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Sixers vs Pistons

In Game Log / Recap on April 10, 2008 at 1:21 am

I missed the first 14 minutes of the game, because I wasn’t planning to watch it. But the lure of a potential playoff matchup caught me. I’m going to fastforward to halftime

  • Firstly no Rip Hamilton again tonight. Arron Afflalo is still starting.
  • The Sixers are up 6 at the half. What’s surprising is that they’re only up 6. They’ve shot 68% from the field, beaten Detroit up and down the floor (18 points to 4) and got shots galore in the paint (28 to 18). Detroit have done well to hang in there.
  • Phily’s confidence cranks up to a new level every time I watch them
  • I still hate watching the Andre’s take turns pounding the ball into the ground offense. Phily desperately need an offensive post presence or some type of scorer.
  • It’d be nice to see Thaddeus Young do something with the basketball once in awhile. He doesn’t get very many opportunities, a true garbage player right now.
  • I love watching Reggie Evans and Samuel Dalembert hit the glass
  • Rasheed went into the post play after play there in the second quarter. Sensing his team was railing and in need of an easy bucket or a post presence to kick the start their offense, Sheed went to work on Dalembert. Not even Dalembert’s freakish athleticism can bother Sheed’s turnaround but a telling sign of Dalembert’s constantly improving post positioning defense has seen him hold his ground and force Wallace into 15 footers instead of 8 foot turnarounds. Is it time to start talking about Dalembert as a worthy All-Defensive member? Defensive player of the year? His help defense was always good but his one-on-one defense has really stepped up this season. He’s always fooled us in the past with a good string of performances so I’ve been slow to get on board but this has become regular with Sam.
  • I’m not sure I like Juan Dixon being on the court. Deep insurance? Fine. Rotation player? Neh. I’d rather see Lindsey Hunter, Afflalo or Hermann (with Hayes moving to SG) get those minutes.
  • Amir Johnson isn’t involved enough offensively. They need to let him play around with a few post moves so he can continue evolving as a player. That said it’s probably too late in the year to make major changes but I’m sure they could work in one or two post ups for the young fellow
  • Andre Miller has outplayed Billups and dictated everything for Phily. Billups had played well, Miller’s just been better
  • Phily’s length on the perimeter is really causing Detroit a lot of problems, reminiscent of Cleveland over the past two years. Detroit rely on a lot of their offense coming from the backcourt so this is something to watch closely.
  • Iguodala just dropped his third three in three attempts. He has 16 now, we’re halfway through the third
  • Afflalo made a nice move. Pump fake, two hard dribbles cutting in from the wing to the elbow and rose up and hit the mid range shot. Very solid young player.
  • Tayshaun is defending Andre Miller now. Let’s see how Dre handles Tay’s length
  • Is Rip Hamilton wearing a beige trenchcoat? Nah I must be seeing things. Is that cool now?
  • Calvin Booth just came into the game (Dalembert is in foul trouble). He’d be a nice insurance 7 footer at the end of a contenders bench. Someone should pick him up this summer
  • Sixers are cutting beautifully off the ball tonight. Gotta love having Andre Miller, players cut hard when they know they’ll get the ball
  • 75-68 Phily. Miller just fouled Tayshaun on a fastbreak dunk but no call. He jumped from an angle into Tay’s lower body. How is that not a foul? Tayshaun follows it up with a dunk on the next possession. He didn’t stay on Miller for long, only a couple of plays. They should have kept him on Miller, he is more of a threat than Iggy
  • Jason Smith hitting a midrange J off the dribble as the shot clock sounds. This kid is so talented but I’m not convinced he’s intelligent enough to use those skills wisely
  • 88-74 Phily with 10 minutes to go. They’ve made a nice run with Dalembert on the bench. Smith has been very effective and Booth has given tthem some minutes.
  • Pistons bench made a big run against Detroit last night in the fourth quarter. They’re going to have repeat it here. As I write Rodney Stuckey gets right to the rim for a layup. Need some stops now.
  • Mo Cheeks is nowhere to be found. Lynam is running the sidelines for Phily. Where’s Mo?
  • Suckey hits another J. Down to 10 with 7 and a half to play. Lou Williams replies right back, his penetration has hurt Detroit all night.
  • Mo left the bench, he has the flue and decided to leave. Must have gotten worse. Don’t think I’ve seen that before.
  • Detroit finishing with the bench – Hermann, Amir, Dixon, Stuckey, Maxiell. Pistons down 9 with 4:30 to play.
  • The Sixers offense has a lot more player movement going on that it did two months nevermind the begining of the season
  • Amir Johnson needs to add some more muscle
  • Is Thaddeus Young a long term power forward? I don’t think he’s a typical one but he could be a combo-forward. I still think of him as a natural small forward though.
  • Down to 7 points with 3 and a half to play. Great penetration and kick by Stuckey to Hermann
  • Stuckey air-balled a three. Andre Miller caught the rebound, pushed the break, kicked it ahead and Iggy finishes it off with an alley-oop slam. Emphatic. Sixers up 7 and look fairly safe.
  • Detroit don’t make enough use of their young big men. Everything is coming from their guards and passes for open looks. Let Maxiell or Amir post up once in awhile, they can work down there. I don’t like Flip Saunders.
  • Sixers up 7 with a minute to go. I’m calling it. I have no faith in Detroit’s ability to get back in and no need to watch 10 minutes of ads to find out. Sixers win.
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