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Pistons-Bobcats Trade Revisited

In Trade Talk on December 29, 2007 at 3:34 pm

Okay I’m going to keep tabs on each trade and the results of them as the season progresses. There have been two main deals, the Pistons-Bobcats and the Lakers-Magic. I’ll check back on the other one later.

So early returns are:

On the Detroit side of the coin ….. Well as you’d expect with a contending team, Detroit have been slow to work either into the rotation. In fact, Hermann has only played one game, while Brezec has played five but limited minutes in each of them (6.8 minutes a night). At this point in time Afflalo and Hayes are clearly above Hermann in the depth chart. Brezec is the interesting one to watch – will he take minutes away from Amir Johnson? And yes he’s taken a little away already. Flip has to develop this kid. He can be a really good player in this league and he does things on the court which no other Pistons big can do and very few across the league can.

On the Bobcats side of things …. well it’s working great. As I’d expected Nazr has resumed the form of his NY/Hawks days. He’s averaging 13 and 10 in just under 30 minutes. That’s over a board every 3 minutes which is a fantastic rate. He’s also given that Bobcats offense another reliable scorer in the paint. The added shot blocking presence of Nazr has also helped shore up their D somewhat. Bobcats are still struggling so it hasn’t turned into wins but Nazr is helping them. His nasty beat you up ways and his telling experience will help this team more and more which each passing day. Bobcats don’t look like a playoff team.

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