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Game Two: Los Angeles vs San Antonio

In 2008 NBA Playoffs, Game Log / Recap on May 24, 2008 at 3:21 am
  • Finley starts for Manu Ginobili tonight
  • Duncan slams home the offensive rebound. Lakers lead 7-6 after three minutes.
  • Lakers lead 13-8 after 5 minutes, Parker turnover, fastbreak, Odom blows the layup, rebound Duncan, Spurs push it quickly the other way, three pointer on the break, Finley nails it. Laker turnover, Manu comes in.
  • Nice passing from the Lakers leading to a clear out for Lamar Odom on the left wing, shake and bake, Oberto not buying, charging foul.
  • Timeout as Fisher knocks down a long two
  • 5:30 to play in the first. Lakers lead 15-13.
  • Spurs Turnover, Fisher brings it up, another iso for Odom, this time on the left wing, blocking foul on the baseline drive on Horry.
  • Offensive foul on Bryant
  • Odom gets the rebound, charges up through the middle, stops suddenly at the FT line, Manu ties him up. Great hands by Ginobili. Jump ball. Second jump ball, won by Odom, controlled by Bryant. Odom’s interior pass picked off by San An.
  • Ginobili pops out for a three, miss
  • Odom at the top of the key, drives left, tough runner, miss, loose ball foul on Gasol, that’s two on Pau.
  • Lakers lead 17-14
  • Jacque Vaughn came in a few moments ago, he shouldn’t be playing in this series. As I say that he knocks down the 19 footer after hesitating and passing up the first look, one dribble to get two feet closer and bam. His defender got tied up on a Duncan screen.
  • Foul off the ball on Turiaf as he was fighting Duncan for position
  • Lovely pass by Turiaf to Bryant, dunk
  • Duncan tries the baseline spin on the left block, Turiaf knocks it loose, Duncan regains possession, misses the runner, offensive rebound Horry, out to Manu at the top of the key, passes up the shot, drives to the FT line, kickout to Horry for a three, bad brick
  • Horry is playing a surprising number of minutes over the past couple of games
  • Lakers lead 19-16 with 2 minutes to play
  • Horry misses another three, Lakers get the ball up quickly, Kobe shoots from the top of the key after 4 seconds, hits it
  • Bowen misses a three
  • Sasha dribbles it up hard, over to Turiaf, turnover, Spurs steal, Ginobili pulls it back out, calls for a screen, hits Oberto on the roll, out to Vaughn, missed three. Vaughn shouldn’t be on the court.
  • 29 seconds to play in the first. Spurs make some subs, Parker and Finley come in. Horry sits down. Radmanovic is playing the power forward against Horry right now.
  • Farmar holds it, winds down the clock, dribbles for 17 seconds, doesn’t create anything, gives it up to Bryant on the cut, stolen by Vaughn, timeout called as Jacque fell over.
  • 6 seconds to play in the first. Bryant wasn’t happy no foul was called, still talking to the refs, Manu Ginobili, gets the inbounds, Sasha pressuring the ball, trap by Radmanovic at halfcourt, Manu travels as he tries to pass off the dribble at midcourt.
  • 2 seconds. Walton inbounding, in to Farmar just above the three point line, foul by Vaughn. They had one to give. 1.5 seconds to play. Walton inbounds to Sasha, bounces off his hands. Well he could have tried catching that pass instead.
  • Lakers lead 21-16
  • Second Quarter
  • Manu to Finley off the curl on the off the ball screen on the right wing, 17 footer, hits it
  • Tony Parker beats Farmar off the bounce, fouled on his way to the hoop
  • Parker picks off the pass, open court, beats all the defenders up the floor, layup
  • Sasha gets the hand off from 18 foot off the left elbow, catch and shoot, hits it
  • Lakers lead 25-21
  • Offensive foul on Ginobili has he pushes Sasha out of the way off the ball
  • Pick and pop between Parker and Horry, 20 footer left wing, miss. Not Horry’s night so far.
  • Odom fouled on the drive, doesn’t get the roll, hits one of two
  • Walton called on a 3 second defensive violation. He was camping out in the paint, worried about Parker’s penetration. Finley knocks it down.
  • Drive and dish by Parker to Udoka, three from the right corner, hits it
  • Lakers push it up fast to Walton on the right wing, short drive, lobs it up in the middle of the air, Lamar trails the play, meets the ball, dunk. Nice play
  • Timeout
  • Spurs turnover
  • Bryant posts up, doubled, kick out, Lakers miss the three
  • Parker slows it up, gets it to Duncan, Duncan drives inside, kick out, Parker swings the ball to Finley to Barry, shot fake, short drive, back to Finley, at the buzzer, miss
  • Fastbreak, Farmar gets the layup
  • Tony Parker responds with a layup of his own. He’s gotten very little going off the screen and roll tonight. First layup in the halfcourt comes from a cut.
  • Bryant posts up Ime, spin move baseline, Duncan comes over and helps, miss, Duncan rebounds, quick outlet, fastbreak, Udoka, Farmar comes from behind and blocks it
  • Duncan gets a clearout, Parker gets the open three in the corner following the double and ball movement, miss
  • Kobe comes back up and makes a fallaway 20 footer on the left wing
  • Halfway point in the second. Lakers lead 32-27
  • The Spurs offense looks terrible. Duncan is the only one that looks capable of scoring. Everything else is failing. Their shooters aren’t scoring. Their penetrators aren’t getting to the rim. Their ball movement isn’t getting anything but perimeter shots. Great defense by the Lakers.
  • Offensive rebound Duncan, layup, miss, offensive rebound Duncan, layup, hits it
  • Duncan snares another rebound. That’s 12 rebounds. Only 6 points, he’s missing shots but they’re good looks. They’ll start to fall as the game progresses.
  • Gasol pump fakes, layup on the drive, his first bucket of the night. Duncan has defended him very well.
  • Parker into the paint, layup over Gasol. Parker got the hand off on the baseline from Duncan, then the screen, cut right into the middle and finished high off the glass
  • Kobe hits another long 24 footer. Kobe is 6-10 for 13 points. No free throws tonight, Bowen has defended Kobe brilliantly. The Spurs have gotten into trouble when Bowen goes out of the game.
  • Duncan gets his bank shot from 15 feet to fall. He’s missed a couple of those tonight.
  • Bryant takes another three from the right wing, miss
  • Lakers up 37-35
  • Doug Collins “Marv doesn’t it feel like the Lakers should be up 10 or 12, but this a 2 point game”. It does feel exactly like that. The Spurs have done well to stay close
  • Duncan ties up the game
  • Bryant drives into the paint, lovely pass to Gasol, layup
  • Parker with a great move, spinning, pump faking, misses the contested layup, rebound Odom
  • Bowen runs Vujacic off his open three, one dribble left, hits the 20 footer
  • Parker misses another long baseline J
  • Vujacic escapes Manu’s defense as he runs off two screens, open at the top of the key, three pointer on the way, hits it
  • Turnover, stolen by Fisher, fastbreak, Fisher is ahead of the pack, layup
  • Lakers lead 46-37
  • 9-0 Laker run
  • Great finish to the half from LA
  • Foul to give given by Fisher on Parker’s drive. There’s 10 seconds left in the half, Spurs need a bucket here to stop this Laker momentum going into the half. Ginobili inbounds to Duncan on the right block, Duncan works on Turiaf, turns into the middle, fouled by Fisher who was going for the steal. Duncan will shoot two FTs, he missed his two earlier FTs. Duncan misses the first, that’s three straight missed FTs by Tim, Jackson is snickering on the sideline, misses the second, offensive rebound, short hook, fouled on the attempt, no call, misses the shot. Kobe got a piece of that shot.
  • Halftime
  • Lakers lead 46-37
  • Some Team Stats – Rebounds tied at 21, although the Spurs have 6 boards to 0. The Lakers have 8 turnovers giving up 6 points. The Celtics have 7 turnovers giving up 6 points. Combined blocks/steals was 7-6 LA. The Spurs have gotten 11 more shots than LA. They have 10 assists on 16 made field goals shooting just 35%, 3-12 from three, and 2-7 from the line. The Lakers have 11 dimes on 19 made field goals, shooting 54% from the field, 2-8 from three, 6-7 from the line.
  • The Lakers bench has 11 points (7 Sasha), 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal, 2 blocks in 38 minutes. The Spurs bench has 5 points, 6 boards, 5 dimes, two steals in 28 minutes. Since Manu is coming off the bench this is disasterous for the Spurs, he is scoreless right now. He has 2 boards, 2 dimes, 2 turnovers and has missed all 3 shots he’s taken.
  • Tim Duncan leads the Spurs with 10 points on 5-13 shooting, has 13 rebounds and 3 dimes. Parker has 11 and 3 on 5-11 shooting.
  • Kobe leads the Lakers with 13, 3 and 3 on 6-11 shooting. Fisher is second with 9 points. Odom has 7, 7 and 2 dimes. Gasol has only 4 and 4, he’s been very quiet.

Second half – missed the first half of the third quarter

  • Manu gets to the rim, gets fouled by Gasol, gets three point play. Nice drive.
  • Odom nails a 21 footer at the top of the key
  • Lakers lead 68-51
  • Duncan on the left block, lefty hook, gets it to go
  • Bryant misses from the elbow. The announcer says it’s a rare miss for the quarter, guessing from the score, they’ve been shooting lights out
  • Odom blocks and catches Parker’s driving layup. Odom is cheating off Horry whenever the ball comes near or gets deep into the paint.
  • Great start by the Lakers in the third quarter to build this big lead
  • Horry blocked by Odom as he took a scoop hook shot from 5 feet after helping on Duncan. 24 second violation. Odom’s third block of the quarter.
  • Timeout Lakers
  • Offensive foul on Odom for the charge
  • Ginobili misses the runner. Spurs down 12 now. They need to get a few stops and easy buckets on the other end.
  • Vaughn called for a ticky tack foul. Lakers inbound, Kobe passes it to Gasol in the post, Bruce steals it, foul from Duncan as he knocked it loose. He doesn’t like the call. Gasol shoots FTs, makes both.
  • Lakers lead 70-56 with 2 minutes to play in the third
  • Ginobili looking to post, out to Vaughn, drives right past the FT line, bounce pass to Duncan, defensive 3 second violation on Odom. He’s hedging on Horry. Manu makes the Tech. Spurs inbound, Manu to Vaughn, top of the key, to Bowen, to Duncan, immediate double, Bowen from 18 feet on the left wing, miss.
  • Lakers miss, offensive rebound Odom, out to Kobe, three in the corner, miss. Spurs got lucky there.
  • Inside to Duncan, double out, to Vaughn to Manu to Horry, bad miss. That wasn’t even close, it hit the underside of the rim and the backboard.
  • Gasol knocks down the 16 footer off the right elbow. Nice face up J.
  • Vaughn misses a long two
  • Gasol drives, nice pass to Odom, jump hook, hits it. Odom has 18 points now, he’s scored 11 in the quarter. The Lakers are shooting 65% in the third against the Spurs 42%.
  • Ginobili misses the lefty hook runner from outside the lane.
  • End of Three

Fourth Quarter

  • This game is very close to being over
  • Lakers lead 74-57
  • Phil Jackson is doing the quarter interview. He feels they got a momentum change at the end of the second quarter that led into the third. Also, Phil felt they were lucky to go into the half with the lead.
  • Turiaf misses a 17 footer from the top of the key to start the fourth.
  • Finley on the drive and kick to Udoka, corner three, miss
  • Odom down low, beats up Udoka, easy two from 4 feet.
  • Udoka responds with a three from the corner, this time fed by Barry
  • Farmar on the catch on the baseline, 14 feet from the rim, fakes right, goes left baseline, muscles up the layup over Parker.
  • Lakers lead 78-60 with 10 minutes to play
  • Finley misses the layup
  • Farmar punishes them with a three pointer.
  • Udoka pump fakes Odom out of the way on the right wing, drives into the paint, blocked by Turiaf.
  • Timeout Spurs
  • 9 minutes to play. Spurs waving the flag. Damon Stoudamire coming in for Parker.

Game Over

Excellent win for the Lakers. They look in great shape for this series. I fear this is the end of the road for the San Antonio Spurs.

The Lakers defense has really impressed me. They’re soft in the paint, it’s amazing that they’ve managed to work around that. Their length and active help defense hides their defensive flaws. Their backcourt is excellent defensively which limits penetration so it’s hard for the opponents to get easy shots around the rim. That leaves post play or passing with cutting off the ball. Their length takes away a lot of cutter’s benefits because they’re so active in the passing lanes. Their post defense remains their biggest flaw, however, they’ve been able to cheat off of the Spurs bad shooters to help on Duncan. It won’t get any tougher than Duncan, at least not down low. Their defense looks in tremendous shape.

Lakers have become my favourite for the title. They’ve playing amazing basketball.

  1. They have to step up and regroup for Game 3. Yes I know they did that against the Hornets but this is a different ball game.

    Spurs know they have it within them and there is no denying they can turns things around.

    But they need get Manu back into shape and he needs recover from those injuries which are indeed effecting his performance.

    I’m still keeping the faith with my team and I hope you may add your own opinion about this series….

  2. Hey John,

    I think the Spurs are done. They’ll play better at home and probably win a couple of games but I can’t see them pulling out this series. The Lakers have them.

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