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Backup Point Guard’s Struggling

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Nearly all of the backup point guards are struggling in the second round, let’s have a look:

Backup Point Guards

Western Conference

Jannero Pargo – Has yet to have a good game. Has stunk 4 out of 5 games. He’s shooting 25% and taking more shots than Sam. His defense is better than Sam’s. His playmaking has been worse. He has no idea how to be a floor general.

Jacque Vaughn – Terrible performance. His minutes have been cut so Tony Parker can play more so he’s only play 6mpg rather than the 15mpg he averaged in the regular season. He’s done nothing worthwhile in the five games he’s played. He’s been a drag on the ticket. Manu Ginobili has taken over some of the backup minutes, I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten them all.

Jordan Farmar – Has stunk in 4 out of 5 games. He was 1-17 entering the fifth game. Fifth game was mediocre. He’s been getting destroyed on defense by Deron Williams. He hasn’t been able to penetrate or create off the dribble.

Ronnie Price – Not game as good as either of Sam’s two but far more consistent in his impact because of his defense and enery. He’s shooting 27%. He’s also only played 6mpg because of the masterful Deron Williams.

Eastern Conference

Rodney Stuckey – He started two games and starters minutes in a third because of Chauncey’s injury. He played solid in one, well in the second and very well in the third. In the two games where he was a backup he was shooting 25% in over 20mpg. He hadn’t played well there. He’s easily had the biggest impact in the second round because of Chauncey’s injury and his quality play stepping into the void.

Kenyon Dooling – He’s been horrific. He didn’t have a single good game in the series. Quality defense, a couple bad fouls ruining his defense but quality defense. Offensively he’s been a disaster. Dooling has been completely out of control. He’s forced shots, he’s turned the ball over. He’s gone away from Dwight Howard in the post. He hasn’t gotten his best scorers the ball. He has a total of three assists in 67 minutes of action. He’s shooting 38% from the field.

Daniel Gibson – Sam’s primary opponent. He has scored 5.6ppg in 21.4mpg, down from 11.4ppg in 29mpg in the first round. Shooting only 39% and 33% from the field. He’s been below par for four out of five games. He had one very good game, game four, when he beat Sam on a couple of possession late in the fourth. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, Sam’s defense hasn’t been an issue for the majority of this series. He’s played fine defense. They aren’t killing them. Sam is very weak defender, but it hasn’t been an issue for most of this series.

Sam Cassell – He’s been alright. In the first two game of the series he was instrumental in leading Boston to victory which is huge. The next two he was poor. The fifth he was mediocre playing only 6 minutes as Rondo put on a show and played the last 30 minutes of the game. Let’s look at the two good games. Cassell led a fourth quarter rally by scoring 10 of his 13 points in the fourth and by getting KG good shots, either in the post or off the pick and roll. KG had barely touched the ball in a scoring threat position while Rondo ran the third quarter. In game two, the starters were awful in the first quarter and were in a double digit deficit after 7 minutes, Doc switched his rotation and brought the bench in early. Sam had the game on a string, leading the reserves on a huge run that saw Sam play the rest of the half and leading Boston all the way back, then taking the lead into the break. Sam was running the show, he was the best player on the court in the first half of that game. Since then he’s been missing every shot he’s taken, most of which were solid shots, just missed. Sam’s now shooting a delightful 24%.

Rodney Stuckey has easily had the best performances and most impact but only because of Billups’ injury. For play off the bench I’d have to go to Ronnie Price for his consistency and quality play. Third would be Sam Cassell for two very good games against his otherwise inconsistent and poor performances.

Not a great showing from the backup point guards. The one’s you look at most are the strong backups who should be performing better like Jordan Farmar, Jannero Pargo and to a lesser extent Sam Cassell.
Time to step it up lads

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