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Interesting Quotes, Bos-Cle Related

In 2008 NBA Playoffs on May 13, 2008 at 3:05 pm

Coach Doc Rivers said his team needed to play better “under stress” during the final stretch of games. Kevin Garnett responded

“I wouldn’t say we’re lacking poise,” Garnett said. “In a situation like ours, we are trying to do everything that Doc wants us to do. He makes all the calls. He gives us direction. For the most part, we pretty much try to do what he wants.”

Kevin’s blaming Doc. He’s refusing to take any of the blame himself. There’s no other way to look at that quote. He’s looking for the cop-out.

Have you ever heard Shaquille O Neal say something like that? No. It’s the players responsibility and every champion knows that. Even this season Shaq took the blame and said the players didn’t do enough, that it’s not on D’Antoni, it’s on them. That they’re the ones who play, who have to execute the game plan, and have to win the games.

The team hasn’t done what Doc Rivers wanted. They didn’t take it the hoop like he told them with 8 minutes to go in the quarter in the Cavs penalty. They didn’t take good shots. They took those “hero shots” that Doc kept telling them not to take. Rondo repeatedly looked for his shot instead of being a playmaker.

This is a loser’s attitude from Kevin Garnett. The one he’s always had. Get it together Kevin.


Some people have been adamant about PJ Brown being over the hill, I completely disagree. He had an excellent season last year and has been very solid in the playoffs. Here’s what Ben Wallace had to stay on the subject:

Wallace, who had played with the 6-foot-11 power forward in Chicago, told the Boston Globe: “We didn’t start winning until we put him back in the lineup [last season]. He definitely still can play.”

“He’s a professional,” Cleveland’s Ben Wallace had said of Brown when the Celtics signed the 38-year-old off his living room couch in late February. “He’s a veteran who’s going to come in and do his work. He knows the game. He does a lot of talking when he’s on the floor, and that’s going to help the younger guys out.”

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