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Game Five: Orlando vs Toronto

In 2008 NBA Playoffs, Game Log / Recap on April 29, 2008 at 1:50 am

Elimination game. Toronto are likely to start their summer tonight.

Tuning in late in the first

  • Jamario Moon has started off with a pair of threes
  • Toronto take the lead off a Calderon three, 21-20 Toronto
  • Calderon holds it for the final shot. Clear out with 10 seconds to go. Kapono to Calderon and he drains a three at the buzzer. Raps up 26-22 at the end of one.
  • Quinn Buckner with a great stat to start the second. A contested shot as statistically 30% less of a chance to go in than an uncontested shot.
  • Hedo putting on the acceleration and flying to the hoop. Toronto can’t guard him.
  • Rasho picks up the offensive foul and we have a timeout with 8 to play. 34-30 Toronto.
  • Dooling into the game, getting his drive on, Toronto turning it off. Good D.
  • Orlando are missing a few shots here to start the quarter
  • Toronto running a controlled break, Kapono spots up, gets the ball, hits a three from the left wing
  • Bogans gets away with an offensive foul. He stopped moving and looked at the ref, no call, he missed the following jump shot.
  • Posting Dwight Howard, he kicks it out, looks for the re-post, Nelson goes away from him, kicks it to Bogans, Rasho helps on the drive from Bogans, bounce pass, dunk Dwight.
  • Nice ball movement by the Magic swinging it from the right corner to the top of the key to the left wing into the post to Dwight
  • Howard averaging 23ppg, 17.5rpg and 4bpg on 65% shooting here in the first round
  • Delfino drives and gets hit. Knocks down two at the line. He hasn’t had as good of a series as he’s capable of having, disappointing. Still very inconsistent.
  • Jameer Nelson with a long two over TJ Ford
  • TJ Ford driving past Jameer, throws a fake Dwight’s way, doesn’t bite, kicks it out to the perimeter, Delfino drains a three
  • Bosh misses another, 2-9 now. Toronto up 44-42. He’s actually getting help tonight, he needs to get it together.
  • Dwight Howard knocking down 1 for 2. He’s getting on the FT a lot here. He has a double double already with that FT
  • Two minutes to go. Let’s see who closes the half well. Toronto need to keep the lead. They’ve played well here in the first half, it’ll be very disheartening to go into the half behind
  • Bosh has 3 fouls now, he’ll sit
  • Jameer beats the buzzer. TJ Ford comes right back and nails a pretty fadeaway, he has 12 and Toronto lead by three.
  • Lewis dribbles in from 15, post up, fallaway from 12, hits it. Orlando down one.
  • Halftime
  • Bosh hits early in the third, they need him to get going.
  • Fastbreak Orlando off TJ’s miss, Bogans with the contested layup
  • Nelson hits another J after a quick shot following the baseline inbounds pass
  • Bosh answers right back with a fadeawy over Dwight in the post
  • Hedo misses the other way, back to Bosh for Toronto, step back over Dwight, nice move, misses
  • Fastbreak Toronto, TJ is pushing it, alley oop to Moon, nice dunk
  • Fastbreak Toronto again, led by Bosh this time, he pulls it back, TJ misses a long J, Dwight falls down, great hustle by Bosh to steal that bebound, nice pass and finish Toronto.
  • Bargnani fouls Howard in the post and we have a timeout. 62-60 Toronto.
  • Hedo catches it off the right elbow, holds it for the cutters, nothing doing, he drives through the middle and hits the layup. Tie game. There’s 5 minutes left in the third.
  • Bogans misses the three. Monster rebound by Howard over four Raptors, he throws it back down and gets the foul. No it doesn’t count. Foul before the dunk, it’s on the ground, Andea has three now.
  • Hard drive by Delfino, he initiates the contact with Howard, takes the foul, misses the layup
  • TJ runs the floor quickly, gets it to Delfino, he drives from that left wing again, right through the paint, Howard fouls him again, lot of middle body contact. Definitely a foul, why is Howard upset? He jumped into him, didn’t play the ball, hit him on the hip then in the ribs, tried to knock him off balance quietly on the layup. Refs called it. Absolutely a foul. Delfino knocks down 4 straight FTs now. Great heart from Carlos, he’s having a good game today.
  • Jameer Nelson takes the 18 footer off the screen and roll, misses. Next possession, Hedo drives baseline, kicks it up to Nelson for the three. Good. Timeout.
  • Orlando pulling away here late in the third quarter, Howard with a powerful jump hook on the baseline from 5 feet over Bosh. Tech, Bosh wanted the push off, Rashard hits it. 73-66 Magic
  • End of the third quarter
  • Orlando lead 74-68
  • This game is tight but Toronto are ragged. They don’t know where to go for baskets outside of Bosh. They just don’t have any pecking order due to their lack of scorers. They better hope they get hot from downtown, otherwise this is over.
  • Orlando are doing well. Good execution. They’re going to Dwight, Toronto can’t guard Dwight. They’re going to Hedo, Toronto can’t guard Hedo. None of this is going to change in the fourth. Orlando will win.
  • Start of the fourth quarter
  • Screen and roll on the right side, nothing from it, Howard goes to the left block, gets the ball, jump hook. Nice start to the fourth.
  • Kapono with the flip shot. Well whatever goes for you Jason. Nice shot.
  • Dwight Howard in the post again, Bosh fouls him, Dwight hits both. Eight point lead. 11 minutes to play. MVP chants from the Orlando faithful
  • Dwight Howard with the lucky bounce. Kapono and Bosh went for the same rebound, Bosh got it, Kapono knocked it away from and right to Dwight, easy and monstorous dunk by Howard. He has 19 and 15 now.
  • Kapono lays it in off the nice inbounds pass from Parker
  • Hedo takes a quick three. Bad shot. Missed shot. Only 2/8 tonight. Keep driving and finding ways to help your team. You’re killing the Raptors with your penetration.
  • Next possession, Hedo on the screen and roll, drives into the paint, Bosh switches, Hedo takes the floater over Bosh, banks it in. Nice move. Better.
  • Timeout Sam Mitchell. Orlando lead 82-76
  • Delfino on the drive, Howard kills it. Ouch. I’m not sure the ball is going to recover from that. He just pounded it into floor and out of bounds.
  • Bosh drives on Howard, draws the foul, goes to the line, hits two at the line. Toronto only down three now.
  • 84-81 Orlando at the mid way point of the fourth
  • Bosh back into the post, spins into the middle, lefty hook. Nice move, nice shot, good shot, high percentage shot, I’m loving it Chris. More of that. Bosh has 14 points now, along with 8 rebounds.
  • Dwight Howard pins Bosh under the basket, gets the hoop.
  • Foul on Nelson as he tries to pressure the ball handler. Calderon is handling the point here.
  • Fifth foul on Dwight Howard as he hits Bosh fighting for the rebound. Could have been the other way.
  • Bosh dribbles right, spins left, stops, no don’t stop, takes the fallaway. He waited too long allowing the help defense get over. Strong drive beating Dwight.
  • Nelson with a three from the corner. He puts Orlando up 10 with 3 to play. This is all but over. Hedo’s penetration again setting up Nelson. Timeout Toronto. That was a 7 point swing for Toronto during those three possessions. They’re done.
  • Toronto hit a three
  • Bogans hits another three
  • Calderon misses a three. Magic get the board. Hedo has it, he’s milking the clock
  • Bad foul by Toronto. Kapono. The shot clock was about to expire. Recycled shot clock. Hedo to Nelson. Another foul as Calderon trips Nelson on the screen and roll. He’ll shoot two. They’re up 11, now 1

This is over. Orlando roll on. Toronto go home. Great work by the Magic. All eyes to Detroit and Phily.

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