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Lakers vs Jazz

In Game Log / Recap on December 29, 2007 at 4:06 am
  • Missed most of the first quarter
  • 38 points on the board for LA after one. Ahead 38-23.
  • Kwame is making his comeback for LA tonight. Coming off the bench, Bynum has that spot locked up after his performances early this year. Kwame has a lot to offer LA. He’s their best interior defender and his athleticism and length gives LA a great option. He needs to work on his focus, as he always does, to stay useful offensively. Too many occasions in the past were he starts coasting and LA are forced to play 4 on 5.
  • CJ Miles getting the nod early in the second. They need him.
  • Utah is the 3rd youngest team in the NBA. Easy to forget
  • Two big blocks by Turiaf
  • Jason Hart with a lovely steal picking off his man’s (Jordan Farmar) crossover and leading the break. He’s a really nice player. Good defensively. Solid offensively. Good pickup
  • Jordan Farmar gets his revenge, picks of an entry pass from his man, Jason Hart, and leads the break ending up with an assist
  • Lakers bench looks much more cohesive out there. Jazz look discombobulated out there
  • 46-24 with 9 minutes left in the 2nd … ouch
  • Jerry Sloan doesn’t rest guys. He’ll keep his starters in all game long, and they will make a run. So this might get interesting if LA get complacent
  • CJ Miles with a nice help defensive play blocking Bynum’s shot, Bynum posted up but got lost on the play and forced it, and ran the court getting layup and a foul
  • CJ with a long J
  • 49-32 … Jazz making a bunch of hustle plays
  • Great offensive rebound by Bynum. He’s freakishly long. Great work by the big fella. Radmanovic gets the 3 at the second attempt. All about Bynum getting that extra possession.
  • Kobe and Odom were sitting for the first 6 minutes
  • Bynum has done a good job defensively on Boozer. Phil obviously wants to keep him in the paint, so away from Memo
  • 67-42 LA lead. Kobe made a great play there. Kwame got hacked on a fast break dunk attempt but no call. Kobe went right at the refs on behalf of his teammate knowing his word meant more. Picked up a T but his teammates knew he did it for them. Huge for Kwame. He needs to be hugged.
  • Ariza made a great play that same possession, as the Jazz streaked back down, he trailed the play and sprinted to get a touch on the ball and saved it before it went out of bounds. Then a great outlet pass all the way up the court to Kwame which led to an Odom dunk
  • Ariza with another great hustle play. Kobe takes a three misses, at this point in time Ariza is the corner by the 3 point line … he runs around two Jazz defenders and tips the ball from a lazy box out by the Jazz big men and steals the rebound. Extra possession.
  • 71-46 with a minute to go in the second
  • Refs are letting the players go at it. Good to see. Well done refs.
  • The MVP chants again for Kobe
  • 75-48
  • Andrew Bynum set the last 6 minutes except for the final 4.9 secs to protect him from picking up a third
  • Third time in a year that the Jazz have given up 70+ points in a half to the Lakers
  • Brewer is a good defensive player. Bryant is just a great offensive player
  • Ariza doing a really nice job slashing off the ball. Two straight possessions he got right to the rim. Just abusing a lazy defensive player like Miles. Now a third
  • Bynum with the offensive board off his miss. Yeah I am going to praise every offensive rebound going
  • 87-55 off a Fisher three ball
  • Odom with a huge block on Ronnie Price. Bynum with a great block on the follow up. Lakers big men dominating the paint
  • Ariza has helped transform this team. Right type of player (athletic, defensive, intelligent), right place, right time
  • Bynum made two silly fouls there. 4 now. The second, he looked tired, you could see a lackadasical foul coming. He has done well with Boozer tonight but defensively he still has a lot to learn. His presence is huge in the paint.
  • 2-7 at the FT for Ariza but he’s had a very good game
  • 107-77
  • Awww….. what a brick. He didn’t just miss the rim. He almost missed the backboard. Radmanovic hit the side of the backboard on a 3 from 45 degree angle.
  • 3 tough calls against Kwame here in the fourth. 2 should never have been called.
  • They should trade AK-47, he just doesn’t fit in. Himself and Ronnie Brewer are too similar offensively in terms of the spaces they like to use.
  • Jazz are 10-2 at home and have 11 of their next 16 there. They’ll be fine. Rebuild that record fast.

Alright that was a rap. The Jazz scored a lot in the 4th, Lakers didn’t. But the game was always over.

Jazz need to trade AK-47 and improve defensively to contend.
Lakers still need a second option next to Kobe. Lamar isn’t up to the task and Bynum still isn’ that, he can’t really create his own shot.

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