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Game One: Boston vs Cleveland

In 2008 NBA Playoffs, Game Log / Recap on May 7, 2008 at 3:14 am

This is going to be a great series. The boys in the TNT studio are looking forward to it. Gotta love game one’s, see all the matchups and how the two teams will fare against each other the rest of the way.

  • Over Bron’s last 10 games against the Celtics he’s averaged 35ppg. He’s the first player since Wilt Chamberlain to score 30 points in 9 straight teams
  • First quater
  • LeBron James to the hoop and he opens the series with a layup. Nice fastbreak there by the Cavs, Bron finishing over KG.
  • Celtics come up, Ray gets trapped on the baseline on the drive, kicks it out, Pierce takes a contested three no good
  • Steal Pierce, fastbreak led by Kendrick Perkins, he misses the layup, Delonte did just enough to put him off. He gets the rebound, throws it away, great transition D by Big Z to get back in time.
  • Bron to Wally in the corner, miss. Pierce has knocked the ball loose from Bron twice now.
  • Cavs are 1-7 from the floor, Celtics 0-6. Ilguaskas gets the mismatch down low, draws the foul, hits two.
  • Kevin Garnett with a great pass to Pierce who had beaten Bron, oh great recovery by James to block Pierce’s layup
  • Bron drives into the paint again, fouled, it’s on KG, no wait it’s on Pierce. That’s two fouls on Pierce, Posey comes in. James hits 1 of 2.
  • KG goes against Wallace in the post, nice move. He caught it from 15 feet out just off the baseline, drove right, spun left, jumped over Wallace and hits the layup
  • Garnett hits the cutter with the handoff pass as Rondo runs baseline after the entry pass, Rondo gets a layup. Lovely pass by Garnett
  • Rebound Garnett, Outlet pass to Ray to Rondo back to Perk for the dunk. Lovely break away. Celtics take the lead.
  • Wally misses the three from the right wing
  • Rondo drives on West, gets to the rim and gets swatted by Wallace.
  • West comes the other way, blows the layup, off Cleveland out of play
  • Rondo drives into the paint and hits the off balance runner
  • Posey fouls James on the perimeter
  • 6 minutes to go in the first, James hits the cutting Z on the inbounds pass for the layup over Perk. Celtics lead 8-7.
  • Rondo drives into the paint again off the Garnett screen
  • Delonte forces the ball up the floor against the backcourt pressure, feeling cocky, calls a clear out against Ray on the switch, misses the shot from 18 feet. The Cavs need to help Delonte more on that backcourt pressure, that’s a turnover waiting to happen.
  • Rondo into the lane again, hits again
  • Delonte is going under all the screens and giving Rajon a huge start on his penetration. Delonte has to D up.
  • Timeout
  • Wallace gets fouled to avoid the layup. He hits both FTs. Celtics lead 12-9.
  • Rondo hits the deck, foul on Gibson who’s entered for West.
  • Ray Allen gets a huge head start on Wally, he had 4 feet of daylight before he even went around the screen, and that was only the first screen, there was another screen on the other side. Cavs get so worried about Ray’s run that KG is left wide open for a dunk underneath the rim
  • Rondo on the drive, tries to force the pass in traffic, turnover.
  • LeBron James on the drive to Wallace, 4 footer, miss, rebound, kickout, Gibson misses the three at the buzzer. They’re only 4-16 from the floor.
  • Garnett faces up Wallace, hits it
  • Ray Allen gets free on the baseline, misses the 17 footer
  • Joe Smith gets good position in the paint, pump fakes, gets Perk off his feet, finishes with the jump hook over Perk and KG
  • KG on the low block on the right side against Joe, turns baseline, upfake, Joe goes for it, KG avoids the contact and goes left for the layup, Smith gets back in the play almost blocks the shot, layup good.
  • LeBron James drives into the paint again and gets fouled again. He hits both. That’s 5 points for LeBron.
  • Celtics lead 18-13
  • Gibson’s defense on Rondo has been much better than West’s
  • KG on the post again, turns, faces, sweeps, drives, pushes off, foul on Joe. Joe got caught not looking at the basketball, alley oop to the rim, KG fouled to avoid the dunk. He hits both.
  • Gibson scores. The Cavs needed that.
  • Garnett from 20 feet along the baseline. Nice shot. KG is pumped up tonight. He has 12 points already. He’s putting the team on his back and carrying them, this only started after Pierce went out.
  • Pavolovic into the game.
  • Posey hits a three on the break to end the first quarter
  • Second quarter
  • Celtics lead 25-15
  • Kevin starts the second quarter, one dribble fallaway from 20 feet over Varajeo, good. Nothing you can do about that.
  • Z beats KG down in the low post, gets a 8 footer along the baseline, rims out. Good positioning by Z to pin KG away from the rim, Kevin was so busy getting back in the play he couldn’t get up to contest the shot
  • Gibson drives into the paint, KG swats him from behind, foul. Not sure on who, three Celtics were all over him on the play.
  • It’s been Garnett’s game so far
  • Sam Cassell with 17 footer off the screen and roll just off the right elbow. Nice shot.
  • Sammy looks for it again, passes out.
  • Pavlovic fouled. He hits two. Cuts the lead to 9. Cavs getting to the line well. KG takes a breather.
  • A Celtic player gets trapped on the baseline off the drive again, turnover, fastbreak
  • Delonte lands hard on a layup attempt, doesn’t get up, Celtics run the other way, turn it over, Gibson strips Powe who had the dunk
  • Timeout
  • Another Celtics turnover, Cavs come up the other way, nothing on, reset, into Z down on the left block, nice moves, better defense. Great defense by PJ Brown. Z travels, turnover.
  • Another Celtics turnover, easy pass by PJ to pick off, fastbreak, PJ almost blocks the shot, Z with the tip, no good. Celtics run the other way, Pierce has it, cuts into the paint, loses control of the ball on his way up, turnover.
  • Foul on Sam Cassell trying to get over the top on Gibson off the screen and roll
  • Celtics miss a quick shot at the rim
  • LeBron from 20 feet, misses the shot, rimmed in and out
  • LeBron James on the fastbreak, turns on the accelaration, blocking foul on PJ Brown as James started to shoot his layup attempt. Bron hits both at the line. 5 point game.
  • Celtics lead 28-23. Lots of action, few baskets.
  • Celtics turn it over again, no wait, Sammy dives on the loose ball, gets control of it, he’s on the floor, calls the timeout before he’s tied up.
  • We’re halfway through the second quarter now. KG has been sitting for 3 minutes. Celtics lead 28-24.
  • Leon Powe with a nice spin move into the centre of the paint off the right block, gets fouled, hits both FTs. Nice move, big play Leon.
  • Backcourt violation on the Cavs. That is there 7th turnover. Celtics have 9 turnovers. KG comes back in.
  • They work KG on the block right away, quick double team, Ray gets a good look from the left corner, misses badly.
  • Fastbreak off the rebound, James knifes through the middle against two players Sam Cassell and Ray Allen, fouled hard, hits the deck. James bleeding. The two Celtics got a lot of ball but also got a lot of James after it. Flagrant on Cassell, presumably for yanking James backwards after he was beat.
  • Quick break by the Celtics, KG sets up early on the left block, turnaround off the glass over Wallace.
  • Perk with the defensive rebound, Wallace pressures him, deflects the pass, turnover, to James to Wally from 16 feet at the FT line, hits it. Great defense by Ben Wallace.
  • Turnover Garnett on the double team
  • James drives into the paint, hits Wallace, Wallace doesn’t want it, throughs it out to Wally, Wally has some daylight, foot on the line, hits the long two.
  • Rondo gets the shot to go. He has 10 points. The Celtics haven’t scored much this quarter. Only 9 points in 9 minutes and they scored a couple early I think.
  • Cavs miss, Celtics rebound, quick outlet, Pierce with the layup on the break. Celtics lead 36-30
  • Wally drives in on Pierce, tries to draw the foul, refs don’t call it, Wally misses the runner.
  • Garnett and Rondo have 26 of the Celtics 36 points.
  • KG ventures outside for a 19 footer on the right wing, misses. Nice shot out of a timeout, c’mon guys. Be smarter than that.
  • Drive baseline by James, misses the layup, Wallace tips it out, offensive rebound James, fouled on the putback. He hits one of two.
  • There’s two minutes to go in the half
  • Wally Szczerbiak drives into the teeth of the Celtics defense and gets the tough contested layup to go
  • Perk on the low block against Big Z, foul on the deck, good foul to draw. That’s the second on Z I believe.
  • Garnett passes up the open shot from 16 feet, throws it to the corner to Posey who’s defended well, Posey drives baseline, loses the ball out of bounds.
  • James up top of the key on the screen and roll, drives into the paint, Celtics converge, he hits Ilgauskas for the 19 footer on the baseline, miss. Delonte West crashes the board and gets the putback, no wait, loose ball foul on Delonte. Rondo will shoot two as the Cavs are in the penalty, he makes one of two.
  • Cavs ball, one minute to go. West brings it up, Bron comes off two screens, can’t get free, Wally into Ben, with the fadeaway from 14 feet, good.
  • Cavs trapping defense on the pick and rolls, Rondo open in the corner, he drives into the paint, James over the top of him and lands on him, Rondo missed the runner. He gets the foul and the two FTs. Timetou. James looking ginger after the fall but alright.
  • Great pass by LeBron to Z under the hoop, layup.
  • Quick inbounds, Rondo pushes it hard, gets the blocking foul on James 40 feet out along the sideline. Very bad foul by LeBron to give up. Only 0.2 seconds on the clock. Rondo hits both. Silly foul.
  • Halftime
  • Celtics lead the Cavs 41-37
  • Some team stats – Cavs edge the boards 21-20 (5-2 offensive). Edge in assists 11-10. Edge in turnovers with only 7 versus 12. Combined blocks/steals favour Cavs 11-3. The Celtics have shot well from the floor, 49%, 1-5 from three and 8-10 from the line. The Cavs shot abysmally from the floor (largely due to Celtics defense) 29% from the field, 0-6 from three, 15-18 from the line.
  • The FTs are allowing the Cavs to keep this game close
  • If it wasn’t for the Celtics terrible turnovers this would be at least a 15 point game right now
  • Rondo and KG have combined for 31 of Boston’s 41 points. Rondo has 15, Kevin 16. Kendrick Perkins has been a beast on the backboards with 8 first half rebounds, he’s defended Z better than normal also.
  • Ray Allen hasn’t scored but he was able to get open whenever he moved without the basketball. His teammates need to do a better job of finding him. They need his scoring to diversify their offense otherwise they’ll be in trouble in the second half.
  • The King has 10 (1-6, 8-10 from the line), 4 boards and 5 assists. Big Z has 8 (3-8) and 6.
  • Boston have the lead 41-37 but a slugfest favours LeBron James. The Cavs just want to keep this close, then allow James to take it home and win the game. Low scoring favours Cleveland.
  • The Celtics kept the Cavs shooters quiet (Wally/Gibson/Delonte only 5-18). They’ve denied James’ penetration. They’ve limited Z. The Cavs have only shot 29%. This is great defense by the Celtics.

Second half

  • Rondo misses the runner, Garnett dunks home the miss.
  • Ben Wallace wide open in about 14 feet of space at the top of the key. Passes to LeBron, misses the 19 footer off the dribble.
  • Pierce dribbles into the paint, hits KG, layup.
  • Fratello “it’s not Garnett creating shots for himself, it’s Garnett being recipients of passes from his teammtes”. KG is 9-11 from the field now.
  • Turnover James. That’s his fifth.
  • Defensive 3 second call on Boston. Wally hits the FT.
  • Pierce misses the 18 footer over James after the face up. Pierce is 1-7 in 14 minutes. Rebound James.
  • Z fouled under the hoop, gets both to go.
  • Celtics lead 45-42
  • Kevin drives into the paint, shuffles into Perkins’ hands underneath the hoop, travel, turnover
  • Turnover James. KG kept his hands out while running back to Z on the screen and roll, deflected James’ pass on the left wing.
  • Ray into the paint, stripped, Delonte runs the length of the court and slams it home. 45-44 Boston.
  • Kevin doubled after he starts his move on the left block, James fouls.
  • Offfensive foul James on the fastbreak. Pierce draws the charge. Turnover. Three personals on LeBron.
  • Garnett misses the 18 footer on the baseline
  • James has a three pointer rim in and out for Cleveland. Cavs on a 7-0 run, you wouldn’t know it to see the missed opportunities by James.
  • Screen and roll with Z, shot fake along the baseline, Garnett goes for it, Ilgauskas puts it on the floor drives past Kevin, foul. Z hits both at the line, Cavs lead. First lead since early in the game.
  • Pierce off the screen and roll, doesn’t go anywhere
  • Rondo called for the push off on his runner in the lane. Better defense by Delonte but he still allowed the penetration to happen in the first place. Rondo needs to keep attacking him.
  • James pump fakes, pivots, jumper from 16 feet, miss, James snatches the offensive rebound over Perk, touch pass out to Z from 18 feet, good. Cavs lead by 3. Timeout Boston
  • Story on Kevin which hasn’t got much pull in the media surprisingly – He couldn’t sleep the night before Game Seven against Atlanta.
  • Pierce has nobody to pass, takes a dribble and pulls up, misses, Bron takes the rebound.
  • Z from 22 feet, misses
  • Rondo on the fastbreak challenges Ilgauskas under the hoop, Z stops him, tries again, Z stops him. Rondo kicks it out, Pierce misses.
  • Delonte throws away the pass on the drive across the middle, Rondo blows into the open court, 3-on-1, Delonte with a great hustle play, he chases back Rondo, knocks the ball loose and it goes off of Rondo.
  • LeBron with a step back three from the left wing, offensive rebound Wallace, he falls on the floor, throws it off of Rondo out of play, Cavs ball. Cavs inbound, reset up top, Wally drives baseline, misses the layup, rebound Big Ben, kicks it out, James back into the Wallace after holding up the ball, Wallace to Wally, three pointer from the right wing.
  • LeBron shuffes it to Wally, back to Bron, touch pass to West, wide open in the right corner, misses the three.
  • Great cut by Kendrick Perkins out of the Garnett double team, gets the pass, gets fouled before he can get the shot up. He hits both FTs.
  • Wally misses from 21 feet on a dribble hand off
  • Ray misses a three from the right wing. I don’t think he’s scored yet.
  • Bron dribbling, still only one basket, he dribbles it off his knee, steal by Rondo, turnover Cavs. That’s Bron’s 8th turnover.
  • Paul Pierce gets some room off the midpost, over powers Delonte on the mismatch, creates the contact with Z, gets the layup and avoids the shot block.
  • Timeout Cavs
  • Ray Allen hasn’t scored but he’s only taken 4 shots. Pierce has 4 points on 2-10 shooting. The Celtics need to start running some set plays for Ray to get him some good shots. They need that extra scorer.
  • 24 second violation for Cleveland out of the timeout
  • Pierce drives, can’t get anything, dumps it off to Perk over Varajeo, turnaround on the baseline. It’s good. Nice shot big fella. Good defense by Cleveland.
  • James drives into the paint, charging foul. Great defense by Pierce. Two officials made different calls.
  • There’s two mintues left in the third
  • Pierce looks to take over, forces the drive, he’s driving in from the left wing, going left, nice spin move into the paint, loses the ball, turnover.
  • Fastbreak Cleveland, Varajeo fills the lane, gets fouled on the dunk attempt. Hits two at the line. Cavs lead 52-50.
  • Pierce takes Wally off dribble, drives down the middle into the paint, charging foul. That’s his third. Great play by Varajeo. Pierce is forcing this. Let it relax. You’re wasting this opportunity and you’re letting Cleveland stay in the game while Bron is out.
  • Doc starts bringing in his second unit with Cassell, Powe and Posey in for Rondo, Garnett and Allen.
  • Varajeo with a turnaround off the right elbow over Powe, not a pretty move, no fluidity to it, out of rhythm, off balance, almost drops, doesn’t.
  • Pierce forces the drive again, misses it, offensive rebound Perkins, gets the hook shot. Great play by Perk in the paint. Lot of force.
  • Almost a turnover, Perkins steps out of play as he stole possession.
  • Delonte misses a three to beat the buzzer, rebound Perk
  • Cassell runs down the floor, gets to the low post against Gibson, up and under, foul, misses the four footer. Nice play by Cassell, smart play. The Celtics need baskets, Sam can get them.
  • Celtics take the lead 53-52 off of Cassells one made FT out of two. There’s 24 seconds left in the quarter. Cavs need to run this possession right down. No more shot attempts for the Celtics. Delonte milks the clock, gets into the lane, blocked by Perkins. Celtics have time, don’t get it up the floor. Posey blocked the shot also. Great converging defense in the paint by Boston.

Fourth Quarter

  • Boston lead 53-52
  • LeBron James is 1-10 from the floor with 9 turnovers and 4 personal fouls. It’s time for him to set the record straight.
  • Ilgauskas has 16 and 9 to lead Cleveland.
  • Doc doesn’t like the tempo of this game. This suits the Cavs. A slugout gives James the opportunity to score enough to keep up with the Big Three. He hasn’t done so so far in this game but he could here in the fourth.
  • Ilgauksas misses the 17 footer to start the quarter
  • Pierce drives on Pavlovic, draws the foul. Pierce is continuing to take over. That’s fine, just don’t force it too hard. Take what’s there.
  • Pierce posts up Pavlovic, great position four feet from the rim, Pierce rushes the shot with Big Z and Joe coming over, he blows a point blank layup right in front of the rim. Cavs ball.
  • Travel Joe Smith after the inbounds pass. Turnover.
  • It’s 53-52 Boston with 11 to play. Sam, BBD, Pierce, Powe, Posey are on the floor.
  • Pierce drives into the paint again, great pass by PIerce to Posey on the opposite wing, he hits the three. Composure and decision making Pierce, I love it.
  • Pavlovic responds with a three of his own
  • Pierce draws another foul on Pavlovic, Pierce posts Pavlovic, Sasha intercepts the entry pass, loses control of the ball, back to Pierce, Pierce kicks it out, Cassell will take it, hits the three.
  • Big Z on the left block, turnaround, good.
  • Pavlovic knocks the ball loose from Pierce, Wally steals the ball, passes ahead to Pavlovic, layup and the foul and the FT.
  • Cavs lead 60-59
  • LeBron comes back in. Ray and KG come back in for Boston, Pierce will sit. Sam, Posey and Powe also out there.
  • Cassell trapped on the baseline, manages to squirm his way out, LeBron wildly out of position after the trap, Cassell shoots the three, Powe wide open under the hoop (Bron’s man), gets the rebound, Joe Smith from behind, stops the layup. Jump ball. Powe tips it to KG, layup, blocked by Z.
  • Z on the right block, scoop shot on the up and under.
  • Garnett drives left off the FT line, shoulder fake, turnaround off the glass from 10 feet on the left side of the lane.
  • Cavs miss, James offensive rebound, kicks it out to Gibson, he takes it, he misses it.
  • Sam Cassell hits another huge three pointer. That feels like a back breaker after all the Cavs efforts which came up empty.
  • Timeout Cleveland
  • Celtics lead 64-60 with 8 mintues to play
  • Lots of Celtics greats in the crowd tonight. Jo Jo White and John Havlicek have come up on the screens several times.
  • Delonte picks up an offensive foul off the ball
  • Offensive foul on the Celtics. I think that was Garnett. The commentators are making too much noise and not talking about the game, I’m not sure who that was called on.
  • James misses a three. Joe Smith hits the offensive boards, throws it away.
  • Fratello “what James is doing is he’s trying to figure it out, he’s trying to figure out what the Celtics are doing to him, trying to find a way to get him and his teammates some scores”. Bron is a video tape preparation freak, expect to hear stories about him spending hours figuring this out tomorrow and he likely will.
  • Loose ball fouls on Perkins and Z on the offensive glass. There’s 6 and a half minutes to play.
  • Cassell hits a long 20 foot jumper. He’s been huge for Boston in the fourth. 8 points in the fourth for Sammy.
  • Wally responds with a three
  • Sam finds Garnett open for a J, miss, Wally rebounds and saves the ball before flying out of bounds
  • LeBron drives down the right wing, switches into the paint on the fastbreak, avoids the contact, gets the layup
  • Ben Wallace fronting Garnett, Celtics reverse the ball, Wallace loses sight of the ball, over the top, layup KG. Nice play Celtics, good play by KG under the hoop to position himself between the hoop and Z/Wallace.
  • Great defense by the Celtics, James takes a 26 footer falling out of bounds on the left wing
  • Posey misses from 25 feet on the right wing
  • Timeout Cleveland
  • The score is 68-65 Boston with 4:30 to play
  • LeBron James dribbles around the world, can’t get a shot attempt, moves the ball, great cut by West down the middle of the lane, Z hits him from the left wing, he’s wide open, takes a fallaway bank shot and misses. Why fallaway? Great defense by Boston.
  • Celtics are getting nothing going, Sam forced to heave a 28 footer, brick, 24 second violation. That was the passers fault, not Sammy’s.
  • There’s three minutes to play.
  • Travel James, turnover.
  • Timeout Celtics
  • 68-65 Celtics still. There’s 2:58 remaining. Celtics ball.
  • Rondo back in
  • Garnett drives, falls on the floor, what’s the call? Jump ball.
  • Ray Allen still hasn’t scored. Still only 4 shots taken.
  • Garnett wins the tip, Pierce takes the quick shot of the dribble, rebound Ilgauskas
  • Cavs get it to James, screen and roll with Gibson, Celts trap, Bron to Gibson, three pointer, good. Tie game.
  • Ben Wallace gets called for the push foul on Garnett in the post before the pass. Sideline ball. Cavs have four team fouls. Cavs have 2 fouls to give.
  • Garnett spins around, put off by James coming in for the block, bricks the turnaround, Cavs loose the ball out of play. 1 second the clock, inbounds, shot clock violation. Cavs jammed everyone into the same area, the Celtics couldn’t run off a screen for anyone, too much congestion
  • Cavs ball, James drives, gets inside, out to Z, he hits from 18 feet. Cavs lead 70-68.
  • Timeout Doc
  • There’s 1:19 left in the game.
  • Cavs have Bron, Gibson, Wally, Z, Joe on the floor. The Celtics have KG, Pierce, Rondo, Ray, Perk
  • Garnett gets the 18 footer, ties the game. Great pass by Ray to set up KG for the good look out of the pick and pop.
  • James on the iso, squirms the scoop shot, misses, Wallace tips it, Z tips it, Cassell has it. Foul on the loose ball.
  • The game is tied at 70. Sam takes 2 and makes 2. Celtics lead by 2. Sam has 10 points in the quarter.
  • James splits the trap on the screen and roll, gets into the paint, layup, miss, tip by Z. Tie game.
  • Garnett gets an iso with Joe on the left wing, he fakes left, goes right, spins left, jumps and extends over Joe in the middle of the paint and gets the roll. Celtics lead.
  • Timeout Cleveland
  • Cavs come out with the same lineup. 21.4 seconds to go. Here we go
  • Cavs inbound, Gibson into James, Posey on him, LeBron sees a zone, drives into the paint, misses the layup, foul by Joe Smith on Posey’s rebound. He had a great look on the layup. Could have been a foul on the play. Just missed.
  • Posey hits the first, hits the second
  • This is over. 8 seconds remaining. The Cavs call a timeout. They have to get a three pointer now to have any chance, then a quick foul, and run off the FTs for another three since they’re now out of timeouts.
  • James misses the three

Game over. Celtics win 76-72. Very good win for Boston. This was a tough hard fought game

Some Stats

  1. Celtics won the battle of the boards 43-41. Kendrick Perkins led the charge with 12 rebounds, the Celtics need that kind of service out of the big man the rest of the series
  2. Celtics had 21 turnovers which negated their advantage over the messy Cavs offense (17 turnovers of their own)
  3. Ray Allen went scoreless. Only four shots. Four rebounds and four turnovers. His second scoreless game of his career, first since his rookie season.
  4. Paul Pierce had only 4 points. Pierce went 2-14 with 6 turnovers.
  5. Ray+Paul 2-18, 0-6 from downtown, 10 turnovers. Remind you of anyone? Scroll down to the next section
  6. KG had 28 points on 12-22 shooting. He was 9-11 and had 20 points two mintues into the second half so he had 8 points on 3-11 shooting over the last 22 minutes of the game. And he was still the guy who won the game.
  7. Big Z was huge with 22 (8-18), 12, 2, 2, 2
  8. Ben Wallace played 31 minutes, had 9 rebounds.
  9. Cavs shot 31% on 75 FG attempts. They shot shot 4-18 from three and had 22-28 from the line.
  10. The Celtics shot 43% on 68 shots. They shot 4-14 from three and 14-18 from the line. Celtics taking less threes than the Hawks series.
  11. Sam had 10 of his 13 in the fourth quarter. Huge contribution. Third leading scorer. Posey was fourth with 8, and Perkins had 7.
  12. Pavlovic had 7 points in 13 minutes playing quality basketball. This is his first action in awhile, we’ll probably see more of him later in the series. Devin Brown didn’t play tonight.
  13. Joe Smith played only 16 minutes despite being their second best big man tonight
  14. Gibson played well. Delonte scrapped (5 boards, 2 steals) but had a difficult night offensively (2-10, 4 points, 2 dimes).

Some thoughts

  • LeBron James just had his worst game of the series (you’d hope if you’re a Cavs fan). James shot only 2-18 from the field. Both were layups. He had 10 turnovers. He did do some good things also with 12 points, 9 boards, 9 dimes, a steal and a block.
  • Today’s game won’t be an abberration. This series is going to be scrappy, it’s going to be about who’s willing to scrap harder. The winner will be whoever can show the most quality while doing that and tonight Kevin Garnett led the Celtics to the win.
  • This might have been the Cavs best chance of winning in Boston. I don’t think it was but it’s possible.
  • This is going to be a very tough series
  • Ben Wallace wasn’t able to defend Kevin Garnett. Joe Smith can do a good job but Kevin has a high confidence level against him too, but at least the shots are heavily contested.
  • Chuck and the crew were really irritated by Mike Brown’s decision to go away from the succesful screen and roll with Bron/Gibson, switching back to Bron/Z. The Celtics didn’t respond well to Gibson being the screener, should have kept on with it.
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