind Odom’s pick, three pointer on the way, miss. Quick shot by Fisher in the halfcourt.
  • Duncan fouled down low, nice pass by Oberto from the right elbow down to left post
  • Radmanovic with back to back baskets around the rim
  • Tech on Fisher, Manu knocks it down
  • Spurs lead 60-51 with under 5 minutes to play
  • Parker to the rim, misses the runner
  • Radmanovic pulls up from three, loose ball foul on Parker pushing Gasol out of the way. Lakers will get it back.
  • Bryant to the rim, scoop shot off the backboard, rolls off the rim
  • Bowen right corner three, nails it. Big shot for San Antonio. Spurs now 7-12 from downtown.
  • Ginobili takes a three, miss
  • Bryant dribbling around the world, fouled, then tripped after the foul
  • Lovely pass by Gasol to the cutting Bryant, dunk
  • Brent Barry wide open three at the top of the key set up by Manu’s penetration, miss
  • Duncan gets Sasha on the switch, Duncan fumbles it, shoots it from 15 feet on the baseline to beat the buzzer, hits it
  • Radmanovic gets the tip
  • Spurs lead 65-55 with a minute and a half to play
  • Duncan takes the face up jumper from 16 feet over Gasol, hits it
  • Bryant catches it on the move from 8 feet, fadeaway off the bank
  • Manu gets Gasol on the switch, hard drive, gets it to go. He has 25 points now.
  • Farmar misses the reverse layup, rebound Duncan
  • Duncan fires up a three to beat the shot clock, bad shot, missed shot
  • Lakers have only 18 points in the quarter, 14 of which were in the paint, they’re not making jumpers

Fourth Quarter

  • Spurs lead 69-57
  • Pops take – “Ends of quarters are always important and well we survived it”
  • Final 12 minutes. Fun game. This should be a good final quarter. The Lakers need to get a run going. Look for them to have a 6-0 or 8-2 run in the space of 2 minutes at some point to make the Spurs very nervous with the close finish
  • Walton drives, draws the help defense, throws the ball out to Farmar on the right wing, he nails the three pointer
  • Barry nails a three on the kickout. The Spurs have 7 more three pointers.
  • Oberto with the layup, lovely pass by Brent Barry on the drive
  • Vujacic shot fake, dribbles, in, misses from 18 feet
  • Fastbreak Spurs, Oberto trailing the play, fouled, he makes the first, makes the second. Spurs up 16 points. No, lane violation on Manu Ginobili, wide out that second FT. Odom also made a lane violation, jump ball centre court. Oberto and Turiaf, Oberto wins the tip, Thomas runs it down. Manu on the drive and kick to Barry, corner three, miss
  • Farmar takes a quick long jump shot, miss
  • Lakers shooting 41% from the floor
  • Lovely give and go from Parker and Barry, layup Tony
  • Spurs lead 77-60
  • Offensive foul on Odom, turnover
  • Parker with the driving layup. Spurs up 20, 83-63 lead.
  • Bryant knocks down the three
  • Barry throws up a three to beat the shot clock, hits it, backbreaker
  • Foul off the ball on Barry defensively. Another three by LA. Turnover Spurs, loose ball off Manu out of bounds.
  • Kobe fouled on the three, makes it, four point play. High screen and roll with Gasol, Bowen ran under his left hip and got whistled for it. Kobe has 27 points now. No, no four point play.
  • They trade misses
  • Timeout
  • Spurs still lead by 16
  • Fastbreak Spurs, drive and kick, Parker to Bowen, three in the left corner, miss
  • Bryant bags another three
  • Spurs lead 88-76 with 5 minutes to play
  • Duncan wheels back into the paint with a spin move towards the middle out of the paint, gets the roll. Terrible defense by Gasol, he had Fisher running baseline for the help, he was forcing Duncan the wrong way. Duncan knocks down the FT. Big play by Duncan.
  • Bryant misses the fadeaway off balance three
  • Parker fouled on his drive to the rim. He makes both, Spurs back up 16. Big five nothing run by the Spurs.
  • Gasol gets his right handed jump hook in the lane to go
  • Duncan drives from the elbow, hits the hook off the glass
  • Lakers turnover, fastbreak, Ginobil on a 1-on-2, splits the defense, gets the layup and the foul.

Game Over

Some Stats:

  1. Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom shot a combined 31%. Gasol was 7-18 from the field, Odom 2-11. Kobe can’t beat a top tier team without solid scoring options around him. On the bright side 14 of Gasol’s shot attempts were in the paint and good looks. All four of his face up jumpers were solid looks too. He normally shoots better on them, that’ll improve. Lamar just had a bad game. I thought Phil Jackson made a mistake leaving him as the sole starter out there with the second unit. Too much pressure for a player that doesn’t handle pressure well. He started forcing the issue, turned the ball over a couple of times and took himself out of the rhythm of the game.
  2. Derek Fisher made matters worse for LA, taking only 4 shots in 29 minutes, missing 3 of them. That’s the three next best players after Kobe missing in action.
  3. The Lakers bench wasn’t up to much. On the bright side Jordan Farmar had a good game. On the negative side he was the only one to have a good game. Turiaf didn’t do much. Sasha played solid defense but did very little good offensive work shooting 1-5. Luke Walton was passive and didn’t take enough opportunities, he also didn’t step up for the misfiring starters. Luke has been there best frontcourt player off the bench, their most capable bench player, their most consistent bench player, their most experienced bench player …. he let the team down tonight.
  4. The Lakers couldn’t buy a basket from the perimeter. Excluding Kobe they shot 7-27 on jump shots outside of the paint.
  5. The story of the game was San Antonio’s backcourt getting off the mark. Manu Ginobili started the first half on fire. He opened up his accout with back-to-back threes in the

Spurs win. Win Game Four and the Spurs are right back in this series. The sight of the day was definitely the Spurs backcourt. In the first two games the Lakers defended Parker and Ginobili magnificently and kept them out of the paint, not tonight, and that was the difference. If the Spurs can repeat the feat (backcourt) I’d reconsider their chances to win this series.

Duncan continues to dominate the paint. He has 22, 22 and 5.

Game Four is looking very exciting

  1. He always does. Stepping up in times like this has always been a part of his game.

    Tonight will be one of those famous night Manu glorious career in the NBA.

    But the series is far from over. Spurs must win game 3 or else they might go bust.

    They also must know that they can’t afford to relax in Game 4 just because of home court advantage. Every win must be earned.

    I feel the Lakers will give the big push that the defending Champions never had last year.

    Anyway, your thoughts on the game. Would really love to hear them…

  2. I don’t like the Spurs chances but hopefully they’ll get back in this.

    Manu had a great shooting night tonight but didn’t create as much for his teammates as normal. Most of his points were off three pointers. He had 22 of his points by the half, didn’t score again until late in the third, then had 8 in the fourth. It was still sporadic scoring … he’s still being defended very well.

    Manu did turn the whole game around with his two early three pointers to swing the momentum. Then he dropped 19 of the Spurs 28 points to keep them close and then slightly ahead. From there his teammates took it home.

    Quality game. I’d like to see more all-round play from him, the way we’re used to seeing though. Hopefully he’ll repeat the performance.

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