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Game One: Los Angeles vs Utah

In 2008 NBA Playoffs, Game Log / Recap on May 4, 2008 at 10:30 pm

Missed the first five minutes, overlap between the Cetlics-Hawks and Lakers-Jazz games

  • Boozer knifed down the lane off the dribble for the big dunk to open the game. Kobe had a lovely pass on the drive to Gasol for the dunk. Then picked Boozer’s pocket and got the breakaway slam. Utah slam the offensive glass and get three attempts before Okur puts it in the hoop. Fisher with a nice dribble drive and dish to Gasol for the layup.
  • Boozer picks up a silly offensive foul with the push in the back
  • Kobe off the dribble, pump fake, draws the foul after getting Brewer up in the air. He hits both
  • Lakers lead 13-7
  • Utah making a little run as they run off 8 straight points. Kobe kills the run with an acrobatic 180 degree layup
  • Turiaf takes the 17 footer. Miss.
  • Deron Williams calls for the ball. The shot clock is ticking down, he has Odom on the switch, he blasts by Odom into the lane and finishes over Turiaf. Nice play by Williams. Okur had ran out of options in the post, Deron doing a great job helping him out.
  • Fisher misses an open three
  • Utah lead 18-17. Boozer draws the foul on Odom down on the block.
  • Kobe penetrations, trapped hard by Millsap. Great defense by Korver to hold Bryant off. Oh hang on they called a foul. It would have been great defense if he didn’t foul him. Lakers take the lead back after Bryant hits two from the line.
  • Great passing by Utah, layup.
  • Nice fastbreak as Deron hits Millsap for the dunk
  • Bryant hits a three and picks up the foul. He hits the FT. That was a 25 footer. Lakers up three with thirty seconds remaining.
  • Deron drives baseline, kicks it to Korver on the baseline, pump fake, goes past Kobe, takes the 17 footer off the dribble. Nice shot.
  • Bryant holds it for the final shot, drives into the paint, misses the layup, doesn’t get the call.

End of One

  • Sasha Vujacic with a hard drive, get the layup and the foul, he went right down the middle of the lane, took the contact and the strength to still put the layup home
  • Utah turn it over again, that’s 6 for them. Another turnover, that’s 7.
  • Lakers lead 28-24
  • Vujacic nails the three
  • Korver comes off the curl, misses the 18 footer. Good shot just missed.
  • Sasha hits another three pointer. That’s all 9 second quarter points scored by Sasha. He hit that after the drive and kick.
  • Sasha with the rebound, dribbles it up, ahead to Farmar, oh Farmar missed him, Gasol had his man pinned under the hoop. Lakers reset. Sasha gets it in to Pau, kick out, re-post, Pau draws the foul.
  • Baseball pass, Radmanovic steals it, kicks it ahead to the left wing, lob pass to Gasol, alley oop dunk.
  • Lakers have blown this game wide open. They lead 41-28. Kobe has 20 points.
  • Kirilenko hits the glass and gets the putback
  • Radmanovic and Kirilenko trade dunks
  • Fisher knocks down a three on the right wing. Lakers lead 45-32.
  • Ronnie Brewer misses a 17 footer. Gasol rebound. Outlet pass to Fisher. Fisher pushes it and gets the layup.
  • Deron Williams on the drive, beats Kobe, takes the 14 foot runner, misses, gets on the glass, taps it back in
  • Utah get a much needed three, their first.
  • Okur draws the foul and will head to the line. He gets both.
  • Miles hits the three on the final possession. Deron did a great job of milking the clock and setting up the good look.
  • Oh silly foul by Miles on the inbounds pass. Kobe hits both.
  • 54-41 Lakers at the Half, they’re in complete control
  • Halftime
  • Team Stats – The Jazz have pounded LA on the glass 29-19 (13-5 offensive). Lakers have 13 assists on 18 shots. Jazz have 9 on 18. Lakers have 13 combined blocks/steals against 8 for Utah. Utah have 11 turnovers, LA only 6. Lakers have shot 45% from the floor, 3-8 from three, 15-17 from the line. The Jazz have shot 39%, 1-10 from three, 4-8 from the line. Lakers have a 15-2 advantage on the fastbreak, 12 of which came off turnovers.
  • Kobe Bryant is easily the most dominant player of the half scoring 24 points (6-8, 1-2 from three, 11-11 at the line). He also has a pair of rebounds and assists plus one steal. Nobody else on LA has more than 9 points. Everyone outside of KB8 and Sasha have 6 points or less.
  • The Jazz frontcourt is scoring very well. Okur has 9, Boozer 8, AK47 has 7. Deron Williams hasn’t had a good scoring half, he needs to step it up in the second half.

Second Half

  • Lakers lead 54-41 to start the half
  • Both teams trade points to start the first two minutes of the third
  • Deron trapped just over halfcourt, passes it to Boozer at the top of the key, pass to the cutting Kirilenko who flashes across the lane, blind behind the back bounce pass to the cutting Okur, Slam Dunk. Lovely passing from Utah.
  • Kirilenko drives into the paint again and feeds Brewer who was cutting inside for the dunk
  • Bryant drives inside, kicks it to Radmanvic for a three in the right corner. He hits it. That’s his second three in the quarter, the other was from the opposite corner.
  • Fisher blows by Deron on the break, draws the defense, little hand off to Gasol for the layup. Nice.
  • Timeout
  • Lakers lead 66-49 with 8 minutes to play in the third
  • Oh that was unlucky. 24 second violation. Gasol had a wide open dunk but he fumbled the ball and Kobe was behind the backboard by the time he retrieved it and wasn’t able to get it up in time. Great passing by LA to get that open dunk for Gasol
  • Okur knocks down the three
  • Kobe turnover, Kirilenko to Deron, Deron in the open court, gets fouled on the layup.
  • Jazz have cut this lead a small bit. LA up 68-56
  • Okur takes the runner, bad brick, Boozer hits the glass, gets the layup. The lead has been cut to 10, down from 17-19 points.
  • Fisher fouled on a long jump shot. Korver slaps his hands on the sideline, didn’t like that foul, he must still be upset about his earlier similar foul. Fish hits the first, misses the second.
  • Boozer on the high post, Deron on the pick and pop with Okur, Okur passes up the shot, hits Kirilenko, AK passes up the easy shot to Brewer for the long two, miss, Okur rebound, hits the cutter, Kirilenko hits the layup
  • Kobe scores the layup to stop this run
  • Okur has 17 points now
  • LA Times appearantly wrote a great article on Fisher, worth tracking down appearantly.
  • Jazz are playing their game and doing great
  • Gasol misses the layup off the post up
  • Deron running the other way, into the lane, ripped by Fisher, great steal
  • Pick and roll between Kobe and Gasol, Kobe hits Gasol on the roll, layup. He looked happy to get that one to go.
  • Williams blows by Fisher and finishes over Odom
  • Fisher drives baseline, stops, pops from 15, misses
  • Brewer takes a quick long shot, not a great shot. Miss.
  • Kobe drives into the heart of the defense again and gets fouled again
  • Kobe has 30 points now, he’s 15-15 from the line
  • Korver knocks down two at the line. Lakers up 8. Final minute of the third.
  • Walton drives by Harpring, hand off to Lamar, misses the short J, follow up dunk.
  • Offensive rebound by Korver, touch pass to Deron, three pointer that beats the buzzer
  • Odom fouled, no call, Unbelievable. Stone wall foul.
  • The Jazz played excellent basketball in the third quarter. Great passing and movement. Didn’t settle for outside shots, looked to go inside. Hit the offensive boards. Played tough D.
  • Boozer and Okur led the charge, they now have 15/12 and 17/15 respectively. Deron has started to weave his magic with 10, 6 and 5. He needs to control this fourth quarter for Utah to win.

Fourth Quarter

  • Lakers lead 79-72
  • 20 offensive rebounds for Utah now. Okur and Boozer have 13 of those.
  • Odom picks up the offensive foul after the hesitation dribble and leaner where he jumped right into Boozer
  • Flex offense from Utah, all those baseline cuts and screens
  • Turiaf backdoors Boozer, gets the pass and the dunk. Lovely bounce pass by Luke Walton who was posting up on the opposite (right) block.
  • Boozer does the exact same thing, hitting Harpring on the cut for a layup off the low post
  • Gasol in the low post, spins, turnaround, hits Turiaf under the rim, Turiaf lays it in off the glass, Millsap goal tend.
  • Sasha grabs the rebound, pushes the ball, hits Walton on the wing, slips out of his hands, turnover.
  • Harping misses another. Utah missing those 17 foot jump shots.
  • Lakers pick up their fourth foul in the quarter. 9 minutes to go. Next foul brings them to the penalty.
  • Lakers lead 83-74. They have a second unit out there now, Gasol is the only starter.
  • Great block by Turiaf on Harpring, Farmar goes the other way, misses the layup, loose ball foul on Gasol as he tried to get that offensive rebound. Utah will shoot two after the timeout.
  • Kobe hits again off the pick and roll
  • Lakers lead 85-78
  • Okur fakes the three, drives, gets the foul on the layup against Turiaf. Okur has had a great game. He’s been their best player. Great job on the offensive boards.
  • There’s seven and a half minutes to play.
  • Kirlenko and Boozer both have 5 fouls. Both are biding their time on the bench.
  • Kobe blows by Brewer but misses the shot
  • 87-80 Lakers with 6 and a half to play
  • Gasol tips it away from Okur. Fisher knocks it out of bounds. Okur shoots a three of the inbounds pass to beat the clock. Offensive rebound Utah, that’s their first offensive rebound in the fourth but their 21st tonight.
  • Millsap had the dunk but went up weak, block, turnover, fastbreak, Odom fouled, hits both at the line.
  • Okur with a great pass, good finish in traffic by the Jazz
  • Korver knocks down the open three from the top of the key
  • 91-85 Lakers with 5 minutes remaining
  • Bryant misses the turnaround off the right elbow
  • Brewer with a nice finish in traffic. The lead is cut to four.
  • Great passing by the Lakers with Gasol hitting Odom for the layup but fouled, he hits both
  • Boozer misses the turnaround, rebound Gasol, out to Kobe, Kobe leading hte controlled break, turns on the accelaration, blows to the rim, gets the foul, hits one
  • Deron drives baseline, hits Brewer for the 18 foot baseline jumper. Misses
  • Bryant bricked the J over Brewer
  • Deron uses the stutter step to get Fisher off balance in the open court, blows past him, draws the contact, gets the foul. It’s on the ground. Bucket won’t count. They’re in the penalty so he’ll shoot two.
  • Timeout. There’s under three minutes to play.
  • Deron hits both. Lakers 94-89
  • Boozer has fouled out
  • Gasol hits the back cutting Vujacic, Kirilenko gets a piece of his reverse layup, turnover
  • Korver with the catch and shoot off the screen, he has daylight, misses
  • Gasol with the putback, lead back to 7
  • Gasol with a great block, Utah hang onto it, go up again, foul, Brewer will shoot two. He hits one. Lead back to six.
  • Both teams over the limit
  • Gasol with the hand off to Bryant off the left elbow, quick roll to the basket, great pass by Kobe to Gasol, layup
  • Gasol fouled on the defensive rebound, misses both
  • Deron misses the floater, Kobe gets the defensive rebound, foul. That ball hung on the back of the rim for a good two seconds before falling off.
  • Bryant hits one of two. 9 point game
  • Jazz miss a three, offensive rebound, Deron misses a three, outstretched rebound by Kobe, he kicks it the length of the floor to Gasol who had broken out, Gasol catches it, stops dead, lets Deron run right by him, lays it in
  • Lakers lead 101-90 with 40 seconds to play.

This is over. Lakers get the first win of the series and they looked very good in the first half, showed good character to fight through some second half problems as the Jazz made a run against them

Some stats

  1. The rebounding edge was massive. The Jazz outrebounded LA by 17, all offensive rebounds (25-8). Okur had 19 boards. Boozer had 14. Deron had 9. Gasol had 10, Odom 9 and Kobe had 6 for LA. Big edge for Utah and they’ll likely have a large advantage on the glass the rest of the way
  2. Deron Williams and Boozer combined for 29 points. That’s not going to get it done.
  3. Okur had 21, Brewer 11, Kirilenko 11, Korver 11. That’s six players in double figures. CJ Miles/Harpring/Millsap combined for another 16. Great scoring balance
  4. Utah shot only 4-19 from behind the arc for 21%. They’re too good for that to happen again. Lakers shot 5-10 from downtown.
  5. The Lakers got 16 extra FTs (46-30) and made all of them (38-22)
  6. After a greats start passing wise for Los Angeles, they dropped off considerably in the second half. They got too stagnant watching Kobe score. They had 13 assists on their first 18 baskets but only 8 assists on their next 15.
  7. Kobe was the most dominant player on the park, dropping 38 points, 6 rebounds and handed out 7 assists. Gasol added 18 and 10, Odom 16 and 9, Radmanovic had 10. Fisher had 5 points, 6 asissts, 3 rebounds and 6 steals. Vujacic led the bench with 15. Walton had a nice all round game too, and battled well with Harpring.
  8. The Lakers shot 45% versus 38% from Utah
  9. Utah had 11 first half turnovers but only two in the second half. They finished with 13, LA had 12.
  10. 20 of Utah’s first 24 points came in the paint. It was the second quarter alone when they started settling on jump shots
  11. There was a graph midway through the third that had the Jazz shot chart for jump shots. They were 1-20 at that point.

Some thoughts

  • The Jazz cannot stop Kobe Bryant
  • The Lakers big men need to do a much better job on the defensive backboards. The Lakers guards have to help out their bigs better because Utah has a big advantage on the backboards
  • Both teams can score against each other. Both teams move the ball brilliantly and can score in lots of different ways. Two excellent teams execution wise
  • This is going to be a very very close series
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