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Diagnosing San Antonio

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Problem No.1

I think the biggest problem in San Antonio is the lack of a fourth player who can create a shot for himself when the offense stutters. Michael Finley did a great job in the playoffs last year of being that man but he simply hasn’t been up to the job for most of this season. This is what I thought they should have addressed in their mid-season trade instead of adding Kurt Thomas.

The Celtics have Eddie House, Rajon Rondo and now Sam Cassell who do this. Phoenix have Grant Hill, Raja Bell or Boris Diaw. LA has Fisher, Sasha, Farmar and Bynum. Denver have Klieza, Atkins, Martin, JR Smith. Dallas have Jason Terry, Jerry Stackhouse, Bass. Detroit have Hayes, Tayshaun, Stuckey. New Orleans have Mo Peterson, Pargo, Bonzi. Orlando have Nelson. Utah have Korver, Kirilenko, Brewer.

It’s a flaw shared by Houston too. Main difference is the Spurs have three top players versus two for Houston so it shows up more.

Compare those teams to San Antonio – Finley is the only player. Udoka, Bowen, Oberto, Kurt Thomas, Vaughn, Horry, Bonner all play off of others and require others to help them be effective offensive players. Damon Stoudamire was brought in to add some of this but he wasn’t/hasn’t/isn’t up to the job.

They lack that extra body who can get his shot. There are so many possessions right now where they’re overpassing and the ball ends up in a wing player’s hands with about 7 seconds to go and they fail to get a good shot, change that and their offense would take off.

Too many players that rely on their three best players to create their shot for them right now.

Problem No.2

Tyler (San Antonio, TX): Correct me if I’m wrong. The problem with the Spurs isn’t the big 3. It’s everyone else right?….(Finley and Horry need to hang ’em up!!)

SportsNation John Hollinger: (3:05 PM ET ) San Antonio’s role players definitely look a little long in the tooth. I’m interested to see what happens when Barry comes back — go back and look, their struggles (by their standards) started when Barry went out of the lineup.

I agree with Hollinger. I said this a long time ago, back in January, that the Spurs problems all started when Barry went out.

The Spurs right now aren’t a very good perimeter shooting team. They’re solid but not good. The loss of Brent Barry’s shooting ability has really hit this team hard.

Right now, Bowen is the only player outside of Manu who’s shooting above 36% from three. 36% I believe to be the mark of a good perimeter shooter. They have three players between 34-36% in Finley, Udoka, Bonner. Horry is shooting only 24% so far, he’s getting some minutes now so we’ll see if he can up that.

Barry’s re-signing with San An right? That’ll help them.

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